Can I assume the entirety of Mastodon is panicking about Tumblr today? (Also, hi!)

Unfortunately, if anyone in the executive team takes the hit for this, it'll probably be Sundar. While I don't like him, he's not the responsible parties, the decision to pay Andy Rubin a $90 million exit package after he assaulted a woman was Larry Page's. And Sergey Brin has stated that the whole purpose of having female employees is sleeping with them.

Larry and Sergey have 51% of Alphabet's board voting power, they can't be removed.

Sundar tried to take ownership of the event by emphasizing his "support" for people protesting, and one Business Insider article tried to frame Google as "bold and inspiring" for coming out about their issues internally, which was nonsense. But all of that mostly got steamrolled by the rest of everything else.

So is, in my opinion, a huge success. Thousands of Googlers no longer view Google as the end-all best place to work, and everyone got to see swarms of people in every major city protesting Google's mistreatment of women. That's an image that won't be forgotten anytime soon. Perception of the company will change on a huge scale.

So, @chosafine, the filename for episode 19 of Pentagonal is wrong. And there's an errant underscore in episode 5. It's triggering my OCD, so I thought you should know.

(Variable capitalization runs throughout, but I can be reasonable.)

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Today is the day we effectively declare victory in Europe: Google can no longer operate the way it has been. The MADA is dead, and Android is now open for business for competing services.

New wave of Google+ refugees will be inbound shortly.

There's a certain irony to getting an email from a site about privacy with a tracking pixel embedded in it. cc: @chosafine

"I feel tired" and "keep me awake" may have technically identical functions, but the expectations they place on technology and decision-making are kinda different. One provides the appearance of the removal of human agency, and one assists a human in making themselves safer.

A thought on voice interaction regarding a very neat implementation:

I love this and I want my own car system to have similar abilities. It's interesting though that BMW has chosen statements of status "I feel tired" or "I feel cold", to command the car to do something. This suggests you're informing the car, and then the car is "deciding" what to do.

I would rather tell the car "keep me awake" or "keep me warmer". I should command the car what to do.

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> How do I avoid Google Chrome's "simplified view" nag?

Use Firefox :P

It's time the entire world united under one common goal: Telling Google to ---- off.

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At the Goodwill checkout with a LP, the cashier tells me, "no returns on records." I look at her and say, Show more

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Protip for Chrome users: to improve your security when using Google Chrome, uninstall it and use a browser that’s not from a company which makes its money from spying on you 24/7

Oh my God, today is not a good day for Google. GTP posted a demo video showing them signing up for Google Ads using a known Russian troll farm's tax ID. Google said they "fixed it"... and then GTP did it again the next day.

Meanwhile, the Senate Intelligence Committee literally has an empty chair at their hearing that Google refused to show up at, and they refer to it regularly.

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