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My brother send me this:
(text and video are pretty much the same content, you can chose by preference)

It's a bit lengthy in the beginning but making some great points.
It's about (mostly) teenage and young adult women basically teaching themselves tech skills (programming, video and image editing etc.) and other relevant skills (organization, writing, etc.) to create fan content (here: One Direction) without ever having those skills recognized.

I've been sitting on this "design refresh" for 6 months now and I decided to make it live tonight. It's a work in progress but if not now, when? ohhelloana.blog/

There's Homebrew Website Club today and luckily it ends at 8 pm! ⚽

Come demo your personal website and talk about the web with us!


question: I'm trying to find a way to bypass blocks that may appear in the middle of an article. I drafted something in a codepen (codepen.io/ohhelloana/pen/QWpa) and it seems to work, but are there any implications that I am missing? Thanks!

This must be the confidence they talk about that you get when you're around your 30s!

Today I wrote about my most embarrassing job interview all because I started to watch Ted Lasso and it is set in Richmond 😂🙃


Today I found this one on my drafts. It had been there for a year. It's lighthearted and I decided to publish it. It was now or never I guess!


Join us tomorrow from 7pm for another Homebrew Website Club Europe/London. 😊
We'll be on zoom chatting about the web and sharing demos of personal websites, blogs and projects.


📝 New blog post:
One year of online-only.

The one year anniversary of the never-ending March has just passed. And one year ago, as an event organiser, I was in a small panic.


There's Homebrew Website Club London today from 7GMT! Come chat about the web and showcase your personal website! events.indieweb.org/2021/03/ho

I was recently invited to share what my typical day looks like. It took some time but I finally hit the "publish" button!


Come chat about the web and showcase your personal website at Homebrew Website Club London! ✨ Tomorrow from 7 pm GMT.


I updated this blog post yesterday. I added some clarification to the intro and tried to better connect the different events based on some feedback I received.

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Heh, I knew about “Power Mode” extensions before. Used Atom back then but they are basically available for most code editors by now.

What I didn’t know is that they can load basically any sprite. Learn here how to make #vscode sparkle: https://www.aboutmonica.com/blog/how-to-make-your-vs-code-sparkle

Hat tip Ana Rodrigues



Something weird happens when you're put in the spotlight but no one cares. I wrote a new blog post where I overshare and, as usual, overthink:


Fancy chatting about the web and your personal website? Join us this Wednesday from 7 pm GMT on Homebrew Website Club!


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