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Bon, FairPhone 3 commandé... on va voir s'ils assurent les délais prévus...

“Where professors can still make choices, we must recapture academic technology and reject Big Edu-Tech systems. We must favour products that use standardised, Libre open-source software or, even better, software developed within our own institutions.”
Andy Farnell, in

Fediverse friends and followers from around the world, I have a huge favor to ask!

If you are out for a walk or drive and you spot a payphone, would you mind sending me a photo of it? (DMs are always open) I will feature it on my #100DaysOfPayphone thread over on the birdsite and of course give you credit.

When I started this a couple of weeks ago I didn't realize all of my old photos from before 2018 are gone, which means the hundreds of old phone photos I had taken at one point are also gone. But maybe this opens an opportunity to see payphones from around the globe.

This could be a payphone that you spot in the wild that still exists (thank God there are still some of those out there) or it could be a photo you took in the past of a phone that may or may not be there anymore. But please, let me see your payphones!

If you have photos of other cool phone equipment or phones that aren't payphones, they won't work for the #100DaysOfPayphones thread, but I encourage you to send them my way as well. Phone related stories? I'd love to hear them! Please help me spread this around the world!

All payphones are acceptable, but I especially encourage you to send in any photos you have of payphones from countries other than the US or phones that are unique in some way. Also, PLEASE boost this toot and help me get this call for help out there! Thank you! 📞

Tout ce pouvoir de surveillance n'a jamais été encadré par le moindre texte - Il n'existe aucune limite à ce qu'a pu faire et ce que peut faire aujourd'hui la police en termes de surveillance de la voie publique par hélicoptères

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#signal server is now officially closed source, making it de facto a worse-looking telegram.

[Cagnotte] Conseil d'Etat : partenariat Ministère de la Santé - #Doctolib - #Amazon
Soutenez notre action juridique pour défendre vos libertés fondamentales

On s'est inscrits chez @contribulle , mais on tient à le dire : il y a plein de projets libres où vous pouvez aider :
N'hésitez pas !

Avons migré 12 serveurs ce jour, migré à grande vitesse les VM Vmware vers Lxc, tout est redémarré et marche <3

Avec une équipe d'Octopuce disponible et fantastique <3

Et un stagiaire de 3e halluciné :)

@Ouvaton est désormais chez @Octopuce <3

The idea that website owners have "a right" to track the clicks from their emails to you and to know everything about your journey in their system is wrong.

Imagine if you buy your child a bike - does the chain manufacturer have a right to know what time they use the bike and which friends they visit?

Of course not. We should stop pretending that websites are magical experiences that require persistent intrusion.

is a right, even though it is far from being legally declared so.


That you can follow any #PeerTube account directly in #Mastodon?

Just copy and paste the address of any PeerTube video or user into the search box of Mastodon to bring the worlds together.

For example, you can follow @xrpoland to see all the uploads from #ExtinctionRebellion in Poland 🇵🇱

Or @chriswere to see upoloads from @ChrisWere that I can only generally categorise as "geek content" 😆

Happy video-watching! 📺

Procès des écoutes : Nicolas Sarkozy 3 ans dont 2 ans sursis. . Gilbert Azibert 3 ans dont 2 sursis. Thierry Herzog 3 ans dont 2 sursis et interdit d'exercer 5 ans.

Source : Corinne Audouin (Le Monde)

RT @simonw
Re-read @mcfunley's classic on Boring Technology this morning, since I've been promoting it within @ca_covid - the more engineering experience I accumulate the more deeply it resonates with me

Student surveillance vendor Proctorio sued one of its critics for speaking out. Cases like this show the need for strong anti-SLAPP laws throughout the U.S., and Canada as well.

Hihgly recommended talk: "What We Know We Don't Know" about software development. Summary: we know almost nothing; code review in suitable chunks works well; lack of sleep, too much stress, and too much overwork ruin quality.

🎙 Je serai l'invité de l'émission "Libre à vous" faite par l'@aprilorg sur la radio @CauseCommune, mardi 2 mars à 15h30, pour parler de la sortie de mon premier album

#Radio #Interview #APRIL #musiquelibre #creativecommons

When researchers find a flaw in the way #Signal #Signalapp circumvents censorship in Iran (leading to identify its users), their issue get deleted from Signal's Microsoft Github and they get banned from Signal's repository...

..but only because they allegedly violated a "code of conduct" by being "disrespectful"!

Morality is safe! Iranians, maybe not... As long as we don't hear about it, there is no problem, right?

#QuestionSignal #OTF #Iran


“I hope this email finds you—“ STOP FINDING MEEEEE

Même moi qui n'ai jamais regardé Star Wars, je sais que ces trucs blancs sont dans le camp du mal 🤦‍♂️

« j'ai récemment mis en place une infrastructure complète en Data Center. De l'installation des serveurs à la configuration du réseau, venez découvrir comment j'ai mis en place ma nouvelle infra ! »

Excellent récit dans les entrailles de l'Internet. L'auteure en profite pour annoncer que la prochaine étape sera une instance fédivers :-)

#centreDeDonnées #Internet #Proxmox

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