Day 3 in line at Target during the POS outage.

The redshirts have begun executing "shoplifters" who consume products "without paying for them."

We can no longer tell which Gatorade bottles are full of Gatorade and which are full of urine.

When will this nightmare end?

I was building a dashboard to display data from a janky homebrew analytics system based around stored procedures in a MSSQL database that was full of inconsistencies, and a Texas-based DBA would just edit inconsistencies away by hand every time I found them.

Trent Reznor posted another one of the Miley Cyrus reinterpretations from Black Mirror and this suggestion to him to have NIN reinterpret Wrecking Ball is a great idea. I'd love to hear that.

RT Any chance you could cover Wrecking Ball? A collaboration in the opposite direction would be equally mindblowing


I'm seeing this across multiple devices and apps. Weird.

Are there examples of other industries where employees operate, license and maintain their own personal equipment in the course of their job?

I've long been on the "Uber drivers are employees" bandwagon, but just realized the cars make that problematic...

"Our customers can be assured that an American Airlines pilot would never operate an unsafe aircraft.”

Anymore. They won't fly unsafe aircraft anymore.

I really feel for the airlines in this case, relying on Boeing and the FAA to not screw them again.

Here's the OTHER Atheist's Nightmare about peanutbutter. Note: this is also not a joke.

If you haven't seen the Atheist's Nightmare, you're in for a treat. Note: this is absolutely real and serious. Nobody is joking.

This rivals the old Ray Comfort banana as "atheists nightmare" video and that other one about how peanutbutter disproves evolution.

RT One of the all time great pieces of rhetoric:


This pop "reimagining" of Nine Inch Nails' Head Like a Hole from Charlie Brooker and Miley Cyrus is pretty great.

Wait. If the fingerprint sensor can be under glass, and the back is glass...

No rear fingerprint scanner on Pixel 4; I guess it's definitely under the screen then.

Here's to hoping for full-screen fingerprint support so the experience doesn't degrade.

(To be fair, my Pixel 3 fingerprint sensor has become unreliable even though it's in the right spot.)

Why didn't anyone tell me Amazon accepts Camel Cash?!

I suppose all these illustrations could be from after they burnt the surplus as offerings.

(The reason for the extra "clean" animals whose totals were 7 each was so they could be sacrificed to God without losing the species.)

I am very much enjoying this thread about artists unwittingly rendering the lions on Noah's ark as gay, but I'd be lying if I weren't more bothered by the fact that they're 5 short of a bunch of the animals.


oh man this week's episode is about NOAH'S ARK so we get ONE CHANCE* (*actually two) to pick our FAVOURITE WORK OF ART DEPICTING IT!

what is everyone's pick


The second I exert editorial control over the "any account that pays to put a tweet in my timeline" blocklist, though, I've let down the more than a hundred people subscribed to it.

But worse, I'd be letting down myself.

I do feel badly about the good folks getting blocked, tho

Another burst of very large amounts of Promoted Tweets today slipping through my once-a-minute automated blocking.

Manually clicking block does bring with it a nice sense of accomplishment.

Until, that is, it's an organization I like or that I believe in. But I gotta block 'em.

I just blocked a crazy person who called me a piece of shit because I won't plant a tree and eat the fruit from it in reply to me taking issue with for-profit prisons.

(I have planted several fruit trees in my yard, and eaten the fruit from them.)

On Twitter, my blocks power a list of promoted tweet purchasers that more than a hundred people subscribe to, so I can't block people for being assholes or crazy or crazy assholes.

It feels weird to do it now.

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