Just deleted my Quora account. I started getting emails from them based on Google searches I'd done, not cool man. Quora, in general, is a crappy website anyways.

"Maybe some form of the Raft consensus algorithm could be applied here as well"

Wat? I'm sorry author, I believe you are writing a blog post about something you're ignorant of. I think multi-solar-system communication is a cool topic too, but I would have appreciated a more researched blog post than such a naive one. Please try to do better in the future. (This probably sounds very sarcastic but I am trying to be positive, just not very good at it)


"but on the other, things like banking require strong and immediate consistency"

No, it doesn't. No bank has every been strongly consistent.

Is there a reasonable way to ignore boosts? 99% of the time what those I follow thing is worth boosting I'm uninterested in.

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@JordiGH do you have any numbers on how well hg does for repo performance? I'm doing a monorepo for my personal stuff on hg and it works fine, but I'm just one person so hardly evidence of anything other than justifying the workflow works better even for just-me scale. (I had microrepos before and even refactoring things for *just me* was really unpleasant).


Interesting topic but unfortunately the lobste.rs commentary is just people making statements back and forth. Is git performance bad? Who knows, no numbers presented! is multiple repos better for a small company with multiple services? Why? Why is implementing a bunch of tooling to do operations over multiple repos better than implementing tooling to work with a monorepo? Because I commented on the internet about it, that's why!

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The other day I wanted to share a video.

YouTube wanted me to login, give them my real name, provide an email address (wouldn't take a throwaway for an answer) and a phone number to text me (I don't have a phone).

I went to a #Peertube instance instead. They accepted my throwaway email address and my video. Didn't ask for personal information. And the upload and video playback worked great.

True story.

So, thank you @Chocobozzz and everyone else who worked on Peertube.

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Can we please stop paying attention to most of anything Uncle Bob says these days? The meaningfulness to crackpot ratio is pretty low.

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Thank you, #FreeBSD, for making it so easy to do simple tasks like setting a static IP.

Screw you, #Ubuntu #Linux.

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QMK firmware is fun but the Windows stuff is just not good.

FreeBSD for the win.

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@orbitz `hg help revsets` has some good examples at the bottom.

Interview question idea: give the candidate a bunch of type signatures an a problem and they have to implement the type signatures and solve the problem.

@JordiGH you have a good cheatsheet for revset querying?

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