Why is it the people who push in always are the most extra and take ten times longer than you to order

hey is there anybody on the fediverse who lived in germany between like 1982-1984 and listened to NDR

or anyone who was active in the music scene there around that time

or even any radio DJ's from that era

because the world could use your help solving the mystery of the most mysterious song on the internet



basically, all you need to do is read the wikipedia article and listen to the song and hopefully you'll recognize it and remember who it is

boosts appreciated, you never know, fedi might be the place to crack this case!!! :boost_ok:

Sometimes I wonder if I'm living on a different planet to the maintainers of Typescript.

Today the won't fix is to do with `implements` 🤦

I tried to mock up an app for Overwolf. But needing to get their approval to just do some research has turned me off 🙄

Doggo decided to run out on to the road - not impressed

It's always fun knowing someone is going to minimum-effort under-deliver and just be able to sit back and wait for other people to see your prediction come true.

Added bonus to pick up the pieces

Tried to build some GNOME software, only to get fed up with installing dependencies, again

TFW you start a "quick" game of something, and end up playing for hours

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