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I may say true things but sometimes they're not evaluated objectively. Sadly, family members are more prone to dismiss my arguments due to prejudices.
Sometimes it's better to wear a mask, maybe more than one.

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Recently I often feel like I'm grasping some powerful techniques on how to cleanup a messy house.

They boil down to:

1. seek minimalism as much as possible
2. seriously, you just don't need all that stuff
3. yeah, those things too
4. "what if I need them?" is banned a question

And something more practical to deal with a messy room: small incremental wins trumps over a Big Cleanup Session.

I could write a small book about it.

> I can't see them anymore, though. The land is now barren and cold, so empty and sad that even the Icy Ridge that lines the northern forests would offer more warmth. Everything has vanished, all the wonder gone, all the vibrant, amazing things this world once had to offer, disappeared. I still wonder where they went. I doubt I will ever know.


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Community expectations when developing free software 

I had to reverse engineer a finite state machine.
Dot provided to be really helpful in producing a sane rendering of the initial spaghetti doodle.

Google shutting down Google+ is a good proof that branding should start from the website and shouldn't be delegated entirely on social platforms.

Two babies thought me that if you sleep well enough you can move mountains.

There's probably a shortcut for the impatient but it's not clear where it leads to.

Compos mentis := having mastery of one's mind.

Lucid dreaming 

Lucid dreaming 

Lucid dreaming 

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