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New UXBOX dev update!

• New login & user profile
• Dynamic alignment (Advanced)
• New icon set and handlers
• Notifications system
• Grid layout & configuration

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HassellInc: IBM launch a new open-source tool to help developers make their apps more accessible
ow.ly/fJsx50zKQMk @thenextweb@twitter.com

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Get involved in Gimpscape Artweek, a workshop and sharing session about open source design organised by the community in Indonesia

For logo designers: @antennapod@twitter.com the Free and Open Source podcast app for Android is looking for a new logo for their new release.

This would be a nice introduction to open source design work.

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We are looking for a new logo, which will be in line with the improved & more modern UI of our next major update. Designer & interested in helping our project? Check our call over at @opensrcdesign@twitter.com👇

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Libre Graphics Meeting 2020 is being held online.

You can see all the talks here: bit.ly/3caybOu

and watch the talks here:


Take part in Q&A using their IRC.

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Tickets to UPLIFT! are free, but if you donate to the event’s open collective when you register, Indeed’s Open Source Program Office will match your donation (up to a $5k max). We'll be announcing over $100k in donations to a total of 10 organizations. Hope to see you there!

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Y'all, I'm really excited about the UPLIFT! event we're doing with the FOSS Responders this Friday. I hope you'll join us in celebrating some of the open source projects and foundations that will be receiving donations from the @fossresponders@twitter.com


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Paid gig for an illustrator / artist contributing to an open source game opensourcedesign.net/jobs/jobs @LGMeeting@twitter.com @lgworld@twitter.com

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What's new in UXBOX? We have been working on these new features!

- System to group / ungroup elements
- Basic alignment
- Preview mode:
- New layout
- Sharing through link

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We just released version 0.92.5 (bugfix release) as well as version 1.0-rc1 (release candidate)!

We encourage everyone to try this newest version and report any problem 😍


Get 0.92.5 from inkscape.org/release/inkscape-

Get 1.0-rc1 from inkscape.org/release/inkscape-

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Are there UX design communities (maybe open source?) focusing on design public services?

Like designing blood donation service sign-ups?

Interesting thread below.

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@shoobe01@twitter.com Thanks for the prompt. I'm going to do a bit of research. @opensrcdesign@twitter.com do you know of any web communities that might be interested in this?

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Today we start UXBOX developer's diary! We are working hard to bring you the beta version ASAP and we'd like to share all the new features with you!

• New redesigned dashboard
• Improved libraries: palettes, icons
• New data storage scaffolding

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I made a mix-and-match illustration library of characters and objects! You can downloaded it for free at fresh-folk.com and upvote it on producthunt.com/posts/fresh-fo

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Just launched Open Peeps—a hand-drawn illustration library. I can't wait to see all the dope stuff you make with it!

You can mix
😊Face expressions
🧍🏽‍♀️Standing poses
🐒Sitting poses
🧔🏽Facial Hair.

Get it on @ProductHunt@twitter.com

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"FOSS dalam dunia pendidikan dan Lisensi Creative Commons dalam dunia professional" bersama @opensuseid@twitter.com dan @gimpscape@twitter.com

14 Maret 2020
09.00 WIB— 12.00 WIB
DILo Solo (goo.gl/maps/yvcygz4FZrhfhNGq8)

Ramaikan gaes!

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Open Source Design is the new kid in the block for designers. Thanks to @EriolDoesDesign@twitter.com for introducing me to it and it's amazing opportunities. Before the year is done, I must have given a talk on Open Source Design.
@figmadesign@twitter.com @opendesignis@twitter.com @opensrcdesign@twitter.com @zoink@twitter.com

*Mark it*

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