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There is no war on Christmas.

But I think there might be a war on actual peppermint candy canes.

Cherry, wintergreen, "mint." I just want candy canes.

The reddit for the town we live in has been taken over by grumpy old white men and cops.

All they ever post about is traffic annoyances, how annoying they find bicycles, and 'kids these days' news articles.

It's so sad. But someone should write a guide for what to do when your city's reddit is full of old man squatters.

George Takei's Affiliate Links my band name.

this autogenerated pendant is the way forward for 2019

In my attempt to learn how to bake this month, I have realized I need a giant sign on the oven door that says "did you remember to let it rise for a SECOND time after shaping?" because I often forget.

Here's the air over San Jose this week, view from when I was flying out yesterday afternoon.

Today's anti-fascist baking adventure is: making simit.

Like a Turkish bagel, covered in sesame seeds, but IMO more delicious

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someone needs to bring the Google folks some romkugler to eat so they know how important it is to translate it as rum balls, not space balls...

Would like to see the Venn diagram of Canadian and Russian winter fashion.

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