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The monthly community call is Wednesday the 5th of May at 18.00 GMT UK time and 19.00 CET EU time!

Here's the link to the jitsi video room we chat in:

Everyone is welcome! we welcome new folks to join and chat! : )


This week 12 awesome design students from got into contributing to open source projects – like, Kailona health and! πŸŽ‰

Hear about their experiences, communication and results πŸ’¬πŸŽ¨



Check out our short Penpot tutorials! πŸ“Ή

Learn the fundamentals to design and prototype with our free & open source platform.

Do you have suggestions for new videos? Let us know!

πŸ–₯ 🎨



Our emoji pack of 22 handcrafted emojis has landed!!πŸ™Œ Designed for & inspired by colorways, these are a TYπŸ™ esp to OSS devs. From β€œbusy coders” to β€œbugs” & β€œdatabases on fire”, we really hope you enjoy them!πŸ’œπŸ₯°


It's monthly community call week again!

Today! Wednesday the 7th of April at 18.00 GMT // 19.00 CET!

It's monthly community call week again!

This Wednesday at 18.00 GMT // 19.00 CET!

We'll talk FOSDEM 2021, FOSS Backstage and Mozfest!

There's also lots going on around our own jobs page:

No user experience design without doing research.

She classifies those in the FOSS world who say its not needed as follows:

Thanks for visiting our devroom

We hope to see you in person next year in Brussels.


I wrote an article about what I saw at this year. Hope you'll like and find interesting things πŸ˜€


et voila! One more open source design and prototyping tool. It's like Christmas in February! :)

RT You might also want to take a look at, the other open source prototyping tool.


RT bots? :)


Thank you for organising!


We would like to thank you all for attending, all the help from the many many volunteers and hope to see you (in person) again next year! Please help us improve by sending feedback to


Our Open Source Design devroom is over for another year.

We want to say a big thank you for everyone who made it a fantastic event.

Thank you to organisers and volunteers, you are magicians. You've made such a great community of people that you can be proud of.

Finally we have our pitch your project! In this session, FOSS projects as given time to present and ask for contributions to the designers in the room.

Watch here:

Chat here:

Thank you to for joining us at for taking us through the differences in understanding around the β€˜user’ from a cultural perspective through two very important papers and offering advice on how collaboration can be cultivated.

An example of a Design System
as a boundary object for collaboration from

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