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*begins the process of blocking every traitor follower that refuses to acknowledge my superiority*

This is for the Greater Good.

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Beware the fuck of anyone trying to convince you that solidarity with an oppressed group you do not personally belong to is some kind of false grievance on your part.

Oppressors depend on that shit among the general populace.

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HERE IT IS. Video of Nigel Farage actually getting milkshake thrown on him

The Performance Impact Of MDS / Zombieload Plus The Overall Cost Now Of Spectre/Meltdown/L1TF/MDS

The past few days I've begun exploring the performance implications of the new Microarchitectural Data Sampling "MDS" vulnerabilities now known more commonly as Zombieload. As I shared in some initial results, there is a real performance hit to these mitigations. In this article are more MDS/Zombieload mitigation benchmarks on multiple systems as well as comparing the overall performance impact of the Meltdown/Spectre/Foreshadow/Zombieload mitigations on various Intel CPUs and also AMD CPUs where relevant.

To those working in banks and armed service ranks
To all the children born and raised in internment camps
To all the youth sittin' in front of your TVs
At home
Listen up everybody

Close to Home - Sweatshop Union

While we would probably make "short" work of any actual conventional armed forces we have completely and utterly failed to prop up any replacement government and their forces. We would be creating a power vacuum so John Bolton can get his MEK buddies back into Tehran as promised

Intel, 2008: We introduced HyperThreading. It lets different processes share CPU usage. From now on, all our CPUs will have this feature. What could go wrong?

AMD, 2016: Okay, we'll give it a shot in our Zen processors.

Intel, 2019: We regret to inform you that all our CPUs since 2008 are security nightmares.

Me: -laughs in 2009 AMD-

Any American who thinks Iran would be in any way easier than Iraq or Afghanistan, both of which we've utterly failed to at least stabilize never-mind meaningfully direct, is an absolute fool. But sadly most Americans think largest & most advanced military == unstoppable.

About 6 hours until I should be getting my keys and moving my things out of storage and into my new abode :)

I am extremely happy that tomorrow should be the last morning I'm stuck being subjected to racist right-wing media for a good amount of the day, finally getting the hell out of this apartment and into my own.

Finally got a cushion for this dining room chair I've been using as a computer chair since October and oh my gosh my booty is on Cloud Nine.

Yeah this is shaping up to be another writhing migraine with extreme nausea to go along with all the pain. Haven't had one like this in months and have to just ride it out.

Migraine is threatening to ruin my evening and I didn't realize until too late that my medication apparently expired at the end of February. Crap.

Just when I thought The Discourse on the right in this country couldn't be more stupid, I find out about "Don't Take My Lemonade Stand - An American Philosophy", authored by someone who feels the need to point out under their name "American Citizen".

Too much redundancy & idiocy.

And that's without even getting past the cover!

Amount of people who needed it pointed out that the author of this book is an American Citizen because it was unclear: 0.

I just had a distressed whine come out of my body as a kind of horse's neigh and what the fuck that moment needed to be captured on film but it's gone forever poof.

After I sent this out I was trying to figure out a better way to describe how they both look and it's like they're both looking over a pair of invisible eyeglasses and can't look you directly on for some reason.

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