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The next LondonCSS is happening tomorrow! Online and live captioned! Register via

πŸ”–New blog post: my monthly collection of bookmarks I read, saved etc during August.

This month I have this strange feeling that I forgot a lot of them. πŸ€”

I genuinely believe that there is a great opportunity to learn and have lots of fun building your personal website.

I found a lot of support in the community so I wrote a case for it for Smashing Magazine.

I didn't realise February was over until today!

So here are the things I read last month:

I'm a bit late to the party but I finally published my personal notes about this year's

I have a blog post on my drafts right now that is so useless but I am so excited to get it out! I love it!

How do I control my addiction of trying to name blog posts after films or songs? I’m concerned because I do it very poorly as well

Just published: "May bookmarks" πŸ”–
Hope everyone has a great weekend ✨

Rejoice! I finally learned how to RSVP to events using Webmentions. And to "practise what I preach" I wrote about it. Now I need to learn everything else.

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