Client-server architecture stuff is in process. Spent the morning crafting the concatenation of an HTTP msg. This afternoon, the server-side parsing and actions underway.

Spending an hour or so trying to digitally sign an app so I don't have to waste 1sec (over and over) clicking "allow" when doing /#Django stuff.

Not sure the effort is worth it but… no it's worth it for the annoyance factor.

Yesterday was productive, if tedious. Thought I needed to update a few obsolete lines of code and ended up reworking the entire architecture. But at least I got it working by the end of the day.

I wonder how many times I've coded up something to parse through a block of characters looking for an HTTP return code.

I seem to be doing it again.

moon lander - should be a couple of interesting months ahead.

Anyway - that solved, went on to make some bread today.

with millet and oats.

Have been using it for many years, and one of these things with un-helpful error msgs rears its ugly head rarely, but maybe every year or two.

The delete-and-start-over solution saves many hours of unresolvable debugging, as unsatisfying as that is.

Strange IDE fail.

Updating some old code - just copied and edited one line, then kept getting an 'unknown type' error for a time_t declaration, even when I put earlier time_t declares before it.
Erased change - still fails. Replaced failing line (thinking weird hidden chars) - still same.
Finally deleted the whole sketch and replaced w same thing (old vers with one line chg'd) and works without errors raised.

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Saturday evening here in my world. Have just been out for supper, my city is a frozen iceberg only semi-cleared of snow, but I'm back inside where it's warm and there are cats.

Hey there thinly-populated social network. How's everyone doing?

Got curious and checked - looks like… actual 12.5 yrs old.

Okay not as old as I thought, still elderly in computer years.

Spent the week migrating some home monitoring software from Mac Mini to a .

Had to jump about six revisions of in the process, and a few expired/tired other APIs, but it seems to be working.

The almost 20yr old is impressive in its resilience and longevity.

We survived the big snow storm. Buried, dug out, and then briefly barricaded from our house by the plow's ridge, but dug that out late last night when trying to get back into the driveway.

Now nice and sunny.

Bit of left over pastry, into toaster oven with done apple and jam.

*Looks at random video off social media*

*Jaw drops in shock that the entire surface of the earth is not a frozen wasteland like it is here.*

Ow - cheek muscles are not able to pull that off.

Okay that went by too fast. Let's try 5min.

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