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*begins the process of blocking every traitor follower that refuses to acknowledge my superiority*

This is for the Greater Good.

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Beware the fuck of anyone trying to convince you that solidarity with an oppressed group you do not personally belong to is some kind of false grievance on your part.

Oppressors depend on that shit among the general populace.

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Over 350,000 Americans died from COVID-19 in 2020 alone and yet American elites and businesses would have you crying more about an estimated 200,000 business closures in the same year (and not all of those were because of COVID lockdowns)

Let me tell you a story.

My father was a pipefitter for the DeWitt family.

I'm not shitting you.

I would've laid my life on the line for any chicken or rooster.

I have usually been running my own tkg-linux builds for a while now on any distro that is well-supported by the scripts but I found this Fedora COPR for Xanmod kernel builds and it's been pretty nice so far.

Truly remarkable when a website/business designs their website and/or apps to essentially require you to give them a reason why you're doing something like canceling a service.

Great way to ensure that a customer returns! /s

Neato little app for scrubbing various files of troublesome metadata.

Metadata Cleaner on Flathub

View and clean metadata in files

Not looking forward to taking my cat to the vet again when the last time I did she was absolutely shrieking the entire time I was outside of my apartment and in the car.

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