Ira’s placemat from brunch before XOXO. He has never before drawn letters.

(Aren’t humans amazing at finding meaning in chaos?)

Anyone in Portland interested in dinner with me, Kaia, and a very excited toddler?

Somebody didn’t heed the advice about not showing up for XOXO sleepdepped.

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anybody going to xoxo need a room at the ace? i’ve got a spare reservation.

I appear to be so desperate to avoid working on this backer update that I am attempting to locate the original Ghostscript RCS files to answer an esoteric and completely irrelevant licensing question.

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I just fixed a bug in a #Kaleidoscope plugin that was first discovered and reported over a year ago. Up until today, I thought the solution would be complex, but after putting our twins to bed tonight, a simple, practical solution just popped into my mind. Just like that, out of nothing.

Kaleidoscope-TopsyTurvy should be much more usable now! :flan_hacker:

‪Current status: Almost cried over spilled milk. Maybe it’s bedtime. ‬

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Please don't demand content warnings from strangers. Content warnings are a sort of social contract between an author and their followers; if you are not happy with how someone chooses to use them, do not follow that person or outright mute them, or mute words.

One of the most alienating experiences on Mastodon I've observed is when someone posts about something they're passionate about or is part of their identity and the first response is "please cw that" from a complete stranger.


Today my phlebotomist taught me that black coffee is ok the morning of a fasting blood draw.

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If “gif” is pronounced “jiff” then “git” is pronounced “jit”

That feeling when you cut your personal mail over to a hosted provider after running your own mail server for over 30 years.

Put on the Mr Rogers theme song. Ira is incredibly confused because he can’t find Mr Rogers. It’s like meowing around a kitten.

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@obra i know you're joking but on likes are indeed called florps

Is there a Mastodon instance where Favorites are called 'Florps' and the Timeline goes sideways?

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