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📢 WATCH: Thousands face deportation if work permits aren't renewed before Dec 31. As we said on @globalnewsto@twitter.com, migrants should not be punished for this pandemic. @JustinTrudeau@twitter.com @marcomendicino@twitter.com:
make work permits renewable immediately.

SIGN THE PETITION: migrantworkersalliance.org/Fix

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I don't know where "Philadelpiha" is, but if you mean Philly, our voters will not be intimidated by people trying to steal the election for you and we will prosecute anyone who tries to intimidate voters. Philly and PA, please go to the polls and vote this autocrat fascist out. twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/st

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I’ve released guidance for MN voters on how to vote safely & w/o intimidation. State & federal law bar intimidating/interfering w voters. I don’t expect to have to enforce these laws but I won’t hesitate if necessary to protect Minnesotans’ right to vote.

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BREAKING: 60 Organizations have sent @LibertyMutual@twitter.com a letter demanding action on Keystone XL Pipeline and to meet Indigenous Leaders!


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.@JoeBiden@twitter.com considering Rhode Island Governor
@GinaRaimondo@twitter.com-a former venture capitalist who cut pension benefits for public workers while siphoning off $1 billion in state $$ to hedge funds

“Raimondo has built her career on subservience to Wall Street" prospect.org/politics/sources-

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EXCLUSIVE: This Republican congressman facing a tough reelection battle has been voting against aid to renters and student debtors -- as he's been pressing federal regulators to give his fellow commercial real estate moguls a massive government bailout. dailyposter.com/p/gop-lawmaker

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How can anyone read this and not see the seeds of a ruling next week that even validly cast ballots shouldn’t be counted simply because it’s taking too long to count them?

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An excellent piece by my friend and brilliant colleague @sonyastoked@twitter.com on why we must invest in primary care to prepare for the next pandemic.

"A strong primary care system provides a durable base for operationalizing all outbreak response activities."


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Right now, HHS/CDC plans punt these issues to the states, which is what happened in H1N1

The result was significant racial and ethnic disparities in the administration of the H1N1 vaccine and, ironically, low vaccination rates among health-care workers 8/

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infrastructure is needed to distribute early vaccine doses to vulnerable & disadvantaged people who would benefit most

Otherwise supplies will go instead wherever it's politically and logistically expedient—which is what happened in H1N1 /3

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“Mission Accomplished”

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White House claiming victory for "ending the pandemic," which is blatantly untrue.

Also "understanding our planet." What does that even mean?

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“George W. Bush’s 2000 election legal team—which included Barrett, Kavanaugh, and Roberts—argued during that contested election that ballots arriving late and without postmarks, which were thought to benefit Bush, must be counted in Florida.” slate.com/news-and-politics/20

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From early September to October 17, despite a CDC eviction ban, almost 10,000 eviction actions have been filed in 23 counties in several states by large corporate landlords. New filings have jumped since then.

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Turns out Starlink is actually going to cost about twice as much as the generous estimates used here. So again, it's too expensive to be affordable in places that aren't already well-connected. Elon isn't bringing free internet to the masses, and he was never going to. twitter.com/chmn_victor/status

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With less than $1,000 worth of wood, sheet metal, waterproof rubber and propane water heaters, the group finished constructing the two shower stalls this weekend. @thatemfagan@twitter.com has the story.


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Hey! Did you sign our petition to yet? ~80% of Chicago residents responded to a recent city survey in SUPPORT of defunding the police, yet Lori Lightfoot continues to blow us off. BE HEARD! Please add your voice during this crucial time! actionnetwork.org/forms/sign-o

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As Cornel West points out, two things can be true at once: Joe Biden is a neo-liberal disaster & Trump is a neo-fascist catastrophe.

Let's get the catastrophe handled, but remember the disaster that got us here, which will, without real change, bring us here again.

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Of the $30 million the defense lobby spent this election cycle, half went to democrats.

The military industrial complex stacks congress, and no matter what happens next week the imperialist wars will continue.

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And liberals have helped build yet another conservative digital platform while having little to none of their own. Smh. twitter.com/mlcalderone/status

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Over the past 30 years, the top 1% saw their wealth go up by $22 trillion while the bottom 50% saw their wealth go down by $776 billion. If there's going to be class warfare, it's about damn time the working class, not the billionaire class, won that war. labornotes.org/2020/10/bernie-

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