ottona boosted Germany rolls out the ‘Willkommen’ carpet to Russian tourists in slap to face of Ukrainians. German leader Scholz does not support the ban on issuing tourist visas for Russians, and welcomes them. “What is important for us is that we understand that many people are fleeing Russia because they don't agree with the Russian regime," he said after a meeting in Oslo on Monday forgetting that Russians overwhelmingly support their war #Ukraine #News #War #Russia.

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Fairphone 4 Ubuntu Touch

We are pleased to announce that an Ubuntu Touch port for the Fairphone 4 is now available on the UBports installer. We are very excited about this latest port, not only is the Fairphone 4 a great phone but this is the first Android 11 based port for Ubuntu Touch.

To find out what all the fuss is about download the latest version of the installer and see for yourself.

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The barrage of China's conventional ballistic missiles around Taiwan on August 04.


hey , remember the last flash in the pan when dat elon guy threatened to take over ?
now look at all those plains of abandoned profiles.

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mondays. shattered my trusty . phone still runs, display has the obvious plus the metal frame is bent.
while i can easily get a new screen, is there a reason you don't sell the metal frame, @Fairphone ? hope not just ?

unbearable thread of how the disgusting russian orcs might have used a thermobaric weapon to burn POWs alive at

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After almost two months of work since the last version we have finally released one of the biggest releases of #Gadgetbridge of all time!
Multiple connected devices at the same time...🚀 Mi Band 5 GPS workout support...🏃‍♂️ Fossil app manager improvements and workout support...⌚, Support for device folders...📂 , Bangle webview app loader...🌐 and there is much more, the changelog is huge... read the blog post and the full list of changes here:

Many thanks to all supporters!

's chief engineer carruth explains that the days of c++ are numbered because "The language’s evolution is also stymied by a bureaucratic committee process, oriented around standardization rather than design."

besides this being one of the reasons the language is still going strong, it also prevents big corporations like yours to have too much say on where the ship's sailing. dat arrogance is fierce.

new battery in, latest cfw, a 128gb sd card and a metric ton of old classics. ❤️

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