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Hey there everyone! :)

I'm norG, also known as Dennis, a regular dude from Germany.
Just joined the Fediverse and hoping to find interesting people, have friendly conversations and explore the content.

I love photography, primary nature, on occasion I shoot people, weddings etc. If there is music in my ears it's even better, mostly all kinds of metal, but I like many genres. Other than that it's mostly PC fiddling or gaming and DIY things.

Happy to be here!

Last (work)day of the week!
Well, at least for some people.

Today I want to stay in the realm, but this time with a small sitting in the blossom of an evening .

I love the intense yellow colour, and I do think evening primroses are beautiful plants. Although, yes I know, you don't see much of it in this specific photo. But hey, a hoverfly!

Auf den ersten Blick mal eine echt gute Idee vom Bundesfamilienministerium: Corona-Auszeit für Familien - staatlich geförderter Urlaub für Familien mit geringem Einkommen oder Familien, die Angehörige mit einer Behinderung haben inkl. Beratungshotline

So, the days are getting shorter and especially the early mornings here are getting colder.

Guess that makes it the perfect time to show a , although it's not yet .

This one was shot on my balcony, with my , a 2x and a 1,4x converter attached, plus a Raynox macro lens to top it off. It's a focus stack of roughly 10 photos and to be honest, the quality is far from perfect. But that doesn't matter too much to me, I still like this picture.

Es wachsen auch überall Pilze. Wirklich überall.

A Burmese Bushbrown (Mycalesis perseoides) spotted along the Terentang Trail, Central Catchment Nature Reserve, Singapore, on 17 Sept 2021. This one let me get close to take this shot.

The Burmese Bushbrown is common. There are several common species of bushbrowns here, so getting a proper ID can sometimes be challenging.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #Butterflies #Lepidoptera

Heute ist #TagNachtGleiche. Das heißt:
Das Tageslicht und Dunkelheit sind genau gleich lang.
Ab morgen werden die Tage wieder kürzer als die

Wednesday already, weekend is not so far away!

And since we are halfway through the week, here is a that's halfway through its way to the ground.

Its hanging on a thread of spider silk and although I already showed it as a result of a recent tour, I want to show it again separately because I really like it.

What you don't see here is the terrible wind that made taking a photo really difficult and this was one of the few which turned out fine.

"Produkttest", Fleisch:

"Wir kaufen zwei Schnitzel für 89 Cent".

Den Test kann man da abbrechen.

covid, vaccination + infection 

Even if you are vaccinated you can get infected and even have symptoms! Take care.

Covid officially arrived at our house this morning, confirmed via PCR test. We are all vaccinated. Some astrazeneca, some moderna. Fortunately, symptoms are mild so far. Our un-vaccinated baby is doing well.

I myself am still testing negative as of now, and feel healthy. Received two moderna shots earlier this year. Hoping this will prevent symptoms.

Eine meiner bisher besten Entscheidungen auf der Arbeit war es, jede Info über neue Mails abzuschalten. Kein Popup, kein Ton, kein Infosymbol.

Ich öffne meine Mails dann, wenn ich Zeit habe. Wenn es eilig ist, greifen die meisten sowieso zum Telefon.

Sicher nicht in jedem Job machbar, aber zumindest für mich ein Erfolg, um nicht ständig abgelenkt zu werden.

"I'm walkin', yes indeed
And I'm talkin' about you and me
I'm hopin' that you'll come back to me, yeah"

#Steinwälzer #vogelflausch

Fresh morning!
Although it's not spring, here is a fresh plant emerging from the .

I like the backlighting and the contrast between the moss and the background.

Krananda semihyalina, a Geometer Moth, spotted at Chestnut Nature Park, Singapore, on 18 Sept 2021. I almost walked past without seeing it, as it looked like a piece of dried up leaf.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #Moths #Lepidoptera

Ich bin noch immer sehr, sehr happy über die Fotos vom Steinschmätzer die ich letzte Woche machen konnte. Ich habe wirklich noch viele mehr, die ich Euch nach und nach zeigen werde.


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