Developing my first time a tool using and immediately hit a wall: "StreamlitAPIException: Columns may not be nested inside other columns."
Are you joking? Who would design a UI system that doesn't allow recursive embedding?

Probably one of the last updates of my related repos for - having no user-facing computer running Debian anymore, these packages are only third-party tested. (Insert usual rant about Debian oligarchs here)/


How funny to see so much discussion about me on debian-project, but all my emails contributing are censored and don't arrive. Seems like is going into the autocratic hole a la Putin.

4414 uploads to just to be ostracized based on lies, fud, and misrepresentations ... impressive.

automata finally finished. Impressive. Difficult (even at easy level). Great.

Since we are approaching 2022 release, I have updated the repository statistics

Not even three month on Arch and already accumulating local updates:
-> plasma-workspace: local (5.24.2-1.1) is newer than extra (5.24.2-1)
-> rssguard: local (4.1.2-1.1) is newer than community (4.1.2-1)
-> ferdi-bin: local (5.8.0-0.1) is newer than AUR (5.7.0-1)
-> osu-lazer-bin: local (2022.306.0-0.1) is newer than AUR (2022.226.0-1)
-> youtubeuploader-bin: local (21.07-0.1) is newer than AUR (21.05-1)

and maintaining four packages in AUR.

Automata is so stupidly depressing. Second play-through on "easy", all the bosses very trivial. And then, I have to die a hundred times against Eve in the final battle. Can you fucking get your balance together? Depressing.

Bill Allombert on debian-vote: "...their [Debian members] opinions outside of this [the Debian project] is a private matter that must not be [probed]..."

Well DAM & CT disagrees on that, they probe everything down to your pants if they don't like you!

And PEB is starting to shoot down the next Developer: Quote "Whether it's intentional or not, I'm still wondering, although the regular repetition of this pattern tends to make things become clearer." - we know what is the next step HOLY DAM and HOLY CT will oust you ...

knee-jerking 1: "Russian president Vladimir Putin’s decision to send troops he called “peacemakers” into breakaway regions of Ukraine has not as yet constituted a further invasion that would trigger a broader sanctions package, a Biden administration official told Reuters."

started the invasion of - interesting to see how the EC/UK/US will knee-jerk again ...

I'm close to vomiting seeing how DAM and CT praise themselves on project how fair, considerate, objective they are with only the thinnest veil of self reflection.

KDE/Plasma 5.24 for Debian: There we go, this time prepared from my Arch machine, what an irony. Maybe I call this the "Thanks DAM - release!"




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