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I'm a .

I live in

I've been active in my community as a advocate. I currently serve on the city's commission.

I like tech:

I play in a community ensemble

I like and periodically post photos.

I'm and .

The only thing missing in my life is a .

"Among the triple vaccinated, 8-9% of people report long COVID (at least 4 weeks) after their first infection; 5-6% are reporting activity-limiting symptoms."

And that's why I continue to mask in public and avoid indoors dining. The odds of my number coming up in the long COVID lottery are too high.


Finished Discovery S4 and, hoo boy, what a stinker. I love the characters and actors. And I loved the episodes Jonathan Frakes directs. But overall the writing was terrible.

Did they, like, steal all the good writers for Strange New Worlds?

Here’s my #introduction post. I’m Pedro, a Spaniard living in #berlin, where I work as a software engineer at Shopify. I spend my days writing #typescript, #javascript, and #ruby, and I’m learning #rustlang. I’m also an #opensource advocate.

If you're going to see "Everything, Everywhere, All at Once" (and you should, it's a total brainfk) I implore you to avoid media about it. I just read an interview with Michelle Yeoh in The Guardian that is super spoilery.

Back in March, the Austin City Council was considering a resolution to adopt . I blogged about it then:

Fortunately, due to community pressure, the final action only called for a study. That study can now report what we skeptics cited as theoretical risk has come to pass.

Say hello to Franklin.

He came home Monday, had a total panic freakout, and went into hiding. Last night I tried to see if he'd accept some head scritches, a switch flipped, and now he's a total cuddle cat.

TWF you've spent a week chasing a build problem, put it aside for the weekend, and you come back and it's suddenly cleared.

It's just under 48 hours until we get to bring our new kitty friend home. The shelter picked him up as a stray, so there is a hold in case somebody comes to claim him. We'll be happy to have him, but even happier if he has people who find him.

You know, sometimes I get the feeling the compiler simply ignores all my comments 🤔

I'm concerned that proposals to eliminate password auth will end up locking people into a phone ecosystem. It's bad enough to get your messages out of iCloud if you decide to switch your phone to a different stack. Getting logged out of auth services would be even worse.

Say hello to Grey Cat (shelter name).

He crawled into my lap, licked my hand, and asked to come home. How was I to say no?

We pick him up from Monday afternoon.

There are some very sweet kitties there and I'm heartbroken I can't take them all.


How many people have to lose their shirts before we realize that crypto isn’t a solution to any of our problems?

Here’s my column on the constantly crashing, broken-casino grift of web3. In which I chat with of


Today, I got text spam from the DCCC.

1. Damn them to hell for treating this crisis as a fundraising opp.
2. The DCCC supports anti-abortion candidates like Cuellar! Sleazeballs!
3. My carrier marked it as spam and trashed it, so ha ha assholes.

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