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Just 99 minutes left to back a Model 100 (or two) at the Kickstarter-only price. kickstarter.com/projects/keybo

Sturgis 2021 starts in 7 days.

This year they’re spreading….their wings‽

TFW your child leaves a stuffed animal in the bathroom…and then you notice that it’s scared.

I don’t have a SoundCloud, but the Kickstarter campaign for a very fancy computer keyboard I designed wraps up tomorrow.*


* LEGO® Minifig compatible keycap not included. It’s just something we’re playing around with for the future.

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Yeah, wow. Big progress happening in keyboardioland tonight. But I thought I got to sleep tonight.

TFW your supplier finally finds the material you need and tells you that they can’t guarantee the supply for more than 24 hours.

I can’t think of a more appropriate tweet from which to discover that Oracle makes a Twitter client.

Between the Hobby Lobby news and “metaverse“ trending all week, I’m just counting the moments before we find out that some Hong Kong emigres have set up franchised suburban enclaves.

What are folks using for systems to keep track of all of the things you have asked other people to do/that they owe you?

2019: Every month of preschool means I get at least one new cold.

2021: Same, but now with a side order of panic, a brain-tickling nasal swab, and a couple days of punting all possible human interaction before the negative test comes back.

Feeling very seen.
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Shoutout to sysadmins from the late 90s - before Stack Overflow - when your day was like:

Read man pages and software docs

Figure out why Apache (permissions)

Negotiate with hackers

Figure out why Bind (increment serial)

Answer webmaster@

Learn the hard way to make backups

omg. We’re actually getting more KITH.
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the world's lamest wrap party! but i love my kith!

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My long-awaited (by two people) CITIZEN KANE story:

After NYU, I was working in a film restoration lab in NYC. It had two employees. Me. And a crazy, secretive Yugoslavian chemist that had devised a treatment that could remove most scratches from film.


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COVID-19 has gotten more contagious, so it’s more important than ever to get vaccinated. Vaccines are safe, and the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones. Go to vaccines.gov to find one near you.

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We sat down with the fabulous @obra from @keyboardio to talk about manufacturing electronics at scale, working in China, and the Model 100 keyboard: techpod.content.town/episodes/

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@tonyhawk @oliverbarton six years latter… 🧚🏾‍♂️🥈🇧🇷

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