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@obra@twitter.com Can be used without soldering during the switch selection period. maybe.

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Meet Firebird III from 1958.

GM designer Harley Earl broke his own styling rules. It had very little chrome and no parallel lines.

The first car mouse control. A car mouse.

It was going to be voice activated.

I think you better sit down, because you want to own this car.

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"make me a sandwich"


"sudo make me a sandwich"

Heck no

"sudo -u -1 make me a sandwich"


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Just learned that (WeWork owned) Meetup is now charging attendees $2 to RSVP. One of the last pure parts of old accessible Web 2.0 is ending, really feels like the end of an era :(

That tweet should make it obvious why I used a Cavendish banana in the promotional shot.

Atreus prototype (with keycaps from a Kumo), pictured a hand of bananas from the tree in our back yard.

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@obra@twitter.com Depending on your use-case, you might try the KiCad pad alignment tool.

1) Ensure your footprint has "Locked Pads" in the properties
2) Click on multiple pads (not the whole footprint)
3) Right-click on the object you want to align the pads to and choose Align/Distribute

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@obra@twitter.com That's a standardization we adopted. SMD zero position is the pick and place center per IPC guidelines. Historical through hole datasheets usually gave measurements from pin 1.

Bought a new force probe from the same Chinese who made the one I'm already using. Same series, just a different calibration. It uses a different USB converter and the wire protocol, while in the same format, has data in a different encoding.

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ok i dont want to be that bragging parent but i think my kid just got into magic school twitter.com/hondanhon/status/1

I am not a fan of KiCad footprints that center on Pin 1, rather than the center of the component.

After the 10th repetition or so, the screen faded to a can of tuna. Mr 2, who had been demanding the repeated listenings pointed at the screen and asked "What's inside it?"

We are now laughing so hard we can barely breathe.

In our house, we've been watching Bumblebee Tuna jingle commercials on repeat tonight.

Please send help. Or, you know, join us.


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I just sent out the inaugural issue of @wheelhouselist@twitter.com to 343 subscribers! Wheelhouse is a weekly newsletter covering new materials, tools and techniques for making things. Read it here: wheelhouse.substack.com/p/whee

Since iOS 13, I no longer get a full day of battery out of my iPhone XS.

This is a sub-par user experience.

Typeface options for Hulu subtitles in the Tesla:
Courier New
Times New Roman

I have...some questions.

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