The new OnionShare is out!

It adds a bunch of great features like tabs, anonymous chat that never logs anything, and better command line support.

Here's the blog post:

Download OnionShare 2.3 from:

Install it on a headless server:

`pip3 install --user onionshare-cli`

Read the amazing new docs that are translated to a bunch of languages:

We won't be hearing about any blue screen of death on #Mars since #NASA rover robot is powered by #Linux and #FPrime.

#software is #opensource! Check it out in the NASA repo.

F´: A Flight-Proven, Multi-Platform, Open-Source Flight Software Framework

OpenPGP in Your Pocket

"Access to the smart card reader on the Librem 5 is something we at Purism have been looking forward to for a long time. That day is finally here..."

#librem5 #privacy #freedom

It is too easy to block central services, not only in Iran (currently happening) but many other countries increasingly attempt to block and succeed in doing so. The problem is real. VPNs help but make things more complex and costly. Centralization has real human-rights costs.


Update:'s website was blocked by TIC and the app is blocked on ISP level.


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@musicmatze It's literally just a parody on this article

since the same guy also wrote this a couple of days earlier

With that background maybe it doesn't sound as shitty ;)

@hko ha, yes I had to work on a new release because the latest stable version was totally broken in macOS Big Sur.

As for as Sequoia, I'd actually love to replace most of the subprocess calls to gpg with johnnycanencrypt, @kushal's python library that uses Sequoia under the hood

@micahflee @kushal right, that makes a lot of sense for a python based tool!
orthogonally, it seems to me there are lots of higher level questions in the "secure email" space that we'd love to hear your thoughts about. for the longest time we've been limited by how hard (and brittle) it was to use OpenPGP functionality as a library, to build higher order tooling. now that's no longer the case and a lot of possibilities are opening up.

If I'm reading this right, (inlucding sq) will be part of Ubuntu Hirsute Hippo (21.04), which will be released in a few months!

Okay, so – the situation:

I basically got the 1.0 ports for sequoia and its bindings done, but the test suite doesn't work out of the box on BSD and when I fix that, some tests just run infinitely long.

Arranged for a nice person from the sequoia community to help me debug this tomorrow because we might be able to fix it with port-level patches and I *really* want to make sure a 1.0 released into the official ports/pkg collection isn't broken somehow.

I consider Sequoia-PGP an incredibly interesting project and I look forward to follow its development and hopefully its broader adoption.


Crate sequoia_openpgp

- Sequoia PGP v1.0 Released

#pgp #rust

@hko oh this is cool! I've been quite busy and ignoring everything in OpenPGP-land but I should definitely spend some time on this

@micahflee sending you email resulted in at least a temporary failure yesterday :-/ - was trying to point you at (as a followup to my mail from the 13th)

The IETF OpenPGP working group has been reopened and we have a concrete plan to get a crypto-refresh out the door!

Is there reason to believe that we'll succeed this time? I think so. A number of new players (not only Sequoia) have joined the OpenPGP ecosystem over the past few years, and they all seem willing to work together to push the standard forward.

We released 'sq', 's CLI. Read about it here: . You can also get it from with a simple `cargo install sequoia-sq`.

Today I added certification support (more commonly called "key signing") to : 'sq certify meykey yourkey "You <>"'.

At the heart of the problem, there is often a problem.

People that control technology routinely undermine the privacy freedoms of the public as they become entranced by shiny new things and dollar signs.

When you can, develop smaller tech.

Always strive for ethical tech.

Consider placing user needs above your own. If you can't, you might not be making ethical decisions.

This is a regular shout out to read "Ruined by Design" by Mike Monteiro

📢 The FSFE is hiring!

We are looking for a person with a strong technical background to support our projects with software engineering and expertise. It's a part-time position, either in or remote.

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