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オーストラリアで発見された落とし物のカメラ、日本人であろう家族の写真が残っていました。持ち主に返したいとのことなので、ご存知の方いらしたら連絡してあげてください。 twitter.com/KiLeRaD/status/116

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There's a guy who is scavenging the Kazakhstan steppes for space and aviation junk and he sells the most amazing things.

Get yourself a ballistic missile navigation system or a soyuz navigation module or how about a MIG-27 dashboard...

… Upon closer inspection, there are only six features.

Kickstarter to send a copy of Dr Strangelove to the White House. Except they're probably drinking only pure distilled water to preserve their precious bodily fluidss.
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Well, if you were wondering what Bolton & friends have been cooking here's the article that proves MADness is back ¹.

A. Lowther and C. McGiffin, "America Needs a “Dead Hand”" warontherocks.com/2019/08/amer

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@obra@twitter.com I designed an entire bloody website for 'how to pack a vintage sewing machine' because people would send 120 year old Singers in a box with four sheets of rolled up newspaper and somehow think that was totally fine.

When you buy a 100 year old typewriter and the seller ships it wrapped in newspaper, causing it to arrive partially shattered.

1970s UX designer: We have 8 features we want to expose, but only have budget for six switches. How can we make this as simple as possible? Let’s print the manual on the box!

Twitter promoted tweets. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Twitter promoted tweets. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

I think I want to start carrying a paper notebook to do design again. Or a moleskine sized tablet and active stylus.

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Hello. if you are part of an open source project and would like to get GitHub Actions access, please slide in my DMs. An email and username/org is needed. I would love to get some cool projects kickstarted automating their workflows!

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It may be tempting to buy cheap keyboards, but don’t be “penny wise, pound foolish” — invest in an desktop set. ergonomic products are designed to keep hands and wrists in a natural position, saving your company future costs: bit.ly/2GlkWNW

Took a calculated risk before our flight. Almost lost badly due to whatever’s up with the expressway.

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@obra@twitter.com As the only person from Greenland you likely know, I can assure you that it isn’t for sale.

How many Tumblrs does Greenland cost?

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