🔴 Measuring DoT/DoH Blocking Using OONI Probe: A Preliminary Study

We investigated the blocking of DoH and DoT in , , and with a new OONI Probe experiment (DNSCheck). 🐙

Read our summary of findings: ooni.org/post/2022-doh-dot-pap

A Quick Look at QUIC Censorship

As part of her Open Technology Fund (OTF) fellowship with us,
Kathrin Elmenhorst investigated QUIC blocking & QUIC's potential for censorship resistance.

Her findings reveal QUIC censorship in , , and .

🇺🇳 Currently the 50th session of the UN Human Rights Council is taking place.

Read OONI's submission in support of the OHCHR Report on Internet Shutdowns and Human Rights: ooni.org/post/2022-ooni-submis

We share OONI data on social media blocks during elections & protests over the last 5 years.

This summer we're super excited to work with 2 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) students: Germa Vinsmoke & Mehul Gulati! 😃🐙🎉✨

They'll work on the following projects:

• OONI Probe Network Experiments: summerofcode.withgoogle.com/pr
• OONI Explorer & Design System Improvements: summerofcode.withgoogle.com/pr

📢 Job Opening: OONI Community Coordinator 😍

Join our team to support human rights defenders worldwide to investigate and fight internet censorship. ✨🐙✨

This is a full-time, fully remote position.

Apply by 12th June 2022! ❤️

We thank all OONI Probe users worldwide who have contributed (and continue to contribute) measurements, supporting the MAT. 🐙✨

We also thank our community members for their invaluable feedback. ❤️

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You can also use the MAT to check the reachability of circumvention tools, and so much more! ✨

We hope the internet freedom community finds the MAT useful for investigating and responding to internet censorship events around the world. 🐙

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Use the MAT to explore the testing of WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal & Facebook Messenger around the world. 🐙

Through the MAT, you can identify the countries where these apps are blocked (such as the blocking of Signal in ).

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Use the MAT to explore the blocking of websites worldwide based on real-time OONI data. 🐙

Create charts based on the testing of a specific domain (or a set of domains) globally, or in a particular country (or set of countries). 🌎💫

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📢 New Launch: OONI Measurement Aggregation Toolkit (MAT)! 🎉🐙😍

Use the MAT to create charts based on aggregate views of real-time OONI data & track internet censorship around the world. 📊

Learn more: ooni.org/post/2022-ooni-mat/

Following the recent decision of the Council of the European Union to suspend the broadcasting activities of Sputnik and Russia Today (RT) in the EU, some EU countries have started to implement blocks.

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OONI data shows that ISPs in employ a variety of censorship techniques, including TLS man-in-the-middle, DNS manipulation, and injection of a RST packet after the ClientHello during the TLS handshake (most prevalent).

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Internet censorship in is decentralized, as every ISP is responsible for implementing blocks independently.

Blocks are not implemented on all networks & different ISPs adopt different censorship techniques. Some ISPs use multiple techniques, making circumvention harder.

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OONI data shows that twitter.com/ was throttled in between 26th Feb 2022 to 4th March 2022.

As the throttling stopped across all ISPs in Russia at the same time (~08:00 on 4th March 2022 UTC), it appears to have been centralized.

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Timeline of news media blocks in based on OONI data:

• 26th-28th Feb 2022: Blocking of Interfax, Current Time TV, Crimea Realities
• 1st March 2022: Blocking of TV Rain
• 4th March 2022: Blocking of BBC, Deutsche Welle, VOA Russia, Meduza & others

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🔴 [Report] New blocks emerge in amid war in Ukraine: An OONI network measurement analysis

We share OONI data from on:
• News media blocks
• Blocking of 200rf.com
• Centralized throttling of Twitter
• Blocking of Facebook

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