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🧠🔬 To cure brain diseases, neuroscientists must collaborate: That’s why I’m giving my data away


8 weeks, 9 blog entries, 10 online protocols..........over 500 protocol downloads — fantastic response. Catch up on why I am doing the blog (bit.ly/2U9aTRY ), and read previous posts from summer (bit.ly/2TN0vND ). @SGClabNotebooks @TheNeuro_MNI

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Meeting of @openbioeconomy@twitter.com Cambridge & Cameroon team leads! Always a pleasure to see @Mboathomas@twitter.com in person. Regretting not packing my T-shirt though!

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Hear from participants how an open science hackathon at @UW@twitter.com and @NSIDC@twitter.com helped cryoscientists wrangle from NASA_ICE’s and better prepare to use the @NASA_NCCS@twitter.com ADAPT Science Cloud: go.nasa.gov/2PcfGDl


Our dataset from live human brain cells, which contains electrophysiological, morphological & transcriptomic properties gathered from individual cells, is publicly available to accelerate research worldwide. Access via
👉 celltypes.brain-map.org

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Wondering what we've been up to? Our science lead Yann is doing the first in a series of protein biochemistry workshops with Open Insulin volunteers so they can learn the theory & practical aspects of producing our open source .

🧠 "To cure brain diseases, neuroscientists must collaborate: That’s why I’m giving... my lab’s standard methods away — making them available to anyone who would like to access them." @ThomasDurcan@twitter.com of @TheNeuro_MNI@twitter.com


📊 How a data detective exposed suspicious medical trials

Anaesthetist John Carlisle has spotted problems in hundreds of research papers — and spurred a leading medical journal to change its practice.


I've finally uploaded (gitlab.com/tkluth/empirical-sc) the last bits from my PhD project that some researchers in #Psycholinguistics may find interesting: An R-script producing a log-gaze plot & conducting a Bayesian analysis using #brms. #eye-tracking #openScience

🔬 are helping expand the global map of ! Our new paper details the Cooperative Open Online Landslide Repository (COOLR), its citizen science results from its first year, and the next steps:

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"Die ermöglicht eine offene (). Diese hat viele Aspekte, insbesondere den freien Zugang zu wissenschaftlichen und Materialien (), transparente Begutachtungsverfahren (Open ) oder quelloffene Technologien () …"


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🌽 Why the Open Access Movement in Agriculture Matters

is "an equalizer among the underrepresented, marginalized, and oppressed. How does our ability to a growing depend on a of openness?" Finding in Open:


🕊️ "Make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone," thus the of life for all people.

— Buckminster Fuller

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Very good possibilities here for school and uni synthesis projects to make new for a tropical as part of an consortium

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A list of current targets in MycetOS Series 1 compiled by @MrBenGP from @DNDi


… Anyone can work on these, and a synthetic intermediate is available for free shipping! @_breakinggood

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A truly outstanding for and … vivid interactive perspective.

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Take a look inside healthy with the Guide to Human Cells developed by our Allen Institute for Cell . The resource is available to support worldwide.



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