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Imagine spending a Saturday night recreating the Instagram web UI from 2012 😂

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Time to test and report bugs for Misskey again! Should really get a live instance so I can test communication with the main site

Theme and plugin auto update for WordPress is coming soon. If you are interested in trying it out and testing, you can download it from the plugins directory

DO NOT use it in production environment!

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Latest #covid19 #news

Orange County
#California declares state of emergency over #coronavirus to prepare for a possible #outbreak

No one is currently infected with the
#virus in #OrangeCounty and for one previous case, that person has fully recovered

WordCamp Asia was cancelled but you can join the livestream on February 22 2:00-10:00 UTC


Here's the announcement from Matt Mullenweg

The more time I spend with Misskey the more I like it. It's good to see very active development @syuilo thanks!

I'm going to try to share my experience soon. For now here's a tablet view with icons on the left and using different theme

Wish I knew better. I experienced my own nightmare two months ago

I'm not sure if I would've been better prepared if I saw a post like this but maybe for the next person ...


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Latest #coronavirus #news for Singapore

3 more confirmed
#virus cases

57 year-old (W) no recent travel to

35 year-old (W) linked to cluster at Grace Assembly of

54 year-old (M) travel to
#Malaysia for work but no recent travel to China

Total for
#Singapore is now at 84

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Still no app available for #macOS #iOS or #Linux but #Android and #Windows users can try the latest #VPN service from #FIrefox

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According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the #flu season for 2019-2020 is projected to be one of the worse in a #decade

#Influenza has killed at least 14,000 people and has infected at least 26 million #Americans across the country and that number is predicted to climb

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Latest #coronavirus #news

7 new
#virus cases have been confirmed including a teen in #Wakayama and a male #doctor (disaster medical assistance team) who went on board the Diamond Princess #cruise ship.

Total for
#Japan is 68 excluding cruise ship totals

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online and working on or -presentation? Full control over the appearance and content is key!

Collabora Online features give you that, e.g. by editing page fields 🌻

More here: collaboraoffice.com/collabora-

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Join our About Face campaign and help bring an end to government use of face surveillance where you live. Let your local representatives know, we need a course correction now—before it's too late. aboutfacenow.org

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