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alright I'm reposting my tattoo with context lol
so i was supposed to keep getting the next more complete house as i got my life more in order, however it's been like 2 years now and i still definitely haven't "earned" the second.

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insecurity is a patriarchal capitalist psyop

@Played_straight hey hon, we miss you in the DM, you still have an alt in there! come say hi sometime :) tho if you're done with the site that's 100% understandable

this shit was the equivalent of coming on my hand a few minutes into play and then rolling over and falling asleep

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i need to find the pic i used for my paypal avi because holy SMOKES

thanks for reading my sob story :( sorry to throw it out there, this isn't really what if i'd like to be posting. but you guys are very supportive so i was thinking it wouldn't hurt to do. 💗💗💗

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no matter what it'll be going to something that i need and have been putting off. my shoes are falling apart, i'm tapping out the last of my emergency buffer on upcoming rent, and my phone bill is going to be over twice the normal cost due to some weird technical issues i had while house sitting. but most importantly i won't have to borrow my friend's coat that her father gave her right before he died again.

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hey folks... this is a tough thing to throw out there for me, but...

it's getting colder and I'm realizing that i don't have a winter coat or shoes. i also need bedding... i stayed at a friend's place a bunch last year and they've unfortunately moved further away. this has been a really rough month+ from a lack of babysitting gigs, so... if anyone is down to help out, it'd go a long way.
also at ohtazer on cashapp and venmo

hey y'all, what are the big tips for making a new account after being suspended on twitter? @Tselinoyarse got kicked for no fucking good reason and i just wanna make sure she doesn't get banned again!

your best good achewoods show them to me

i repeat "being in trouble is a fake idea" to myself constantly, a mantra

confronted with the most absolutely perfect example of the female form on the subway today and I'm DUMBSTRUCK

@DayGloChainsaw listen the McElroy brothers have had plenty of sex, Travis probably the most of them, Griffin probably the least, but we've always known our boys are boning out there, we may not like it but they're big boys now and big boys gon bone aint no changing that!

friendly reminder that you don't need to be ~productive~ to be valuable as a human being

sometimes, randomly, images pop into my head from a reddit thread of jury-rigged "fuck dolls" men have tried to assemble out of sometimes actual skeletons and duct tape

i have to fight the urge to say "sick tiddies" to every lady

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