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Does anyone know of library (or other free) makerspaces in the East Bay Area? We have a family visiting here in Colorado who has loved hanging out at our library makerspace and I'd like to find some recommendations for them to check out when they go back home.

Classic type specimens did not mess around. Eat your heart out, quick brown fox.

Finally! I have a proper typeface in both upper-case and lower-case.

And this morning, I find myself manually ending /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration.plist to try to get online. Whee.

This site is free. And so is @NPR. But you should still donate to your local station at npr.org/donate.

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Tomorrow we're gonna find out that Ja Rule raised $350M for Fyre Festival 2

25 year old me would have bought this in a *heartbeat*

Of course it would have been new then and cost more than $375

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Interpretive ringtone dance. Some of these are great.

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So what I’m hearing here is the FBI got three Common, three Uncommon, four Rare, and one Legendary drop from their raid.

Story of my life
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The ADHD urge to think “there’s a better way to do this” and feel compelled to figure out that new way immediately, no matter how long it takes.

I...don't think that the authentic Micro Switch typefaces were actually Gorton.

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Your periodic reminder that the quote is actually “the customer is always right in matters of taste” which is the most hilariously bitchy way to say that actually most customers are wrong but let ‘em buy gross shit if they want to pay for it

Finally got frustrated enough at not having access to an *accurate* Gorton typeface for keycap legends to do something about it.

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