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Linked lists are bad? Ok how about a Linker List?

In Icelandic, cash is sometimes jokingly called "Angry Sheep".

Cash is "Reiðufé"

"Fé" which can mean "Money" also means "Sheep".

"Reiðu" which kinda means "available" or "at hand" is similar to "Reiður" which means angry.

C++: "We include most of the common containers."
Rust: "Same, and you can extend their functionality as well."
C: "There are no containers, only Zuul. Uhm, I mean Heap."

Sometimes, I love programming.

But sometimes, programming can fuck right off.

Today it's 50/50.

If Friday the 13th is a general bad or unlucky day.

I propose Thursday the 12th to be "Off by one day", the unlucky/bad day for programmers.

Why not tomorrow? Programmers shouldn't be working on Saturdays, so no.

Why announce now then? The announcement is also off by one. Duh!

I like challenging myself. So I proposed a talk with the title "Learning Rust the wrong way."

And now I have to live up to a title like that. I'm so excited.

Come join me at NDC TechTown this fall.


Wait, you're saying that you want to hear me tell the same joke but in a 5 minute lightning talk?

Funny you should ask.


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Trivial has a well known meaning in the programming world. Used to describe all sorts of software.

"Sure, sure... but I'm going to make it mean like 8 different things, one being code that's not written by the user. Written by them? Can't be trivial. Impossible."

Shift+Alt to change languages on your keyboard.

The number of times I press Alt slightly before causing the textbox to unfocus is to damn high.

Oh and Linux isn't free from this kind of nonsense.

Alt+Space will add a non breaking space to your cmd.


In Icelandic, we don't say "I'm surprised." we say "All of the dead lice are falling from my head."

And I think that's beautiful.

Out of all the bad things migraines do. I do appreciate the visual auras they produce before they arrive so I can prepare and prevent them.

Me: "I think I'm an ok programmer."
[looks at the tutorials for parser combinators]
Me: "Yeah I'm one of them real dumb idiots aren't I?"

People in a small town in Iceland are complaining that the permit fee of owning a cat there has increased by 380%

This was one of the most read news stories in Iceland yesterday.

Also the person leading the charge is my sister.

Go Sis Go! You tell'em!

Did the 2nd person who found Orion get a constellation prize?

Rust Programmers: "Yeah, Rust is great! Really changes how I think about programming."

Also Rust Programmers:

#[some_macro(Please, Work, I, Just, Want, You, To, Compile, Im, Asking, Nicely)]

"Play stupid games win stupid prizes"

This is assuming I'm good enough at stupid games.

The butcher either has Italian lunch meat available or not.

A gababool

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