[EN] Results of the votes on both the and of the Copyright directive are a complete failure.

Now more than ever, we must get together. The fight continues and, eventually, elections are coming in May 2019

[EN] Results of the votes on both the and of the Copyright directive are a complete failure.

Now more than ever, we must to get together. The fight continues and, hopefully, elections are coming in May 2019

[FR] Pour regarder en direct la plénière du Parlement européen (le vote sur l' se déroulera vers 12:30) europarl.europa.eu/ep-live/en/

Sur Linux (et autres) :
mplayer "liveepbru.europarl.europa.eu/w -aid 4

[EN] To watch the European parliament plenary (the vote on the will take place around 12:30) europarl.europa.eu/ep-live/en/

On Linux (and friends) :
mplayer "liveepbru.europarl.europa.eu/w -aid 3

[EN] We sent a letter today to the Belgian MEPs, together with 14 civil society groups, to protest against the in of the draft copyright directive: nurpa.be/actualites/2018/09/le
EN version of our letter (pdf): nurpa.be/files/2018-09-11_open

RT @glynmoody@twitter.com: Please Write (Yes, Again - Sorry) to Your MEPs to Stop the EU Copyright Directive from Seriously Harming the Internet - opendotdotdot.blogspot.com/201 sorry to bang on about this, but time is running out...

[EN] This Saturday in : We're organising a workshop on , and to exchange on digital rights issues & technical tools
- join us:

RT @edri@twitter.com: The date for the vote on JURI's Copyright Directive report is scheduled: 12 September, 12PM CEST (if not postponed) europarl.europa.eu/sides/getDo

[FR] Rejoignez nous ce samedi pour un moment d’entraide, d’échange et de réflexion technique sur les sujets numériques :

[EN] Join us for a workshop to exchange experience, views and knowledge on digital & user rights this Caturday, 14 July in : nurpa.be/actualites/2018/06/ag

[EN] We now have a Mastodon account synced with our Twitter account :

Mastodon ↔ Twitter → Facebook

We are going to try to use it as our primary source for social networks communications

Join us : mastodon.social/@nurpa !

[FR] Nous disposons désormais d'un compte Mastodon synchronisé avec notre compte Twitter :

Mastodon ↔ Twitter → Facebook

Nous tenterons d'en faire la source primaire de nos communications sur les réseaux sociaux

Rejoignez-nous : mastodon.social/@nurpa !

Profitez de votre été et rechargez vos piles pour la prochaine étape contre la :
La séance plénière du parlement européen en septembre!
/v @edri@twitter.com

Merci à toutes et à tous pour vos efforts!
RT @edri@twitter.com SUCCESS! Your voice was heard! The EU Parliament rejected the mandate by 318 to 278. Next battle: September.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/edri/status/101481


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