Modern times, modern problems: in the past, doctors needed to write their diagnosis by hand into the patients papers, so they were a summary of the important stuff. Now, click'n'paste of verbose texts is done - making it hard for a different doctor to familiarize with the patient.
Same applies to many fields, apparently.

皆さん、オープンソースの機械学習に興味があれば、scikit-learnがおすすめです。私達(富士通研究)は開発スプリントとチュとリアルを行います。ぜひ参加してください。 -learn


Next on my spare time packaging todo list: 2021, 1.6 (WIP, fails on tests), 4.1 (ML/DL stack on GPUs, very much WIP)

and the world
Words by Nadine Strossen, the first female President of the American Civil Liberties Union

Just submitted two talks to on package database as a graph, and 10+ years of TeX Live in a graph database - now if the OSS version would support multiple databases .... 😠

Asking myself - where are the news in is pushed and pushed for ... well .. minuscule improvements. One sees were they are heading to: being a copy of OSX (with even less configuration). Well, there is a market share for that, but not my taste!

Distributions like fail on middle ware. Entries from my PATH:
Not to mention sbt, pip, ...

TeXConf 2021 は開催される(できる状況になる)かなぁ.やはり心配.

We are happy to announce that the @TeXUsersGroup has joined OSI @OpenSourceOrg - as one of the oldest OSS related user groups, it has been long overdue!

Norbert Preining @norbu will give a talk on “Machine Learning with scikit-learn” at #FOSSASIA #Virtual #OpenTech Summit 2021, March 13-21 #OpenSource #FOSS #AI #ML Register to participate

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