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The Ayn Rand Institute received a PPP loan of between $350K and $1 million

Finally embracing the brave new “USB C everywhere" world by purchasing USB C to Type B cables and USB C to MicroUSB cables.

Stuck the bagels in the oven before I had my coffee. Got the oven temperature wildly wrong because I was operating on auto pilot for the wrong recipe. At least I have semi-cooked dough balls instead of cinders?

Ok. Who has “The President spreads misinformation about a NASCSAR driver” on their 2020 bingo card?

Also, Sketchy choice of DC power connector. The power back on this uses a 1/8th inch TS connector. The last device I saw make that questionable choice was an Atari 2600.

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In case you were wondering, the differences between a residential grade bubble machine and a nightclub grade bubble machine are:

1. reservoir size
2. mounting hardware
3. throughput

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Dear 2018 Jesse, Thank you so much for the prescient purchase of a nightclub grade bubble machine.

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Tonight in Seoul. Hundreds of drones delivering government messages.

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This will be an extinction level event for retired dentists who enjoy leather daddy cosplay.

There’s something very American about hundreds of people reacting to cancelled fireworks displays by buying their own, half-assing uncoordinated displays, accidentally setting brushfires, and getting hurt.

He has to get his parents back together.
Can you describe your favorite movie as boring as possible?

Gotta love amateur fireworks night. It has all of the noise and odor of a professional show without any of the visuals.

Also, stress-buying canned food since I'm moderately worried that supply chains are going to fall apart again, due to the US Government being unable to organize a competent response to a public health crisis.

Which is not something I thought I'd ever say.

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Listening to the new TMJ EP on repeat.

Which is not something I thought I'd ever get to say again.

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@mollylambert We’re not doing that where I live. North Carolina is just a death cult doing Fury Road and blasting chrome into our masks to get high while our greatest hope is for our sacrifice to the Mysterious Magical Economy is simply to be seen and remembered.

Seriously. It feels like task tracking systems did a decade ago.

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Don't leave me hangin', Keychain Access. What's broken?

It's interesting to see note-taking systems (both software and methodology) getting hot with the alpha nerds.

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