I need to migrate my docker-compose stack (including Unifi wifi controller) from macvlan network to traefik proxy.

Maybe this will help ...

New blog post:

"Anybody who’s been doing IT long enough knows that old ideas – both good and bad – often get dressed up in new frocks and represent themselves as the new hotness.

Thus it is for static site generation. It flopped when we tried it 20 years ago, but I think it’s going to work this time."


ActivityPub, the secret weapon of the Fediverse – HomeHack

Independence! Federation! No lore tech silos!

Searched and found this handy little function for your .bashrc :

calc () {
bc -l <<< "$@"

Solves my problem of wanting a quick calc on the , eg:

>> calc 3200/19
>> calc 2342 + 23522

So nice when typing fast to be able to keep your hands on the keyboard and skip pulling up a calculator app. (Uses GNU bc calculator language).

Mastodon newbie observation:

I think it's awesome that sex workers have found a place on Mastodon. But when I search and see nothing but escort ads, that's not the experience I was hoping for.

Saddened to report I've been unable to successfully boot this 1999 Corel Linux CD on any physical hardware I have. I guess the year of Linux on the desktop came and went. #linux #retrocomputing


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