The presence of a Quidditch icon in Material Icons is an odd choice.

OK, you can turn this behavior off. For now. Crisis averted. For now.

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I am the one person who asked for Edge on Mac & Linux. I may be the only person outside of Microsoft who believes in Edge. I love Edge. But this is enough to get me to stop using it. Do not do this, Microsoft.

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It's not "a good user interface for being built on the web," it's "a good user interface that also happens to be built on the web."

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I used to be an avid user of Yahoo! Pipes which like 15 years ago was my goto for cool interface that runs in the browser.

The prototype noodles in Figma hearken back to that, but the rest of Figma is sooo nice.

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Figma is an amazing product that happens to also show what can be build with web technogies when you put your mind to it.

Watching a JavaScript game engine tutorial, and the presenter keeps pronouncing nodejs as "no js" and I am here for it.

Swift boat veterans are like "John Kerry used to cook three cows a day on a diesel-fed bonfire."

Another couple iterations of Samsung's folding screen tech might get us there - - and a lot of people currently love the Samsung Fold line, warts and all - - but I just can't see Apple shipping a "do not remove plastic screen, NOT a screen cover" device, ever.

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There's a reason Apple's patents for foldable iPhone have two screens instead of one bendy one: it's currently the best durability/cost trade-off.

If folding screen tech becomes more viable, an iPhone that folds out into an iPad will be a no brainer.

And people will love it.

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Yes. Apple will absolutely do a folding phone. With two screens.

The Surface Duo has a lot of problems, but even factoring them in, the Duo form factor is game-changing.

I never want to go back to a single 9x16 rectangle again.

People who believe Gates created the virus will definitely skip the vaccines if he's out here saying they're definitely going to work.

This kind of reinforces the "all according to plan" angle of insane conspiracies.

Maybe stop asking him about it?

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Conspiracy theories that Bill Gates caused covid are bonkers, but a lot of people actually believe them.

At what point does it become irresponsible for someone believed to have caused it to express confidence that the vaccines are all going to fix it?

The whole point of RCS is that one company doesn't control it; it's an open standard that anyone can implement to send messages to anyone else. It's essentially like email.

But nobody but Google can implement this encryption scheme, which relies on Google infrastructure.

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Everyone keep saying "Google's RCS system will support end-to-end encryption," but that's not really accurate.

Really it's "Google's closed-source Messages app will support end-to-end encryption between Messages users, sending the encrypted message over RCS."

This write up about compiling an Unreleased Sega VR game, fixing bugs in it, adding support to Sega emulators to handle it and finally adding support to Open VR to run it on modern hardware is really, really cool.

Have you moved from two displays to one single ultrawide curved monitor?

I think I want one but I'm not sure what the downsides I might encounter are.

Any regrets? What should I look out for?

This is a really stupid take. Trump wouldn't BE president if not for his army of followers.

As bad as Trump had been, he's a symptom of America's problems, not the cause.

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