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hey !
my lil blogsite i been working on every now and then is pretty much finished. it'll be mostly about cycling and coding.
might i recommend aficionados to read the article of our 2017 tour along the Schwarzenberg Canal in the AT/CZ/DE triangle:

now if there is one thing to learn from the meme frenzy it's that a majority has a hard time scaling things coherently. 🤨

on rainy weekends i like to try out new stuff. today it's this great recipe and ingredients for !

the downside of following up real world railway signalling with your kids is that they don't accept simple off-the-shelf options for their wooden toy trains anymore.
had to promise i'd have that soldered by tomorrow.

so a friend got me this base from . usually i can interpret arabic numbers to prepare it but not on this one. someone able to translate this from here? please share if you know s/o. cheers!

ok, once this is over, let's all agree to stop ordering our bats medium rare - ok?

as of yesterday, has a negative case balance: more people recover from it than there are new infections. fingers crossed this trend continues.

found out that i immediately like people using

now a week in working from home, still loving it. kids quickly got used to the new situation and rarely inavde my improvised office.

so our sysadmins silently added to our inhouse installation and i just found out now about this great video conference tool.

recommends ppl do now in the wake of the current situation.
a dream come true, tomorrow i'll be testing working from my impro office desk in the sleeping room. :D

one of the greatest just around the corner: well hidden on the backside of a storage building the artist turned this wall into a

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