Today is the day we effectively declare victory in Europe: Google can no longer operate the way it has been. The MADA is dead, and Android is now open for business for competing services.

New wave of Google+ refugees will be inbound shortly.

There's a certain irony to getting an email from a site about privacy with a tracking pixel embedded in it. cc: @chosafine

I think Google would really like me to try Chrome.

"I feel tired" and "keep me awake" may have technically identical functions, but the expectations they place on technology and decision-making are kinda different. One provides the appearance of the removal of human agency, and one assists a human in making themselves safer.

A thought on voice interaction regarding a very neat implementation:

I love this and I want my own car system to have similar abilities. It's interesting though that BMW has chosen statements of status "I feel tired" or "I feel cold", to command the car to do something. This suggests you're informing the car, and then the car is "deciding" what to do.

I would rather tell the car "keep me awake" or "keep me warmer". I should command the car what to do.

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> How do I avoid Google Chrome's "simplified view" nag?

Use Firefox :P

It's time the entire world united under one common goal: Telling Google to ---- off.

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At the Goodwill checkout with a LP, the cashier tells me, "no returns on records." I look at her and say, Show more

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Protip for Chrome users: to improve your security when using Google Chrome, uninstall it and use a browser that’s not from a company which makes its money from spying on you 24/7

Oh my God, today is not a good day for Google. GTP posted a demo video showing them signing up for Google Ads using a known Russian troll farm's tax ID. Google said they "fixed it"... and then GTP did it again the next day.

Meanwhile, the Senate Intelligence Committee literally has an empty chair at their hearing that Google refused to show up at, and they refer to it regularly.

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@chosafine .....

thinking about it...

would an Initial Chosa Offering just be like a date?

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Is it a subtoot if I call them by name and they blocked me so I couldn't tag them even if I wanted to?

Wow. Aral blocked me for agreeing with him, but not being as extreme as him. K. Whatever.

Firefox is a conspiracy now, apparently.

Any relation between this post and real companies is totally coincidental, of course.

If I were a global ad company offering to help people with their "digital wellbeing", I'd recommend they took a break when doing something unprofitable, and not recommend it when they were doing something profitable. It'd condition them to be profitable for me.

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