(They were arguing about the merits of the initial release of CERN’s web browser and server and one of the characters was bitching about how he hated ‘open source’)

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Finally got to the horrible anachronism in Halt and Catch Fire that I might not be able to get over.

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JUST IN - CVS announces it is now accepting walk-in COVID-19 vaccine appointments across the country, including 389 locations in MA, with no appointment necessary. @wbz

Facebook…Campus. It’s like Facebook. But only for college students?

The insurance company asked me to agree to move my car to the Total Loss yard today. On Wednesday, I find out for sure if we get to replace our car.

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He tested:

A recent Samsung chromebook
A 2019 butterfly Macbook Air
A 2020 13” MBP
A Surface Go
A Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 7
An iPad Pro w/ Magic Keyboard

Of all of them…he preferred the iPad for its keyboard.

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My dad’s Chromebook Pixel is dying. Today we sat down to pick a replacement. He mostly cares about the keyboard. (Quelle surprise)

Ok. Apparently @doctorow is writing this season of America. We can work with this.
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How cool would it be if tech companies are forced to spend the $50k necessary to buy 25 acres in bumfuck Florida and run token theme parks? They’d all be derivatives of Burning Man, except Zuck’s, which would be a partnership with Sweet Baby Ray’s. twitter.com/kimmaicutler/statu

TFW you discover that you almost met one of your few new pandemic friends at a party 7 years ago, but that you lamed out at the last minute.

Feel like getting songvirused? This thread is for you!
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Without using the name of the song, say three words or less that will make a song play in everyone’s head.

I’ll start: Hey! Teachers!

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@obra FWIW, I first used vi because the vt320 was messed up and the person leading the class only knew numpad-zero to exit emacs. I might be the only person using vim because no one in the room could figure out how to quit emacs :-p

Nobody ever asks how to exit Emacs.
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"In the last year, How to exit the Vim editor has made up about .005% of question traffic: that is, one out of every 20,000 visits to Stack Overflow questions. That means during peak traffic hours on weekdays, there are about 80 people per hour that need help getting out of Vim."

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@_MG_ @colinoflynn @securelyfitz @esden @ktemkin @Chris_Gammell @zhovner @obra @GregDavill @timonsku @joegrand @nwsayer We saw: reduced automotive demand anticipating recession, turn into hugely increased demand, also, chip leadframe shortages, ATE bottlenecks. Cellphone demand very high and they're buying ALL the large-value-small-size caps. 10uF 0603 used to have 1M in stock, now 1K in stock.

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@obra Fyi the actual site is 42nd and mlk

42nd st and telegraph in Oakland. Open call for Team Pfizer. No insurance? No appointment? No problem.

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