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We have a poll online where you can vote for what we should be spending the open source design funds on!


Let us know how you think we should spend our open collective funds: opencollective.com/opensourced

We published an 'in-progress' set of milestones for the Open Source Design community recently!


These are just some of the highlights of the Open Source Design community over the years and there will be more to come :)

The online tool Penpot had its 1.7 release with great new features – I look forward resize all the things with the new constraint settings! /jd

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Penpot 1.7 is out! Import to be wild πŸš€

βœ… Import & export Penpot files
βœ… Resizing constraints
βœ… Library assets management
βœ… Paste components from file to file

We'd like to see your creations with our new features. Inspire us! πŸ€“


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We had our monthly community call today where we catch-up with other designers interested in and working on open source software!

Check out our call notes here on our discourse forum: discourse.opensourcedesign.net

And think about joining us next time for our regular monthly call!

It's Open Source Design monthly community call time again!

Today at 19.00 CET in our regular Jitsi room: meet.jit.si/opensourcedesign

We'll be talking mostly about how we can spend our fund in Open Collective:opencollective.com/opensourced

Ideas are here: discourse.opensourcedesign.net

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Inkscape 1.1 is here! inkscape.org/news/2021/05/24/w

It now has dialog docking like you know it from other applications, a nice preset selector and more! //jd

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Collabora is looking for a graphic designer. If that's your trade, and you are interesed in free software, apply! jobs.lever.co/collabora/6259…

The monthly community call is Wednesday the 5th of May at 18.00 GMT UK time and 19.00 CET EU time!

Here's the link to the jitsi video room we chat in: opensourcedesign.net/events/mo

Everyone is welcome! we welcome new folks to join and chat! : )

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This week 12 awesome design students from @merzakademie@twitter.com got into contributing to open source projects – like @Nextclouders@twitter.com, Kailona health and @coronawarnapp@twitter.com! πŸŽ‰

Hear about their experiences, communication and results πŸ’¬πŸŽ¨

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Check out our short Penpot tutorials! πŸ“Ή

Learn the fundamentals to design and prototype with our free & open source platform.

Do you have suggestions for new videos? Let us know!

πŸ–₯ 🎨


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Our emoji pack of 22 handcrafted emojis has landed!!πŸ™Œ Designed for & inspired by colorways, these are a TYπŸ™ esp to OSS devs. From β€œbusy coders” to β€œbugs” & β€œdatabases on fire”, we really hope you enjoy them!πŸ’œπŸ₯° emoji.openess.dev

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It's monthly community call week again! opensourcedesign.net/events/mo

Today! Wednesday the 7th of April at 18.00 GMT // 19.00 CET!

It's monthly community call week again! opensourcedesign.net/events/mo

This Wednesday at 18.00 GMT // 19.00 CET!

We'll talk FOSDEM 2021, FOSS Backstage and Mozfest!

There's also lots going on around our own jobs page: opensourcedesign.net/jobs/

No user experience design without doing research.

She classifies those in the FOSS world who say its not needed as follows:

Thanks for visiting our devroom @totostache@twitter.com.

We hope to see you in person next year in Brussels.

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I wrote an article about what I saw at @fosdem@twitter.com this year. Hope you'll like and find interesting things πŸ˜€


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et voila! One more open source design and prototyping tool. It's like Christmas in February! :)

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@opensrcdesign@twitter.com @penpotapp@twitter.com You might also want to take a look at quant-ux.com, the other open source prototyping tool. github.com/KlausSchaefers/quan

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@opensrcdesign@twitter.com @Saptak013@twitter.com @EriolDoesDesign@twitter.com @belenpena@twitter.com @simulo@twitter.com @bernardtyers@twitter.com bots? :)

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