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holy shit! @sveltejs@twitter.com is the number one framework in terms of both interest (as per last year) and satisfaction (overtaking React)

thank you so much to everyone who has helped us shake things up — contributors, educators, app developers, Open Collective supporters. you da best 🤗 twitter.com/SachaGreif/status/

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Poques coses fan més mandra que passar l’ITV............

I just liked “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - CANDY CANDY [MV] (FHD) きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ” on : vimeo.com/226384685

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The clamp() function is a great example of how CSS keeps evolving with the demands of website design.

Instead of having to write an algebraic formula for fluid typography, clamp() will do all the work for us.

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JavaScript Tip ⚡️ You can smooth scroll to an element with zero dependencies:

behavior: 'smooth'

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Hoy ha salido Advent, mi nueva criatura, editada esta vez por Sin Hilo, sello capitaneado por @clasesencilla@twitter.com al que le tengo especial cariño. Como viene siendo habitual, ahí va hilo sobre qué, cómo y por qué.


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Vull això!!

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I always awkwardly struggle to get to the end call button on video calls. So I made this

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🍅 Dissabte 12 de desembre, de 9 a 14 h., ens trobareu al Parc de les Tres Xemeneies amb 🧺 compra sostenible

🥬 Verdures Km0 🧀 Formatges artesans 🥖 Pans i carns 🥩 eco 🧼 Productes de neteja naturals... i molt ➕


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En el megahilo del viernes-sábado os propongo que indaguemos en una hipótesis muy loca que intenta explicar la razón por la cual no entendemos el latín.



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It's here 🌱

Today we're shipping the first public release of Radicle — a peer-to-peer stack for building software together.


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Beaker 1.0 is finally here!
Share peer-to-peer websites from your computer beakerbrowser.com/2020/12/02/b

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Just shared this with my design students... they gotta know their design history...

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