BREAKING: Information Technology Industry Newsflash --

There are no more cowboy sysadmins.

There are only container rustlers.

Please now carry on about your day.

Wow! They're so eager for men's business that they're discounting men's razor blades way below the price of women's razor blades. So progressive!

The razor brand is part of a company worth $230 Billion. They have highly paid brilliant experts who studied what happened after the Nike ad with Colin Kaepernick.

Did the NFL let Kaepernick play again? Was racism fixed? No, the shoe company made an extra $6 Billion from that ad.

Capitalism is selling you what you already believe, and you're amplifying their brand instead of overthrowing them.

Please nobody fly in the US during the shutdown: "I've even had a couple of people say that they want to work for Lyft or Uber, in addition to working air traffic ... I would hate to be as fatigued as you would be if you were working both of those jobs."

Torontonians who need a laughcry, go look up Giorgio Mammoliti on LinkedIn to see what he's up to now.

This test toot has a length greater than 300 characters, because I am testing mastoderp integration. It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times, it was the age of whizzdumb, it was the age of derpyness, it was the mood of truthiness, it was the epoch of alternative facts, it was the season of low-fat, it was the season of sodium, it was the yolo of dope, it was the narf of yeet…

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A young Anishinaabe man from Manitoba is dubbing Sailor Moon, Spongebob, and other shows in Cree and Anishinaabemowin:

What a time to be alive

(Via Tanya Kappo:

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Bonus: We're now farther from the year 2000 than the year 2000 was from the launch of the Commodore 64.

Things I wish for in 2018:

* Google stops presenting Pinterest images as the first results for any image on the God Damn Internet.

Meritocracy: For the few, not the many.

Worker: $39,500
CEO: $819,000
Ratio: 1 to 20

Worker: $52,100
CEO: $15,175,000
Ratio: 1 to 295

@jakobpunkt so I went to a vip cinema last night for the first time in months and the seat was so awful and uncomfortable and it convinced me that I should let you know that I now agree with you but then during the closing credits my date pointed out the electric adjustment buttons and then it became super comfy so maybe I agree with you mostly but not fully

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