I am on a zoom with 17 people yelling at each other about the deeper meanings to the movie "Jupiter Ascending" and you wish you were here too.

It straight-up depresses me that RMS was basically right about Open Source's eventual role in the commercialized world. Contributions to the Linux kernel are now free labour for Google's Android product, for example.

RMS missed the mark by trying to invent a labour movement without involving any labour organizers in it, and by treating other people extremely badly. I sometimes wonder if a more grounded Free Software could have discouraged all this.

Every day for the past several weeks, this kid has spent hours in this park making friends in the hopes of adopting one as a pet.

Thank goodness most work is now getting done in text chats where the smart people aren't constantly interrupted by the loud people.

Let's never hand the world back over to the loudest people in the meeting.

"As it turns out, when crowds see police as unfair, unpredictable, and a threat, people no longer regard cops as legitimate authorities and are more likely to disobey."

Sometimes, a plausible justification appears for removing the mask

It is important that you change your password on livejournal today, as well as anywhere else you may have used the same password.

Yes, cyclists, the lane is yours if you want it. Please, please, do a shoulder check.

I rambled on a bit at the beginning of this meeting, thanks to the @matrix team for humouring me: youtu.be/O3YP1TU-L_8?t=75

Join host @SaraMojtehedz@twitter.com on May 19 as she follows a group of food couriers who are challenging the powerful business model of the gig economy — in a fight that could redefine the future of work. torstar.co/TYhV50zDg2Z

It's a lovely day in the industrial park, and these are adhorrible geese.

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