I love how Netflix's new Babysitters Club adaptation explains the use of a landline in 2020. (Geeky older sister needed a DSL line for her "nerd servers.")

I'm not 100% sure that they're not implementing the URL hiding stuff, but the version I'm using doesn't hide anything.

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What I didn't expect is that Edge would quickly become the best option.

Microsoft refuses to implement Google's adblocker changes, has added the same kind of anti-tracking stuff Safari has, is the best experience for Progressive Web Apps and is on Windows, Mac and soon Linux.

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Look, I'm an extremely long-time Microsoft hater. I was Linux-only from 1996 - 2008 (when I switched to a Mac.)

Literally the only reason I even installed the Chromium-based Edge is because I loudly proclaimed on Twitter that if they released it cross-platform I would use it.

I'm not saying someone should seize towers in US cities and pretend like they're going to execute the hostages if their demands aren't met, and that the demands should be "100 million pieces of PPE" & "shut down the city again."

But I think it would work. Except for the cowboys.

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It would have gone off without a hitch, too, if the John McClane character hadn't decided to be a vigilante cowboy. No one would have died and everything would have been ok.

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In the book that was the basis for the film DIE HARD, the Hans Gruber character's team was stealing the money to give it back to the nations from which the US government had illegally stolen it.

Appearing as "terrorists" with hostages was supposed to be a ruse.

Another great option is to stop using Chrome.

There are other great browsers forked from Chromium that don't do this nonsense. The UI, extensions and experience are essentially identical, but in some cases with additional functionality Chrome doesn't have.

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"Safari hid 'trivial' parts of the URL years ago and nobody complained."

That's because the people that use Safari are used to their vendor making "brave" decisions for them, usually without any kind of recourse.

If you use Chrome and you're irritated by Google's hiding of "trivial" information from URLs, as of Chrome 86 the flags to turn it off are gone.

To turn it off now:

Right-click on the address bar and select 'Always show full URLs' from the context menu

These prunes come in the same kind of bag my dog's treats come in, so she's insanely jealous watching me sitting here munching on them.

So I looked up whether or not dogs can safely eat them, only to discover that "plum pits contain cyanide."

Man, plums are badass.

You'd think that with covering their badge numbers being standard operating procedure, cops would be more likely to WANT to wear a mask.

The things Jazza does in his videos exemplifies everything I look for in people spending WAY TOO MUCH time on a silly concept.

The final result here is pretty awesome.

Every time I see one of these vests, I hear it in my mind as if a monster truck announcer is saying the word "police."

Posthumous album releases always make me feel icky, but if you liked the last Juice WRLD album you'll like this new one too.

"We are not, however, going to be supporting PHP for Windows in any capacity for version 8.0 and beyond."

You're probably better off using PHP inside the Windows Subsystem for Linux anyway.

"Imagine a world where the biggest fear developers had when submitting an app for review wasn’t whether they were offering Apple a sufficient cut of their revenue, but whether they were offering users a good enough native-to-the-platform experience."

Was just commenting that I hadn't seen any fracking stories since the pandemic started. I guess I spoke too soon.

How bad is deviated septum repair surgery?

I'd love to hear some anecdotes from folks who've had their septums fixed and/or sinuses bored out or whatever they do in there.

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