the unicode consortium saw Angry Pile of Poo emoji and imagined a firestorm, a glorification of Organic Waste, a neverending slippery slope of PILE OF POO WITH LOOK OF TRIUMPH, PILE OF POO SCREAMING IN FEAR.
all i see is a pile of poo who needs to be understood.

Guaranteed minimum income needs to coexist with housing as a human right. Otherwise it’s just a subsidy for landlords.

Do you want dragons? Because this is how you get dragons.

if you let me in, i will cause a scene and you can slip out of work unnoticed

A mari usque ad mare, desiderantes meliorem patriam.

It's Resilience Day now, Kanatiens.

Stuff we all love:

✅ free shit
✅ learning about Indigenous history, politics, culture, art

U of Alberta's Faculty of Native Studies is offering a free MOOC on Indigenous Canada, comes highly recommended. Starts…NOW! 🐘

Got out of the car at 6:24pm, post-injection waiting period started at 6:36pm. Scooterbonk Arena clinic running like this until 9pm!

Annie Lennox of Eurythmics with a Tandy 200, and Dave Stewart laying with his head on her lap.

Bitey bug 

Made a new friend at the airfield today trying (successfully) to get in my pants. I'm gonna name him Tok.

I've landed at the Stratford Airport, and I'm calling back for a tow plane to come get me

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the city and the police are dismantling a homeless encampment in a major downtown park and my heart is breaking.

tents and mini-houses have popped up en masse in public space especially since the pandemic - city shelters were full to bursting already and not safe to stay in, they say the hotel rooms are unsafe too.

i'm worried because i think, minus a massive new wave of government investment in building new social housing, tents are the future of "affordable" housing in Toronto. 🐘

I replaced my EDC Naloxone kit today, since it got to the expiry date. Check your expiry dates, replacement kits are free!

All safely tucked in and reassembled back at home base now, got distracted for a while because someone called 911 for a plane "crash" and I got to meet all the paramedics in the land

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