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relayor v20.0.2 got released

added support for OpenBSD 6.7 and Ubuntu 20.04

The Tor Project will release updated versions of tor to fix multiple denial-of-service vulnerabilities affecting relays and clients.

Today is a big day for the Tor network, in many ways.
The biggest exit operator moved to a new (and upstream wise better) place.

On 2020-03-25 another tier1 transit provider will drop RPKI invalid BGP announcements: NTT/AS2914

You can check if you are affected by visiting the RPKI Observatory

In the first two months of 2020 the Tor network has seen more potential Sybil attacks than in the entire 3 years before 2020.

Onion v3 services are a lot safer than onion v2 services.

One of the main reasons why onion v3 services haven't seen much adoption by large scale sites is the missing support for onionbalance. This is about to change.

If you want to help test onionbalance for v3 onion services:

The Tor directory authorities are affected by what looks like a small scale distributed denial of service attack.

Tor developers are preparing and testing patches to separate legitimate directory requests from non-tor software based requests.

Today marks the end of Tor version 0.4.0.x

Currently over 10% of the Tor network is running on end-of-life tor releases.

This is bad.

This is the list of affected relays:

In the past 24 hours I reported over 200 tor relays for removal from the network.

tor v0.4.0.x will reach its end-of-life in under 3 weeks on 2020-02-02.

There are currently over 400
relays still using that version.
They make up >10% of the tor network's guard capacity
and >7% of the exit capacity.

List of affected relays:

Their reply to my appeal:

We’re writing to let you know that your account has been suspended due to multiple or repeat violations of our rules.
Please do not reply to this email, or send us new appeals for this account as we won’t monitor them.

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Why I disappeared from Twitter

Be mindful of the powers that platforms have over your ability to freely communicate!

Yesterday over 250 new Tor exit relays joined the network.
64 are still running. They are located in AS208870 upstream via AS20473 Choopa, LLC.

This triggered a few Sybil attack detectors

Related RIPE DB entries:

During the last 3 weeks the amount of unreachable IPv4 address space increased by over 1000 /24 blocks
mainly due to a single /14 prefix in CN

Over 700 relays run end-of-life tor releases. They make up 3.8% of the Tor network's capacity.

So Twitter suspended my account without providing any reasoning. It is probably related to using Tor Browser but that used to work for years without major issues.

I asked them to unlock the account, lets see how this goes.

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