If I'm honest: I'd probably be willing to give Facebook Dating a try if it launched here. Can't work that much worse than everything else, can it?

Has someone figured out to make an ActivityPub-powered decentralized dating app?

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🖥️ :blobowo: *launches game*

Game: "You must read and accept this end user license agreement to play the game."

🖥️ :blobthinkingglare: *sits and reads the whole darn thing*

*Clicks [Accept]*

🖥️ :blobnervous:
Game: "Error: Your session has timed out from the server."

They didn't figure anyone would actually sit down and read it 🤷

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@gordon The mastodon.social approach to domain blocks is to avoid them unless:

a) the server is *specialized* for something that breaks our code of conduct

b) or if the volume of individual mod actions required to handle violations from that server overwhelms the mod team

Until that happens, we try to moderate against individual violators

Before reading, I assume that everyone here is officially upset that Gab is joining the fediverse and that all meta posts are about it today.

Well, this has now officially been the worst month ever for me.

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How to destroy every movement, no matter if political, technical, social: sponsor infighting. Support factions. Let them fight eachother. Unfortunately it’s a proven and winning tactic.

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I am truly frightened by how close this is to the tactics of phishing scams. #Google and the #IETF are on the wrong path with this IMHO. webmasters.googleblog.com/2019

The little guy I use as my profile picture is not doing well at all right now. :(

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Microsoft Edge detects if the Browser runs as Admin (Administrator Mode)

You see it if the Browser is started with Admin rights (or elevated via e.g. Sandbox or back-links from other programs).

This is really a nice feature to warn the user, because whenever you run a program as admin and it opens the Browser, the Browser runs under the same high-level rights.

Wow, local mastodon.social timeline is almost all "sex dating" spam bots. We've gone full Google+ here now.

It's 2019, and I finally bothered to learn Python.

A course assignment had us try out Codecademy. Figured if I was gonna do that, I might as well learn something I hadn't done before, ended up cramming through the whole Python 3 course during the free trial.

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"Former Mozilla exec: Google has sabotaged Firefox for years"


I mean, I think it's obvious at this point that while the chrome team seems to have good intentions, the company around it is a sleazy, immoral ad company. Being an engineer doesn't make you immune to the policies and incentives of the toxic company you work for.

So not many people I follow appear to have jumped on the Keybase thing at this point. Perhaps as a centralized service, it won't take off as well here.

Sandstorm.io used Keybase.io for app author verification, so I've had one for a while for that purpose, and chatted with a few other app packagers via Keybase Chat. Was kind of hoping to see more people using it in lieu of "private messages" not being a part of Mastodon.

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Employees Uncover Ongoing Work on Censored China Search


"...there are still some 100 workers allocated to the “cost center” associated with Dragonfly, meaning that the company is maintaining a budget for potential ongoing work on the plan."

I really wish it was possible to step up the email notifications from Mastodon into high gear: I visit social networks when they notify me people I like posted.

If the network doesn't do that, I don't visit it much. Setting individual email notifications for every post from people I wanted to follow is why I stuck with G+ so many years.

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God why is it people can't just fucking enjoy things now without it being all political or inherently right-wing or left-wing or something?

I mean yeah something like, say, enjoying and promoting Mein Kampf is fucked, but that's not the same as liking anime or enjoying some book just cause some asshole wrote it.

So, one of my projects this weekend involves swapping out one of my RAID 1 pairs. It's the smallest set in my backup chain, and I've finally started to run low on space with it. The pair of 1 TB drives have apparently been online over 62,000 hours so far, which is... admirable, to say the least.

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