Google Feed has decided that since I like the band Tool, I must want to see all the memes from the various Tool Reddit communities.

I don't.

But they all refer to the singer Maynard James Keenan as "MJK," which made
all the stories about "MLK" today extremely confusing.

McDonalds photographs burgers with Vaseline on the patties to make them look jucier.

Breyers shoots mashed potatoes instead of ice cream to make it look more appealing.

Every marketing image you've ever seen has been altered way more than this.

There's a lot of reasonable things to give Trump shit about, but "his publicity people make sure he always looks his best" is straight up ridiculous.

This might be sacrilege, but there are parts of Miley's version that I like more than Chris's version. That girl can SING.

What's the story with the licensing for Miles Morales' Jordan 1 breds?

Did they have to get permission from Nike? Did they have to pay Nike?

Hearing a lot this morning about how "radical" Dr. Martin Luther King was?

Not a lot of people know this, but he actually landed the 900 before Tony Hawk did. Doesn't get more radical than that.

"Meanwhile, the mayor of Covington, Joe Meyer, expressed frustration that the incident was being linked with his city, noting that Covington Catholic High School is actually in the nearby town of Park Hills, not in Covington."

"Steampunk is what happens when Goths discover brown."

tks reddit comments 😅

"Why the hell is my boss making me put sticks in these hot dogs at Hot Dog on a Stick? He knows I'm allergic to sticks..."

Being put on a "prayer list" by your Catholic grade school when you come out of the closet is exactly the sort of thing one should expect when attending a Catholic school.

It's ugly, but it's not discrimination.

Blame your parents for enrolling you in an anti-gay organization.

Missed opportunity imo, music industry please call me

Also, I have to apologize for things I've said about the mean people who gave Wil Wheaton crap back then.

It turns out that, in the pilot at least, he was just as bad an actor back then as he is now.

I always figured the chip on his shoulder from then made him worse now.


Watched Encounter at Farpoint for (I think) the first time last night.

TV must have worked differently back then, because I can't imagine a world where a network would launch a show with that pile of crap.

I love a lot of ST:TNG, but man that was an hour and a half of terrible.

I like the dumb TV trope 'english-as-a-second-language people mess up the titles of things.'

From I Feel Bad: "we are watching 'That Was Them'." (This Is Us.)

From Fresh Off the Boat: "I have to return 'White People Have Trouble Jumping' to the video store."

I just realized I could be every member of a pretty rad metal band.

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