My mantra "if there isn't a DOM, JavaScript is not appropriate" kinda breaks down when someone is like, "we'll just build a web page and then have a virtual browser screenshot it."

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Node.js + Chromium + Puppeteer + screenshot. To generate images from a template. 40% of the 2million+ images a day are returned from cache, though!

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After seeing github's fancy new OG images for repos, I said to myself: "I wonder how they're doing that... I bet I don't really want to know, though."

I was correct.

Do I know anyone with experience combining multiple WANs into one wifi network with a consumer-grade "load balancing router"?

I want to combine two ISPs and define types of traffic to use each ISP for. Not sure if this is even a thing.

"It's not accurate to describe Safari's approach as protecting the web, and right now it looks more likely that it is making the web worse for everybody."

The list of "show-stopping" bugs in here contains terrifying issues I didn't even know about.

Watching episodes about Monstanto's role in early Disneyand makes me want to see a TV series about the Imagineering department back then.

"Oh, I know, I'll let Google Assistant set a timer for me on my phone."

[My pizza burns.]

[Google Assistant just crashes repeatedly.]

I think a lot about the look on Chris D'Elia's face in that podcast video where he learns that Snapchats can be captured. He's just sitting there gears whirling while the conversation moves on and then there's a "ding!" and he's like ".. hang on, can we back up?"

prohibiting apps/sdks [..] from violating any policies.

What? Aren't the policies themselves what prohibit violations of them?

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I can't comprehend this bullet from the new Google Play updates:

"We're clarifying the Device and Network Abuse policy to prohibit apps or SDKs with interpreted languages (e.g., JavaScript) loaded at run time from violating any Google Play policies."

"I really want a Whopper, but I already paid McDonalds for 3 Big Macs this week. Someone needs to fix this problem!"

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I know the idea of paying for content is weird, but the take that there are too many papers to subscribe to and "I already subscribe to Apple News+" sounds really silly when you change "articles" to "hamburgers."

Wait. Maybe the bassist for ZZ Top was a Bob Odenkirk character all along?

"uh, I think it'll maybe be between PREDATOR 2 and PREDATORS. A real piece of shit."

Of course they're gonna say it'll be the best. Geez.

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"It's going to be, I believe, the second best -- or the first... or it may be equal to the first one," [Producer John Davis] said, expressing his high regard for the upcoming Predator movie.

What the hell is he supposed to say? Stop asking this, ffs.

I used to live in a tiny ~200-person logging town in SE Alaska called Coffman Cove. Last week I heard they got their second case of COVID.

"It's not the Centers for Disease Prevention, it's the Centers for Disease CONTROL. You can't control the disease if you prevent it..."

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