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All day long I rant about how awful the US empire is, yet these are my top followers on birdsite for the past few months. WHY are they following me.

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I found a LOT of art on ArtStation - which is almost entirely all white men, so please, please, let me know of your favourites that are not. See my posts from those I've found on my other account @omanreagan

Is there a "punk every word" bot somewhere?

cyberpunk, steampunk, solarpunk, brainpunk...

I need more art of alien worlds, and future human worlds, and future landscapes, imagining all the possibilities - what are you favourites?

I need tiny robotic vacuums the size of ladybugs to live on each shelf and dust them.

Things that are bad:
#1. Hierarchy
#2. Hierarchy

I think it's annoying that hashtags in unlisted toots don't show up under hashtag searches. Even follower-only toot hashtags should show up because they'll only show up to you if you're a follower, right? This seems to break hashtags, am I missing something?

while i am sharing beautiful things i’ve received in the mail, this old Brooklyn Museum postcard is from @omanreagan and i adore it.

yay snail mail! yay patreon perks! yay nice and interesting people!

Me: *thinking* I actually feel like I've accomplished a lot this year.

New Years: Hahhahaha, technically you've done NOTHING this year.

So what if I’m humming the Voyager theme song while making dinner. You don’t know me, Neelix.

i'm in comcast's dumpster
filling garbage bags with routers.
i flash their firmware
and give them to my neighbours.
the network grows
with everything they throw away.

I've started just leaving any web site that makes me fill in a Google captcha, even if it's a site I needed to log into and use. Tired of it. So what if I'm a robot?

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Flowers (and not just winter blooming flowers) are blooming year-round here now. There is no winter.

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