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*begins the process of blocking every traitor follower that refuses to acknowledge my superiority*

This is for the Greater Good.

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Beware the fuck of anyone trying to convince you that solidarity with an oppressed group you do not personally belong to is some kind of false grievance on your part.

Oppressors depend on that shit among the general populace.

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The Linux 5.x series has been very neat for me to follow along with and not just because support continues to improve for my Radeon 5700 XT.

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I've been checking out kernel release changelogs for a while now keeping an eye out for certain problems I've run into being fixed and wow the 5.12.3 changelog has a whopping 240 matches for my "amd" search.

Seems like it's worth a compile.

"Our goal is only to strike terror."

I can't get over what a horrific statement this is when you know that you're killing innocent people.

Every time I see a "Wake, Pray, Slay" sign at work I wonder who these holy warriors are that we're selling this signage to.

I know it's less interesting than that and queens just wanna slay but pretending is fun.

"The dude that was Too Big To Fail before Too Big To Fail is 100% getting sunk by the system this time." -- Smart Money

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Need I remind certain Dem-obsessed (They're both bad, fuck both parties, but fuck obsessing over one) individuals of uhhh hmmm CLINTON AND OBAMA just in recent memory? Former POTUS' don't just fuck off to play golf and boat.

And if you think Trump is certainly nailed in his court cases then please flick your ear for me while thinking of how easily his class (and he himself!) has always gotten off the hook.

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Democratic Party fuckshits are too stupid to notice that in so many states GQP nutjobs and Trump loyalists have refused to concede any race and are convinced of absolutely bat-shit theories of mass election and voter fraud. The focus is that Trump isn't 24/7 in the media.

And then there's this strange contingent of people who think and say things to the effect of TRUMP ISN'T PRESIDENT SHUT UP ABOUT TRUMP like dangerous dipshits always go away forever after losing elections.

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It's been 249 days since the state carried out the extrajudicial execution of Michael Reinhoel and since then they've used the testimony of an 8 years-old child over that of the child's father in order to excuse themselves.

124 days since an insurrection that simmers yet today.

The other day during breakfast I was put through something of a lecture about why Joe Biden's policy of redistribution is of particular concern to people with "skin in the game" like a pension and I never wanted so badly to do The Most Annoying Sound In The World in my entire life.

I'm a househusband now. I'm just protecting my turf in my own special way. You can't protect what's sacred to you through violence.

*Masa laughs*

You can't protect what's sacred to you through violence my ass what have you gone soft?

*Tatsu kicks Masa's ass*


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