Biggest challenges currently are when and where to have coffee, and how many km we can reasonably put on our legs.

Paris: stop fucking smoking!
You don't realize that the only reason you all sit around smoking fricken Marlboros is 'cuz your grandfathers/mothers who were starving and brutalized from Nazi occupation & WWII elevated American GIs and their swagger in the late war/ post war period? Who else still smokes , consuming the Marlboro mystique? Oh, hey - Japan!? What a coincidence.
Jeez, move on already - they elected Donald effing Trump as their leader.

Sitting around, nursing a beer while I wait for my SO to arrive on a train from Geneva. Oh, did I mention I'm in effing PARIS?

Okay, let's do some airplane stuff. Getting up close and personal with a bunch of other humans crammed into a tube.

I haven't seen Game of Thrones. To be honest, I'm not intrigued, even though I'm a fan of medieval history, fantasy/SF. Looks uninteresting.

A little surprised that I managed to get all four items I wanted at the hardware store. Sometimes I end up with none.

Need some hardware items. Some glue sticks, some black spray paint. Sounds like a good excuse for a walk.

Feel like a nap post-lunch, but have to take some time to do some spring yard work.

Almost free of Webfaction (they were merged into GoDaddy !). Cleaning up my migration away today, the clicking the big ol' delete account button.

Made up for a marginal supper last night while out of town, by going to a local spot with a 22-item craft-beer draft list. That along with some very inventive food items capped off the weekend nicely.

e.g. ostrich tartare with potato-algae crackers. Yeah, you know you want to try it.

Then again, the restaurant had a "Trip advisor award of excellence" so it may be a pointless place to record the results.

Caveat - had a terrible 'Greek' meal. Perhaps the first bad meal we've had in Montreal over decades.

Off to TripAdvisor to ensure it's recorded for posterity.

Back from an overnight in Montreal. Conveniently less than a tank of gas from us here in Ottawa. Nice-ish weather and an enjoyable walk and snack.

Snoozy time. Getting some sleep, then off for a weekend in Montreal.

Tedious day - must be due for a tea and cookie break by now.

Should probably thaw something cookable for supper too.

It's one of those chain-of-events tales:

I would be happy leaving this script in 2.6, but one of its tasks was calling to minify a bunch of JS and CSS.

Turns out the new host doesn't support Java (!), so I needed an alternative.
Found a Python-based alternative - Yay - I can import & call directly in Python script…
Bad news - it only runs (properly) in Py3.
Okay - porting.

Porting one of my older deploy scripts from Python 2.6 to 3.7.
Tedious, but should be rewarding once I'm done.

Coffee shop-based deploy-script wrangling. Trying to understand what I did 4yrs ago. Looks pretty fancy.

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