A great useless invention that doesn't work ? What's so great about it ?
( From The Erica Crooks Show - 2016 )

The MBTI Community is known for typing anyone, anywhere & anything !
Is Jim Henson " INFP " ?
It's fact ! Jim Henson actually took the Myers Briggs Personality Test in the 1980s & the results was " The Idealist " ( as mentioned in the book " Jim Henson : The Biography by Brian Jay Jones ).

Tomorrow will be September 24th, that means...
Happy 85th Birthday Jim Henson !

For more information on Jim Henson,
check out the books :

Jim Henson : The Biography by Brian Jay Jones amazon.com/Jim-Henson-Brian-Ja

, Street Gang by Michael Davis amazon.com/Street-Gang-Complet

& the brand new " Sam & Friends " book by Craig Shemin. amazon.com/Sam-Friends-Story-H

Canceled projects, working conditions / environments, unfair pay & pop culture fans demand for supply, especially those who want things from the past released & distributed to all platforms & forms of media.
The animation industry deserves better !

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