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I'm going to purchase "Rise of Industry" no matter the cost.

It reminds me of Transport Tycoon. ❤️


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Drawing of a game I play with myself when bored, it’s called ‘evolution’ you draw a very simplistic ancestor animal, then draw an arrow and create an ‘evolved’ form with slightly different features to the original until you get many diffrent species (rather like irl evolution) :3 mastodon.art/media/NsctqBr5f4F

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Every once in a while I wish I could spend all the day wandering in the public library, reading all the books I like.

In line at the market, a young girl (~8 years old) ahead sings the imperial march. ❤️

Yesterday, at age 34, I finally learnt how to make a tie.

I'm a certified adult.

“Web devs, you can do better. Develop for the web, not one browser. Otherwise you are screwing over your users.”


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Drew this ages ago when a coworker was pissing me off XD mastodon.social/media/mNmAwMRv

The Spectre vulnerability poses a serious threat to the whole Internet. 😰

How do you even start mitigating such a widespread issue?
A huge recall program is almost out of the table.
I'm also wondering if a class action lawsuit is legit.
Also, could we force VPS providers to certify the vulnerability status of their infrastructure?


New Year's Eve watching the Minions movie, in the bed with my partner and our son.
Have a good night everybody :-)

> An important part of any art is for the artists to escape the "part of the present that is the past"


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"We have to go back." ❤️

Be Princess Leia in 2018.

Fight on the front lines.

Strangle fascists with the chains they would have you wear.

Be a motherfuckin' general.

Source: twitter.com/osheamobile/status