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Dear relay operators, please ensure you set a proper MyFamily and ContactInfo when running multiple relays. It is required now. Thanks for running relays!

Thinking of setting up a relay but you are not sure how to go about it? The new Relay Guide has setup instructions for: , , , , , , and

The relay documentation has shown its age, some of us have been working on writing something new. Currently it lives on trac but will move eventually.

The Tor Relay Guide
Feedback welcome!

users are increasingly blocked from even trying to solve 's (they don't get to see CAPTCHAs to solve) - this is a worrisome trend.

The @torproject is inviting you to a in on 2017-12-07 @ 6:45PM on the 20th floor of 150 Broadway LMHQ

Lots of new releases fixing 5 : -Replay-cache ineffective for v2 onion services -Remote DoS attack against directory authorities -An attacker can make Tor ask for a password -Relays can pick themselves in a circuit path -Use-after-free in onion service v2

has a new check that detects exit relays that route their traffic back into the (so they can perform man in the middle attacks without exiting any traffic) first detected

Dear exit relay operators please have a look at this list by developer arthur edelstein - it tells you whether your exit relays fail to resolve hostnames mitigation if you are affected:
upgrade to the latest tor releases

Since you can display the expiry date of your online signing keys (I overlooked that)

If you need a reason why you should use a @whonix like setup to prevent your real IP from leaking in case of browser bugs and exploits:

Dear relay operators you will like this: Nyx (previously "arm") 2.0 has been released!

relayor 0.3.0 is released (helps you with running relays with minimal effort incl advanced tor features like OfflineMasterKey)

Since Eric Filiol et al. published >2k I'm wondering if bridge operators see a significant decrease in bridge usage?

I fail to see the (scientific) value of publishing an IP:port list of >2k