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*begins the process of blocking every traitor follower that refuses to acknowledge my superiority*

This is for the Greater Good.

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Beware the fuck of anyone trying to convince you that solidarity with an oppressed group you do not personally belong to is some kind of false grievance on your part.

Oppressors depend on that shit among the general populace.

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No matter what kind of shitty antics an American company pulls on its customers there is always a small group of Americans ready to declare "Well yeah you signed up for it" like a simp hiding behind fine print.

"Don't be violent and they won't label you a DVE!" says the dipshits who have been paying zero attention to the police brutality and overreach during the police brutality and overreach protests.

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Lots of people are completely unaware of what was labelled "violence" by feds and cops during the Trump years especially but even near the end of Obama's particularly WRT Water Protectors.

Re-watched the actual Anakin and Padme field scene and jeez that "if it works" backpedal is just way too familiar these days.

Love to be waiting for my vaccination to fully take effect while more and more people are deciding to ignore masking guidelines at my job and on public transportation. Feels a little like barely being missed by a bullet.

Delta variant surge here we come IMNSHO

*DARPA throws some funding at a University project for a mechanical arm that can receive signals from the brain*

*Alex Jones fans take notice*

"Yet more proof of my belief that the Government is hard at work developing tech that will be used to control and subjugate us."

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This kind of dumb shit is going to really fuck things up for a long time.

"That 5G stuff is crazy, I just believe that the government is absolutely trying to develop a chip to remotely control everyone."

"With all its power, trade unionism opposes the ideas of revolution and communism."

Trade unionism - Anton Pannekoek

Been feeling for a while now that "be careful with that temporary filling until we can replace it with a permanent one" was an inside joke when surely they know I grind and clench my teeth.

Also yes I do have Adaptive Sync force-enabled in my Sway config so that's why right away I was like wait a second what is Kwin doing here? Why is the green pixel of doom showing up again?

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Hmmm so this is new. Kwin-wayland 5.22 is now giving me the same glitched pixel (and a few other display oddities) that I consistently see in the Sway window manager but seemingly only when I change "Adaptive Sync" from "Automatic" to "Always".

Wonder if it's the code or monitor.

GNOME Shell does not have this problem but I suspect GNOME Shell might not fully enable Adaptive Sync/Variable Refresh Rate in multi-display setups like mine.

I'm such a social revolutionary that I backed and still back the guy who told his wealthy donors that nothing would fundamentally change and insists on doing almost nothing to whip the conservatives in his party since he is one of them.

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