📝 New blog post:
One year of online-only.

The one year anniversary of the never-ending March has just passed. And one year ago, as an event organiser, I was in a small panic.


There's Homebrew Website Club London today from 7GMT! Come chat about the web and showcase your personal website! events.indieweb.org/2021/03/ho

I was recently invited to share what my typical day looks like. It took some time but I finally hit the "publish" button!


Come chat about the web and showcase your personal website at Homebrew Website Club London! ✨ Tomorrow from 7 pm GMT.


I updated this blog post yesterday. I added some clarification to the intro and tried to better connect the different events based on some feedback I received.

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Heh, I knew about “Power Mode” extensions before. Used Atom back then but they are basically available for most code editors by now.

What I didn’t know is that they can load basically any sprite. Learn here how to make #vscode sparkle: https://www.aboutmonica.com/blog/how-to-make-your-vs-code-sparkle

Hat tip Ana Rodrigues



Something weird happens when you're put in the spotlight but no one cares. I wrote a new blog post where I overshare and, as usual, overthink:


Fancy chatting about the web and your personal website? Join us this Wednesday from 7 pm GMT on Homebrew Website Club!


There’s another London CSS event this Thursday (10th December). It will be online and free!

See more details on our website: londoncss.dev/

There's Homebrew Website Club tomorrow! At 7pm GMT come showcase your personal website and have chat with more people interested in the

RSVP + more info: events.indieweb.org/2020/10/on

The next LondonCSS is happening tomorrow! Online and live captioned! Register via londoncss.dev/

🔖New blog post: my monthly collection of bookmarks I read, saved etc during August.

This month I have this strange feeling that I forgot a lot of them. 🤔


I genuinely believe that there is a great opportunity to learn and have lots of fun building your personal website.

I found a lot of support in the community so I wrote a case for it for Smashing Magazine.


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