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County and @Enloe to pilot State's scheduling system with limited appointments. Learn more: tinyurl.com/8nmss3cw

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Looking for a COVID-19 vaccine for you or a loved one?

We're ilvaccine.org, a volunteer-run site with COVID-19 vaccine availability and eligibility across Chicagoland.

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URGENT: The COVID-19 Drive-Thru vaccination site located in the parking lot adjacent to 3144 Palm, McClellan Park has appts available today! You must make an appt to be vaccinated, & you must be 65+ & living in SacCounty to make an appointment.

Appt link:

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First things first: the @ca_covid continues to feel like a dream — I almost don't believe it's real and I get to spend all my time helping with this problem? With amazing people? But it is, and I do. That's neat. (You could too! We're hiring a little: blog.vaccinateca.com/)

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Re-read @mcfunley's classic on Boring Technology this morning, since I've been promoting it within @ca_covid - the more engineering experience I accumulate the more deeply it resonates with me boringtechnology.club/

Let's get this party started.
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I am genuinely looking forward to being bitterly disappointed by the Biden administration.

I have been asked to purchase a new Echo Show that doesn’t “go haywire”

I have questions. Both about Twitter’s trends and about Pepco’s ad targeting.

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I’m trending #11 on Twitter, but I feel like this reads like: “old man yells at clouds.”

Shake Shack has been open in Oakland since December? WWINI?

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Some news: yesterday, @GavinNewsom appointed me to be California's Chief Technology Innovation Officer. I was sworn in this morning, and am now part of the @CADeptTech family. Could not be more excited by this opportunity to serve the state of California. techblog.cdt.ca.gov/2021/02/th

We’ve hit the part of the pandemic where I got myself a teleprompter.

i’m not gonna be using it for gaming. I will probably do a little bit of light photo work, but it’s mostly going to be browsers terminals and zoom

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I need to get a new monitor for an M1 Mac mini. I think it’s probably time to get something…big and curved.

What do I want?

I'd say it was the end of an era, but the era ended years ago.
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BREAKING Scoop: Fry’s Electronics is closing business nationwide effective tonight. Source: Wilsonville, OR store employee. Frys.com website will go down at 12am

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