My existing (COTS) system is getting a bit old, and I would like more modern self-monitoring features.

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If nothing arises in the next few years, I can imagine embarking on something, as I've sourced, installed and maintained a commercial system for my home in the past, making me somewhat opinionated on the features and approach.

For now though, I wouldn't be able to commit the necessary time. I should search a bit tho.

Lemme know if you've seen one, mastoFolks.

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I did a bit of a thorough search a couple of years ago – so I'm probably due again – but I was surprised that there wasn't an open-source home alarm system project based on , nor out there.

Hot day - think I'll do some cleaning up in the basement, where it's nice and cool. :)

I managed to grow some kamut grain from seed. Yay.
I only have a dozen or so, in a planter, so maybe enough to make a single muffin.

Just modelled my switches, and realized I want them on the back of my board where the bulkier parts are. Glad I checked that out.

The thru-hole one is easy to flip over and push thru the same holes, but the SMT one needs to flip the pads over to the other side.

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Maybe a bit more time in 3D modelling the mechanicals to ensure they make sense before I pull the trigger.

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And added an extra superfluous mounting hole.

Maybe some silkscreen cuteness?

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I did add a second switch footprint, so I can go thru-hole or SMT and get some flexibility on that front.

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I'm at that point in a board design where the layout is stable, and the errors are cleared, and I just have to generate files and send to fab.

But I know there is likely a (minor?) mistake or two in there, plus a few opportunities for features and if I can take care of them now, it'll be a benefit in a few weeks. But I really want to throw it over the fence to fab.

Happy Canada Day to Canadians, in documentation and spirit, around the world.

I've always fought an annoying thing in where DRC complained of errors that didn't violate any rules, and searches on the web never turned up answers.

Tried again to search today and found the hidden 'net classes' area which solved that problem.

That's pretty shoddy UI, to report errors, point to a DRC rule, but not indicate that there are rules elsewhere which you're also enforcing.

It would take one little phrase "see net-class rules also" on the DRC dialog.


Meat on the bbq 

The chicken last night was a delight. Chicken and pork are both winners as leftovers too, so that's tonight sorted.

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Spatchcocked a chicken, and put it on the grill over a thick layer of tarragon from the garden.

Some of the latter burns and smokes, but most of the rest gets coated in rendered fat and goes crispy and lends much flavour.

The colour comes out quite rich as well. A fave supper, this.

I seem to have turned my Sunday into a normal workday today.

A circuit-board layout has been on my mind, and the easiest way to exercise it is to just put a few hours in on getting it done.

Bubbling up a pot of steel-cut oats, looking across the yard in all its greenery. Lots of things I should do, but kind of wrenched my back on Thursday changing tires, and it didn't like my gardening work yesterday, so will try to avoid much effort today.

A basement light switch is acting up, so I should address that was my chore du jour.

My herbed up focaccia from last night. Of course I'd say so, so I'm an non-impartial narrator, but it was so very tasty.

Weird, when I see this pic in my peripheral vision, it makes me think of bambi.

Maybe I should call them bambi buns. ;)

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