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i'm going to translate a book and post it toot by toot and none of you can stop me. only i can stop me

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This is Suljetuilla Porteilla (At the Barred Gates). Published in 1938, it is the final work Volter Kilpi finished. It's full of a lot and defies description. Very passionate and vigorous, sometimes the prose veers deeper into poetry, other times more into a breathless stream-of-consciousness diatribe.

I love it a lot and want everyone to read it. It really deserves a better translation than what I could ever do, but oh well. somebody has to, and no one else will.

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the big bad level 15 fighter critically failed and dropped his legendary +3 battleaxe. now our brave level 5 barbarian (who failed in being sneaky by himself) is smacking the fighter with it

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"i don't know we just work here" -dm, voice acting the goblins our barbarian is trying to deceive info out of

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going to bake some stuff for tonight's d&d session. or if it turns out to be a disaster just for myself

hmm that first part was 9 sparse pages in 18 toots so at 135 pages the whole book's going to take a good 300 toots or so. with my work ethic i estimate to be done with it in 2021

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