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“Every kid starts out as a natural-born scientist, and then we beat it out of them. A few trickle through the system with their wonder and enthusiasm for science intact.”

— Carl Sagan

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“I passionately believe that science - all this wonderful knowledge that humans have come together to create - should be open to everyone.”

— Prof. Alice Roberts

🚀 has greatly expanded its package, which is for users to download and use. Over 800 programs are now available for free.

Second National Plan for Open Science — Generalising open science in France

refers to the unhindered dissemination of results, methods and products from scientific research. It draws on the opportunity provided by recent digital progress to develop open access to publications and - as much as possible - data, source code and research methods.

💻🐍 Introduction and call for contributors

Did you know? There is a new kid on the block and its name is "inteq".

@mwt has created an package for solving Volterra and Fredholm integral equations. Originally developed for , you will surely find many applications for this project.

🌟 But now it's your time to shine. @mwt is looking for contributors who know numerical analysis or best practices for python projects.


Check out , our new analysis pipeline to enhance accessibility, transparency and usability for single-photon calcium-imaging analysis!



Denise Cai 蔡迪卡

Lagged teleconnections of climate variables identified via complex rotated Maximum Covariance Analysis

… You have some big 🌏 & want to find possible time lags between your variables for each location? Give complex MCA a try! We applied it on SST 🌊 & precipitation 🌧️ to identify lagged teleconnections 🔗🕙

Niclas Rieger

🎧 Deeper than Data
— Ben Rush

When we think about , we often hear about amazing discoveries, but rarely hear about the struggles, personal accomplishments and personalities of the scientists behind the data. On DTD, we explore the personal journeys, failures, and successes of scientists through storytelling and humor. You’ll walk away with touching stories, life lessons and feeling inspired through conversational interviews and improvised games.

The Province of Ontario Neurodevelopmental Disorders Network (POND) contributed to the release of the first sets in partnership with Ontario Brain Institute (OBI) to promote & .

OBI’s Data Releases Promise to Accelerate Discovery in Brain Health

Majority of the European Parliament welcomes the Commission's intention to oblige e-mail, messaging and chat providers to search all private messages for allegedly illegal material and report to the police (#chatcontrol) by 580:76:37.

📄 An overview of open standards in scientific publishing in the context of and

Overview of 102 standards and specifications, organized into ten categories. Essential ones were selected by defining an open standard for scholarly publishing as an uniformly documented, widely accepted and used, openly accessible / extensible specification that is applied to the creation, description, production, and dissemination […]

📚 Die bietet aktuell, im Rahmen von " macht FreuNde", eine interessante - zum Thema "Mathematik trifft " auf an.

Eine wirklich anschauliche und gut gemachte Einführung. Falls Ihr einen Account habt, zeigt Eure Unterstützung um mehr solcher Projekte zu ermöglichen!


Visualization of climate change, deforestation, urbanization and much more!

Melting glaciers and dwindling forests ... Google's latest feature, , is an eye opening tool, that provides visual clues of how much has changed due to and behaviour.

Removing elements such as clouds and shadows, they created a vivid time-lapse from footage taken since 1984.

Great hint from: @DigitalOffgrider

Make the message clear! Biology suffers from #jargon proliferation and overuse of not universally understood concepts. #science #biology
📄 Martínez & Mammola (2021) Specialized terminology reduces the number of citations of scientific papers. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 288:20202581

📄 OpenSource Carbon Footprint Estimator: Development and University Declination

Centrale Nantes, a French university, initiated a low carbon transition with the calculation of its 2018 footprint.

Based on an national simulator (Nos Gestes Climat) proposed by ABC and ADEME.

Data , accurate explanations and a variety of actions have been key success factors for adoption.

“Every kid starts out as a natural-born scientist, and then we beat it out of them. A few trickle through the system with their wonder and enthusiasm for science intact.”

— Carl Sagan

Today in our lab meeting we reviewed this terrific on . Like the author, I grew up in with Bem's advice on writing. In hindsight, some of his advice is shocking.

🤖 's has photographed the at its location on with the high-resolution Mastcam. You can see a lot of different sized rocks, dunes, distant elevations, the bottom of the crater and also crater walls. In total, 79 color photos were taken by Perseverance on its fourth day on Mars.

An assembled can be seen here:

🤖 Mars has a visitor:

after a 472 million kilometer journey, 's robotic vehicle landed safely and as scheduled on .

But did you know that the underlying program is based on a multi-platform compatible called F' (F Prime)?


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