RP2040-Py is RP2040-PICO pin to pin drop in module with extras like 3.3V up to 2A DCDC, UEXT, RESET and onboard JTAG SWD debugger for real time programming and debugging with OpenOCD, KEIL IDE, IAR EW @iarsystems @arm @VisualStudio

Is the year 2021 the year when we will see affordable Open Source Hardware $35 Raspberry Pi like Linux capable RISC-V boards? allwinnertech.com/index.php?c=

Our most complex made with - the Octa-Core ARM board IMX8 Quad Max is completely routed! 2xCortex-A72 1.6Ghz, 4xCortex-A53 1.2Ghz 2x Cortex-M4, 64-bit LPDDR4, HDMI IN/OUT, 2x CSI camera, up to 4 HD displays! -40+125C olimex.wordpress.com/2021/04/0

STMP157-SOM-512 industrial grade System On Module with STMicroelectronics Inc SOC have mainline uboot, Linux Kernel 5.12 is now in production and will be ready for order this month! olimex.wordpress.com/2021/04/0

STMP157-OLinuXino-LIME2 industrial open source hardware Linux computer now is in production. Complete mainline uboot and Linux Kernel 5.12 support for all peripherials. olimex.wordpress.com/2021/04/0

Hello Caribbean beaches! We decided to move out until semiconductor supply chain is restored! olimex.wordpress.com/2021/04/0 See you again in 2022!~~~

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Excited to start the works on NAYAD modular for the next weeks. BTW, we will test the microcontrollers of @olimex to replace our old one because they are also radically open source, from Dev software till hardware (and their A64-OLinuXino is a strong candidate to set up our p2p network).

Hello RISC-V! We got some engineering samples of the new ESP32-C3 modules and we are excited to learn this new architecture on real low cost hardware! The modules are just 17x13 mm olimex.wordpress.com/2021/02/2

Industrial grade OSHW Linux Computer with STM32MP1 have full support with mainline Linux Kernel 5.10, CAN-FD, Ethernet, USB High Speed, LCD, HDMI, eMMC boot, PMU, LiPo battery backup UPS. Debian Buster and Ubuntu Focal images. olimex.wordpress.com/2021/02/0

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