🟢 [New Report] Italy blocks Gutenberg book publishing website

In collaboration w/ Davide Brunello, we published a new report which examines the blocking of the Gutenberg book publishing website across networks in based on OONI data.

OONI measurement analysis shows that access to is blocked on at least 7 AS networks in .

Most ISPs primarily block access by means of DNS tampering.

In blocking, some ISPs in (e.g Fastweb & Tiscali) return an NXDOMAIN, others (e.g. TIM, Telecom Italia, Iliad) return the IP address, while Vodafone Italia returns the IP address

Regardless of what is returned in the DNS response, what all ISPs in (at least those included in this study) appear to have in common is the lack of transparency of the fact that access to is intentionally blocked.

Internet users just see an error message.

@satan @ooni
tl;dr = cops eagerly doing what book editors want

it's all explained in the linked article, Background section


Long time ago there was a court ruling in Germany due to an argument about the length of copyright protection. Didn't realize they got the ban legally enforced in Italy as well.

@kravietz @ooni The ban in Italy was added together with the ban of a few websites explicitly dedicated to pirating books in Italian; there is an hypothesis that the people who made that list also found something like ~10 books on project Gutenberg that are still under copyright in Italy and decided to ban the whole website.

@ooni When the hell is Italy blocking


is there a torrent with the http version of the website in a docker container? i'd like to make it accessible over tor.

@ooni At @kiwix, we periodicaly prepare an offline package of the Gutenberg Library. Here is the online demo version of it Here the offline downloadable ZIM package to be read with Kiwix software We have language dedicated packages as well, like in Italian, see

@kiwix @ooni uh, I didn't know that there was a multilanguage zim file for project Gutenberg! Thanks!

That includes everything that is in the language specific ones, right?

LB: The fact that Project Gutenberg is now blocked at least in Germany and Italy points to a flaw in yet again relying on a US-based website in the EU, where the legislation (this time around copyright) is different and courts can make an easy case of blocking the site.

Disrespecting copyright is of course one avenue that should be explored, but on top of that, what if there was a European version of Gutenberg that would make sure that the selection doesn't violate European copyright laws?

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