I think it’s time to upgrade my China laptop. Fusion 360 is ... not terribly fast on a 2012 11” MacBook Air

I feel like I’ve seen those soldering iron refill cartridges somewhere else.

Yeah. I would have planned my day differently if I’d know that there were going to be air raid drills.

Seriously though, it was raining ligers and wolves.

Thankfully, it is only a preparedness drill, and not an actual missile attack.

That feeling when you get caught out in the middle of a torrential downpour...and then the civil defense sirens start up.

Passing through Narita-Shi. A little sad I don’t have time to stop at Edokko.

It is now 12:42. The train has departed.

It is 12:41. The 12:40 Narita express has not yet departed.

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Had a fantastic time at the 6th Tokyo Mechanical Keyboard meetup today. Thanks so much for the invitation to speak, @riv_mk@twitter.com!

On a JR train in Tokyo. All of the inter-carriage bolts are marked, so you can visually inspect them to make sure they haven’t slipped.

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last talk of today by @obra@twitter.com from @keyboardio@twitter.com 🙌

Wearing my “Strange Foreigner” shirt around Tokyo. Finally got somebody to crack up when they noticed it.

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the explanation for why he-man has a tiger is one of the funniest things i've ever seen in my life and i have to share the whole clip

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