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"Ara queda extermini o negociació"

Aquesta setmana ha estat gran.
Avuí hem avançat molt, més del que ens podem pensar.

Han estat pendent del mitjans internacionals i altres canals més discrets. No, "Europa no ens mira", però...

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Per si esborren,
Españolisme es violencia a Catalunya:

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Os recomiendo no instalar la aplicación de @tsunami_dem@twitter.com hasta que no liberen el código.

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Això ho recordarem durant anys. Gloriós 😂😂😂😂

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On a computer, Sonic Pi looks like any other coding language.

But offscreen — and through a set of quality speakers — those keystrokes produce music you might dance to on a Friday night. (via @NYTStyles@twitter.com) nyti.ms/2MfgjHp

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.@goldcarcares@twitter.com sois lo peor.
Os dejamos el coche perfecto y lleno de gasolina y nos cobrais 59€ que según vosotros en 1/8 de depósito.... que creéis que me habéis alquilado un tráiler...??? Era un polo!! Acabado de salir de la gasolinera..

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Una xarxa de 170 milions de càmeres de seguretat coneguda com a Ulls Penetrants controla tots els moviments i accions dels ciutadans xinesos. Avui, a @30minuts@twitter.com 👇


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Already delighted by @sveltejs@twitter.com as it appears to use tabs instead of spaces in its code, which is delightful compared to all the 2-space-indent JS code out there.

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Optical flow to displace a UV coordinate mapped grid. Experimenting with more real-time video filters in @ProcessingOrg@twitter.com

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Hi @sveltejs@twitter.com! I'm trying to use it with @Ionicframework@twitter.com but I'm having no success... do you know is there is any example, tutorial, post o something that can help?? I think it would be great to work with both ;) thanks!

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📝 It's nothing you Twitter friends don't know already, but here's a little summary of the latest Nova (and Code Editor) news. panic.com/blog/nova-our-next-b

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“The best Search Engine Optimization is to be actually useful.” –@gerrymcgovern@twitter.com

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I really like how @goPackwire@twitter.com transitions their intro into a new section on scroll. A+ for intentionality. packwire.com

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