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YouTube is NOTHING without it's content creators.
The internet is NOTHING without it's content creators.
Just Interactive Television and Online Shopping.
If you care about Internet Freedom then you know that the internet is much more than just that.

Puppet Art by Erica Crooks
Drawn Version & Puppet Version

Black Bloc Anarchist / Antifa protesters against Trump & Trump's Police

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It's interesting to think about. They are animated, liberating, Anti-Authority, Anti-Authoritarian, seriously come on...
Cartoon Animated Characters .... IT GOES HAND IN HAND !
They Use DIRECT ACTION ! Still, most of the villains in cartoons are very easy to handle.
But anyway, they got more energy than human beings do so WHY NOT ? We can learn from them, can't we ?

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Ok so there was the WWII propaganda / pro-capitalist industrial education 1950s propaganda, as well as Daffy Duck for President , Private Snafu, etc .... so technically they aren't Anarchists, however they were battling Hitler, The Nazis / Fascism so wouldn't that make them ANTIFA ? They are Anti-Fascist !

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( The following is a tribute to Bugs Bunny's 80th as well as the 80th anniversary of many of the greatest cartoons EVER from The Golden Age of Animation for the next 10 years or so. It's fandom, but it's also a satirical parody , it’s comparison social commentary of irony, so therefore it's FAIR USE ! )

* Most workplaces are awful due to capitalism, I am aware of that as well as how they operate, how they treat their workers, there they get their materials , etc but I’m just saying that at the time of the COVID-19 / Coronavirus - Designing or evening a D.I.Y. Facemask from scratch is a good idea to spread the word about something you want to bring awareness about. β€œ

Again, I think it's a good idea. It's a great way to spread the word on whatever message you want to bring about just like buttons & t-shirts, especially when you are an introvert with social anxiety like me. _ Erica

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There's probably better options out there mainly because like internet censorship, it's censorship is done with bots and not people who can talk one on one with someone which is already a problem on the internet ( * One of the main reasons why I joined the YouTube WalkOut Protest last year. * ).

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In a time where we need to where face masks in public due to the COVID-19 / Coronavirus crisis , a big question to ask is why just wear a boring plain one where you can design your own. Zazzle isn't the only place to do it but for those who are familiar with it, it beat CafePress a long time ago as perhaps the most popular online print shop on the internet. I just think this is a good idea.

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