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i'm in comcast's dumpster
filling garbage bags with routers.
i flash their firmware
and give them to my neighbours.
the network grows
with everything they throw away.

I've started just leaving any web site that makes me fill in a Google captcha, even if it's a site I needed to log into and use. Tired of it. So what if I'm a robot?

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Flowers (and not just winter blooming flowers) are blooming year-round here now. There is no winter.

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I feel betrayed every time macOS forces a pop-up asking me if I want to install the updates "now or try tonight?"

For most of my Mac using life this was the kind of thing Windows did, and the Mac OS didn't do, and now there is no escaping it.

β€ͺβ€œMerry Christmas” to our neighbours who have been remodeling their apartment every day for 6 months and decided not to take today off from the endless hammering and banging that shakes our walls.

Lovesick is not a bad show, which I never would have known from the awful way that Netflix tried to market it to me for years before I finally gave in and watched it.

Whatever Apple did with 10.13.2 they fixed something. My older laptop had been buggy forever, now runs like lightening after this update.

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Escapist Media of Any Kind as Long as I Don't Have to Think About the News for at Least Two Hours and chill.

Red and green lights make me think of Xmas, it works.

But when they add white, I can't help but think of Italy.

Is this just something I picked up living in NYC, or do other people have this problem?

i super appreciate that #liberapay has a system that makes small contributions not only financially sustainable, but actually encouraged; there's donation tiers specifically called "symbolic" and "small"

small efforts add up πŸ‘Œ

I forgot how many cats are in Logan's Run.
And where the final scenes take place.
So many cats.

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I always wanted a dollhouse in space. Thank you NMS. πŸš€

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