I put off ordering circuit boards for a project for a couple of weeks for no good reason, but in the mean time I've thought of a good enhancement to add.

for the win.

Someone used the words "skulls of aliens" in a comment and I now have an earworm on repeat of David Bowie's "Young Americans" with those alternate words in the chorus.

You're welcome.

Poetry publication shares a poem with two spelling mistakes.

I consider – did the poet do it on purpose for an alternate meaning? Can't see any point that could be made with the errors.

Do I flag them in a reply tweet? I don't like pedantic tweets and don't care about typos in tweets and do my own often. But a published poem? Where every word was supposedly weighed and considered?

As a once publisher of poems, I couldn't let it pass, so flagged two errors. Pillory me if they must.

I'm getting another cup of tea, anyone else want some?

Duolingo seems pretty good. Thankfully it started me a little ways beyond beginner, though the first level has been a bit ridiculously easy.

It assumed I knew hiragana characters (which I do) so that was nice.

It has been drilling me on katakana, though I'm pretty solid there too - have appreciated the review though.

Now I'm picking up some kanji too!

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Thought I'd put a little effort into resurrecting my rudimentary Japanese since spare time is plentiful.

I've learned it three times, ea time starting almost from scratch.

The only bit I always retain is ordering sushi.😀

On the third time, I put a good effort into reading the characters - but have never made progress with the Kanji characters (Japanese has 3 char sets, Kanji being the chinese-like ones).

Signed up with DuoLingo, and I have to say it's pretty good as I approach my first week.

Success! I can't believe it all worked and we Earthlings have a new rover on Mars - plus its flying little buddy.

Okay - tuning in to landing. Hope it survives the elaborate entry, descent and landing scheme. That sky-crane thing is pretty complex. If something is going to fail, it will probably be that.

Attempted a sunny walk at lunch time. Of course the sun went away just as I stepped out. I'm sure it'll be back shortly, now that I'm inside.

Have been waiting for today's landing of the rover for YEARS.

Feels like things are conspiring against me to ruin this day, but I don't want to miss this.

Hey, some days a bad person goes away. That's probably a good thing.

Big snow day here in South Ontario. Then again, ain't nobody needs to go nowhere, so what evs.

That done, cracking open some Prosecco and a paté, then we'll bake a Camembert with herbs. Cin cin folks.

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Baked a bunch of sausage buns, and a couple of baguettes for supper.

Frigid cold, but pleasant in a warm car for breakfast along the Ottawa River.

Stark snow and distant open water on the rapids.

Revision 2 of the dummy wire up.

It's much better. No trouble at all to thread the 24 gauge wire thru the channels. Actually kind of fun. :)

Tidying step-by-step up pics and then will publish on shortly.

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Here's a pic of the first print attempt, wired up.

Works okay, but hopefully v2 will be easier to handle.

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Some coin-cell applications use connections to opposite faces of the cell, others use connections to the positive face, and the edge for negative.

Hopefully this convoluted design will accommodate both applications.

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A peek inside the dummy coin cell (2032). The 24 AWG wire threading is a bit tedious, but I was able to wire a first prototype in a few minutes.

A new version printing now will be a bit easier with more flared access holes.

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One thing this will let me do is alter a coin-cell-powered device to use a couple of AA batteries.

The result is 100x battery life in a situation where a coin cell is lasting only a short time (ie outdoors right now where it's very cold).

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