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*begins the process of blocking every traitor follower that refuses to acknowledge my superiority*

This is for the Greater Good.

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Beware the fuck of anyone trying to convince you that solidarity with an oppressed group you do not personally belong to is some kind of false grievance on your part.

Oppressors depend on that shit among the general populace.

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Ah my mistake I was looking at the old old old Curse Gaming profile, that was me, but on Twitch itself (Twitch bought Curse apparently) it is some other ass-bastard. If you're reading this, DAMN YOUS!

Ladies and gentlemen I have some terrible news -- I am the ass-bastard and I'm not sure what e-mail address I signed up with because it apparently isn't my gmail I've had since forever. I haven't signed into Hotmail or Yahoo! in ages, wonder if it's associated with those.

This message brought to you by me having to create a Twitch account and finding that some ass-bastard is already "me" on there.

As the "original", I hate every single one of those faceless bastards across the globe who've dared to claim the username 'oddfox' anywhere online. It doesn't happen often that I find my username already claimed, but when it does I'm like "Who does he/she think they are?"

Ooooh don't double-charge me for that!

Lil Dicky - $ave Dat Money feat. Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan (Official Music Video)

Someday mother will die and I'll get the money
Mom leans down and says, "my sentiments exactly,
you son of a bitch"
I palindrome I

They Might Be Giants - I Palindrome I

Pretty wild that CNN does a better job of packing a Sanders town hall event with disingenuous people of extreme privilege than Fox News. Nobody bitter over there.

I can't figure out how to get WoW playing nice under Wine-Staging right now anyways so I have to boot Windows for any MMO I want to play. There's Star Trek Online tho that works fine w/Steam Play...

I don't think I have any expansions beyond Mists of Pandaria and I'm not sure how many I'd have to purchase. I know the latest is 49.99 and there's the sub for ~16. Really want to do it but not sure it's the best time. Been craving WoW or EQ1/EQ2 a ton, should maybe ESO.

Watching some WoW Heroic Dungeon competitions has really got me craving getting back into the game for a little while, but I probably have to at least wait a few pay periods because I'm moving soon and need to make sure I have enough financial padding :)

Funny thing about her "funny" joke about marrying her husband even though he had student loan debt: She was more than set by then, she had absolutely nothing to worry about financially and she apparently launched her political career roughly a year later.

Wow Klobuchar really wiffed that question on free college and student loan forgiveness. The answer did not really offer any reason for him personally in his situation to vote for her on the issue(s), it's like she was responding to a somewhat different question/person almost.

I feel like this would really drive sales if I could just play it once at work.

TiΓ«sto & Showtek - Hell Yeah! (Original Mix)

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