Tonight, Monday June 20 8-9:30 PM EDT, I'll perform my 118th of our still-unfolding pandemic. Slowly oscillate at

Monday night went well! Glacial Moog Guitar harmonics, extremely slow progression, like listening to a chamber ensemble on Pluto. $0/name-your-price at

Tonight, Monday June 6, 8-9:30 PM EDT, I'll perform my 116th of our current pandemic, having just emerged from it myself. Tune in to, where you can hear it without having to breathe the same air I'm breathing.

Tonight, Monday May 23, from 8-9:30 PM EDT (UTC-5), I'll perform my 114th pandemic-era , likely another night. Stop by tonight for more oscillations.

Monday night's features an extra bonus piece--the title of the second piece implies a necessary companion, which I've added as a bonus track. Come on over and listen: $0/name-your-price at

Monday night's is now up on Bandcamp (and soon on non-Exploitify streaming services). Back to pedal steel after a few weeks, very spacious and meditative. $0/name-your-price. See you in the pit:

Tonight: Monday, April 25, 8-9:30PM EDT (UTC-4), I'll perform my 110th weekly of our current pandemic era. Leaning toward for this one. Come by and chill out at ()


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