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The most minimalist creative coding environment is alive:


Control the size and color of a 16x16 dot matrix with a single JavaScript function. The input is limited to 32 characters – but no limits to your creativity!


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@msfeldstein@twitter.com The author also compares storage. My understanding is that “web3” is the idea of using cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency-like technology as a substitute for a database, so cost of storage and computation on the stored data seems reasonable to me.

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“Put bluntly, the Ethereum ‘world computer’ has roughly 1/5,000 of the compute power of a Raspberry Pi 4!”

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Hi @Masmovil@twitter.com, when will you stop censor njal.la and torproject.org for your customers? You are the only Spanish ISP that do this.

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Anem per feina!
Tenim una caixa on hi ha mig xai ben tallat (sense envasar ni res perquè ve del pastor del costat de casa, no de Correus) i un calaix del congelador buit.

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Mouse On Mars live AI and Music S+T+ARTS Festival 28710/2021 youtu.be/3fg-QaKNr4Y via @YouTube@twitter.com

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Have Single-Page Apps Ruined the Web? | Transitional Apps with Rich Harr... youtu.be/860d8usGC0o

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Fins ara, la millor notícia del segle XXI "Un home de 50 anys s'emborratxa, es perd en un bosc i participa en la seva pròpia recerca" via @naciodigital@twitter.com naciodigital.cat/noticia/22516

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Una de les primeres cançons de Dr. Calypso i, si no del primer, d’un dels primers reggaes en català de la història. Maria Fuster explica la història de la cançó "Aquesta nit": la guerra entre tribus urbanes de la Barcelona preolímpica. lamira.cat/persones/1069/el-pr

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UI design world: let’s clear this up once and for all:

“Modal” is when user input goes into an alternate mode. It is _not_ an overlay window.

Better language for an overlay window: “Dialog box” or “Pop-up window.”

(Don’t agree? Context menus are modal but not windows :-)

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Stay out of our phones, @Tim_Cook@twitter.com.

Apple's entire brand is built on the idea that you respect that boundary. The minute you roll out a "client-side scanning" system, you have broken that promise.

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Avui la @RosaMolinero@twitter.com parla de la nostra pasta i els blats de tothom.


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¿Qué trigos se cultivaban en Lleida hasta los años 50? Podemos probarlos en la pasta que elabora el colectivo Cultures Trobades @gerardbat@twitter.com Lo cuento en @LVcomer@twitter.com 🍝 lavanguardia.com/comer/al-dia/

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.@tim_cook@twitter.com @Apple@twitter.com Broad, 1984-style surveillance of the masses is wrong, no matter how good your intentions may be. It is a vile betrayal of Apple's very soul.


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