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hey !
my lil blogsite i been working on every now and then is pretty much finished. it'll be mostly about cycling and coding.
might i recommend aficionados to read the article of our 2017 tour along the Schwarzenberg Canal in the AT/CZ/DE triangle:

one small step for man, one giant leap for tinfoil hattery. happy 50th nevertheless, apollo 11!

yea, another trip tomorrow. if it wasn't for shitty connections AGAIN. unfortunalely, fails to see the pros of branch lines.

hat die gute annegret eigentlich jemals ein fettnäpfchen ausgelassen? 😎

ah yes, my box - thanks. will start difeloping right now.

oh man, that integration for is just what we needed for distributed 😍

meanwhile in : right-wing interior minister shows up in a completely made up uniform at a press conference.

broke the glass of my €299 cooktop. now just found out that the spare part would cost €330 - stuff is so not intended to be repaired 🤬

: a ton of community packages recently went to the - a lack of maintainers? now i have to build my by hand every time. 🤨

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