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LeVar Burton has a podcast where he reads stories to the world. ::THIS IS NOT A DRILL::


the word "toot" REMAINS HILARIOUS

There are a lot of videos that use Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot text - this animation is one of them.

If you haven't watched this one, put in your headphones, make it full screen, take 4 minutes and absorb this.

It always helps me reset my perspective.


Rewatching Star Trek: Voyager, and I've reached the episode where Voyager encounters a culture with space-folding technology that could move then tens of thousands of light years at a hop. But the culture won't give it up.

"We can't take the risk that the technology would be abused."
"But we won't abuse it!"

Oh, Harry. That's the problem - the people who would abuse their privilege would ALSO say they wouldn't abuse it. Abusers lie, and falsify good faith - and telling the difference is HARD.

I've just discovered that you can use mostly dried aloe vera gel to spike one's hair. I'm using it on my face for yesterday's sunburn, and my hair is nicely stiff and immobile. I'm not sure that I could do a full valaquen with it (I'd need the gravity boots I used in undergrad for that) but I'm pleased with the results nonetheless.

Hello there :) Have a nice day :)

@oziads First thing I think of is the Orbital song, Halcyon and On and On, which has such a nice intro.


But our Butlerian Jihad won't just be a war on technology that replaces humans, it will be a war on the weaponization of gender by the patriarchy Γ  la Judith Butler.

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The heat of summer really rolled into the city today, bringing with it a new wave of humidity. As the sun set a cool breeze kicked up, a perfect time to get a slushie and go for a walk in the gloaming.

There are lots of people out enjoying the neighbourhood, shaking off the funk their stuffy apartments, strolling under the elms, and one man on a bike, lazily working his way down the avenue and through a six pack.

No auroras, it's too overcast, the liminal spaces have a different taste tonight.

@msk re: get people off Tumblr asap - I also created a Tumblr link post that summarizes the moment. They can click the link to read the articles being cited.

(Note the domain is a custom domain I'm using on my tumblelog)


@msk I dug up articles and made a Twitter moment because my brain is out of spoons today and I guess a depression spiral is starting for me, weeeeeeee

Feel free to share the URL with anybody


Verizon buying Tumblr and pushing anti-LGBTQ censorship (and then calling it an accident) and then literally announcing that ppl using AT&T provided emails are going to be locked out

Is all the more reason to get your Tumblr friends to Mastodon