The Deepnight Revelation tries to figure out what has happened to the crew of the scouting party at Point Demnan.

My fourth entry in my Wonders of a Solar System collection concentrates on Garden Worlds. This is a collection of random tables for providing inspiration to GMs running a Traveller (or similar RPG) campaign. Available on DriveThruRPG.

The crew of the Deepnight put together a team for Zero-G Racquet Ball and take part in a competition at the world of Chelisor in Halea Sector. They manage to win, partly through skill, partly through a liberal interpretation of the rules, and partly by cheating.

The journey across the rest of Halea is relatively quiet, and the Deepnight reaches Point Demnan where it is to meet with the scout party. The scout ships are there, but they are not responding.

After missing a couple of weeks due to real life intrusions, we are back to our Druids' Dale saga for Ars Magica. We get through most of 1221 without too much incident - forming deep and meaningful relationships with the local peasantry, and getting invited to a shit hole of a covenant down on the English covenant where apparently they want to continue a war against the Normans which ended 150 years ago.

I've added some tools for for use with FoundryVTT. An integration with Traveller Map, so you can display UWP data and Jump maps directly within Foundry. Plus. updates to my physics tools.

The crew investigate the wreckage of a primitive (by their standards) exploration vessel which seems to have come from an unknown civilisation. Afterwards, it is time for a training exercise for the entire crew - a simulated battle scenario.

This was an exercise for both the characters and players, and we came to the conclusion that large salvos of missiles can be really quite dangerous if you don't have enough point defence.

Our continues with the Deepnight Revelation travelling further from the Imperium. Out here, the Imperium is but a rumour from old tales.

We finished Autumn in our Ars Magica game, finishing our investigation (for now) of the strange goings on at the village of Dunoon. There's also a discussion about how we want the combat system to work, since some bits of it don't quite make sense.

No game this week, so instead some coding things that I've been working on, mostly Traveller related.

Our saga continues as we investigate the strange goings on with the fey at Dunoon. Something bad has definitely happened here, and Pisciculus is almost drowned by a watery hag with a bad attitude.

In , the travellers leave Iphigenaia sector and pass most of the way across Theron sector. On the way, they discover the footprints left by a previous expedition apparently very similar mission to theirs, about 300,000 years ago.

It is Autumn, 1220, in our saga. With the magi having setup their labs, it is time to head off and visit some of the local fey. This time we take a group of mostly magi.

In our Traveller game, the Deepnight Revelation reaches the world of Waranask, where some of the scientists go down to investigate the stone age natives. However, some of the scientists aren't too clever, and things go pear shaped fast.

Our saga continues, with our first foray into the outside world, seeking out bandits and other less savoury creatures. At least there is vis to bring back to the magi.

We got to try out the combat system, and also got an idea of what a group of companions and grogs (no gifted magi) are capable of.

Where I delve into the dark arts of making a video, in order to try to demonstrate some of the features of my WorldGen software:

Our campaign continues as the Deepnight Revelation reaces Tulu Pazin, a dry world with the ruins of a failed human colony.

I've managed to port my Roll20 physics scripts I wrote for Traveller to FoundryVTT. Once I figured out how to catch chat events, it was mostly a copy and paste.

Our Traveller Deepnight Revelation campaign has reached as far spinward as the sector of Ihigenaia, with the crew now outside of civilised space. Only another twenty sectors or so to go before they reach their destination.

Our second session of our Druids' Dale Saga for saw the introduction of our magi at the new covenant in Scotland, the selection of books for our library and some exploration of the strange features we seem to have inherited from the previous owners.

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