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Moved here from @olsβ€”same old ols, just in a new package. Now just to do something with the 20 other mastodon/gnusocial accounts I have...

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2019 is the final year for Python 2. No bug or security patches will be applied to Python 2 beyond Jan 1st, 2020. Time to start using Python 3 only! pythonclock.org

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My lawyer told the judge I’m an addict, but I’m not addicted to my computer.

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If I got any cooler I would freeze to death

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started the year with the goal of losing 50lbs. only 65 to go!

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*using leftover cheeseboard for homemade pizza*
WIFE: are there any cheeses you don’t want on your pizza?
ME: do we have any low fat cheese?
WIFE: no...
ME: no then

yes! off call as of 0900
boo! on call again tomorrow 0900 β€˜til the 3rd

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Die Hard is a Harry Potter movie.

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Yesterday: Eat 50,000 calories
Today: Brisk walk

That’ll sort it

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cheeky fiver on the @SkyBet@twitter.com superboost, be rude not to

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Retweet to win.
We will have a few Pulp shirts left once everyone who ordered one, has theirs.
You can win one in your size. Winner picked at random at 10pm Christmas Eve.
(Any others left will go on sale in our online shop on January 5th). Good luck x x

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Happy holidays to my fellow pager shepherds

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Happy Holidays, folks.... remember, put down the keyboard

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Single pixel width font. No source unfortunately.

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