I've been logging my car's GPS since 2017. Got Datasette working on Sandstorm well enough to visualize it for the first time. (Here's my car traveling down a "stroad" pictured in a Strong Towns blog post not long ago.)

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The project's "roadmap" is a masterclass in using many words to say nothing at all. One of the steps includes the to-do item "Technological breakthrough".

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I am thrilled that there's some legit Sandstorm.io stuff in the works that really makes it feel "unstuck" as an open source project.

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Okay, yet another Evening/Weekend project complete! The Okinawa-class Federation Frigate. Originally it's from the old Starfleet Command games from Interplay. This particular ship is named the U.S.S. Lapwai, NCC-955. 8K shots in the thread, and orthos and schematics on the way.

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I should post a new because it's been a while. And a lot has changed! Last time I was here I was single and childless and now I am neither, as it happens!

I'm a sysadmin by day, an open source maintainer by night, and a privacy advocate always. I work on a decentralized web app platform called Sandstorm when time allows. I used to do podcasts about tech and gaming, back when I had time for such things. The only game I fit time in for right now is called Splitgate. I recommend it.

Finding a valid way to log in when the main page redirects to joinmastodon was a fun challenge too.

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So I'm guessing @Gargron made it really difficult to get here to control outside traffic, but I just wanna set up the official iOS app to my longstanding account.

Hello, whoever I am still connected to from last time I spent significant time here!

Sandstorm has been participating in FundOSS! For the next week, you can donate to Sandstorm (or any number of other awesome participating projects), and FundOSS is going to magnify your donation a ton. fundoss.org/collective/sandsto

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I knew this reminded me of something, I looked it up and similar things have happened to at least one podcast app in the past. Eventually Google admitted there was no violation but only after the story gained publicity.

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It's an incredibly reasonable technical choice for Mastodon to not be tracking the feed for a user who hasn't been on in a while, but it's a deathblow for my Mastodon usage: Every time I come back, there's nothing to look at.

A coworker of mine has achieved the infamous quad parking position again today. I haven't said anything yet.

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I work in IT which is the reason this house has:

- mechanical windows
- mechanical door locks
- no Alexa/HomeKit/Google
- no Internet connected thermostats, lamps, or whatnots
- a dumb TV
- wall switches for lights

Between Sandstorm.io development being active again and the arrival of my PineBook Pro and PinePhone... 2020 is looking like my year of the Linux desktop.

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Yes, of course I want a rotary cell phone.

The power switch is an actual slide switch. No holding down a stupid button to make it turn off and not being sure it really is turning off or what. justine-haupt.com/rotarycellph

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I've really been enjoying how easy it is to write simple, useful GUI applications for the #Librem5 and I wrote two posts this week that describe how I wrote a simple screenshot and flashlight app:


I am in a dark place now: I own an iPhone.

Hoping PinePhone will save me someday soon.

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Software is like an onion. If you open up the inner layers you start crying

As a fun fact for people following me who might be interested, a group of community people are getting Sandstorm.io development moving again.

So this weekend I saw an episode of The Masked Singer for the first time ever. And I assume the fediverse is big on this show.

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