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Where do you stand on the subject of:

unconditional basic income?

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β€œI passionately believe that science - all this wonderful knowledge that humans have come together to create - should be open to everyone.”

β€” Prof. Alice Roberts

πŸ€– Mars has a visitor:

after a 472 million kilometer journey, 's robotic vehicle landed safely and as scheduled on .

But did you know that the underlying program is based on a multi-platform compatible called F' (F Prime)?



πŸ“£ Final report β€”

Professionalising in the Netherlands: competences, training and . Dutch Roadmap towards national implementation of data stewardship by NPOS-F project

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ We arenβ€˜t walking barcodes! Sign the brand new European Citizensβ€˜ Initiaive for banning biometric mass surveillance now! #ReclaimYourFace

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🀒 Von 2022 an müssen Autos Daten etwa zum Sprit- und Stromverbrauch gebündelt an die Kommission senden, "glÀsern sollen die Fahrer aber nicht werden". Die "Bundesregierung will Fahrgestellnummer raushalten"

=> Klar. Das machts viel besser

Woher kommt dieser Wunsch nach einer KomplettΓΌberwachung? #1984

🐦 Do you want to learn more about work?

You absolutely have to subscribe, then - a once in a lifetime speaker series is filling up. I'm honored to be part of part 5, is our theme.

EPA EJ and Systemic Racism Series to Feature The Mapping Inequality Project

Greg Gearheart; Chief Data Liberator for the CA Water Board. CA water belongs to all CA. Tweets are mine.

πŸš€ New Data! A new Ground Validation C3VP W-band Airborne Cloud Radar (WACR) dataset is available at . The WACR instrument is used for cloud sensing and microphysics.

Discover and access data:

Piloting the Process

Discussion on the openness of the review process continues in . It is unarguably true that there are both advantages as well as challenges in the open review process. Our experiences at HHBIC highlight the positive side.

Where do you stand on the subject of:

unconditional basic income?

πŸ“Š New package for hospitalisation in includes estimated mapping between Trusts and local authorities - handy for matching up COVID-19 data at different scales e.g. admissions by local authority.

Dr. Sophie Meakin


🎯 inspired by:
Where's Waldo

Where is Bernie?


Guess what?! We've just surpassed a quarter of a million images in our Flickr! That's more than 250,000 nature imagesβ€”free to download and reuse. Explore the collection today

β€œI passionately believe that science - all this wonderful knowledge that humans have come together to create - should be open to everyone.”

β€” Prof. Alice Roberts

Are you concerned about publishing your data - or submitting unpublished to with ? We asked initiator and EGU Publications Committee member Ulrich PΓΆschl this week, for his advice.

Happy birthday, Wikipedia πŸŽ‰

Wikipedia turned 20 years old on January 15, 2021!

Wikipedia has contributed to free and widely available knowledge like probably no other platform. Showing the world the true power of collaboration on the open internet and what a great cooperating community is capable of. ❀️

🐦 RT:

short survey - Help us collect projects & activities in the cultural heritage sector: all cases will be published in an open-access study, out in Fall 2021

until Jan20

🌊 Rescuing tide gauge data from around the to study and sea level rise

Data is essential for a better understanding of how, why and where the climate is changing. This project starts to digitize historical handwritten records of sea water levels in the UK.

Join today:

Common cell type nomenclature for the mammalian brain

The advancement of single-cell RNA-sequencing technologies has led to an explosion of cell type definitions across multiple organs and organisms. Resulting in widely varying nomenclature and limited alignment between taxonomies.

To facilitate cross-dataset comparison, the Allen Institute created the common type (CCN).



and - I love the vision for the future of science: Accelerating discovery by breaking down inaccessible silos of data, publications, and tools.

The varying openness of digital open tools

Digital tools that support practices play role in the accumulation, archiving and dissemination of scholarly data, outcomes and conclusions. They carry the promise of enabling across disciplines, world regions and language groups.

Despite their integration into scholarly practices, the providence and design of these digital tools are rarely explicitly scrutinized.

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