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n-gage with your favorite brands

the great board stall of 2017, broken by give creature +1/+1 flyinghttps://mastodon.social/media/lDCby7mA2JwsGMeSDtY mastodon.social/media/bDgy0bCE mastodon.social/media/4LREZxoK mastodon.social/media/WsZmLfyV

"it's variance!" "this sometimes happens!" i cry as the wizard i angered makes my next draw a land card for the 9th time in a row

made this handy flowchart for all of you game devs working on platformers. this is how all of the classic platformers function mastodon.social/media/Px_nr0KF

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if you're wondering why the submarine has what looks to be an exhaust pipe you're asking too many questions and the mastodon secret service will be contacting you shortly

@pan sounds rough. i hope you don't have to use it too often

@pan our AI behaviour wasn't advanced enough to do that back then

one time i was at a friend's house and we were in the kitchen sitting when suddenly we heard the outside door make noise. we checked and found it open and went "must've left it open" "it's the wind", closed it, and moved back to sit at the kitchen table.

ever since i've been more appreciative of video game guard behaviour. a sneaky sneakman could've got into the house and we'd have been none the wiser

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one day i'll make a breakthrough with a toot that gets boosted to escape velocity and all the space aliens will get to enjoy it

boosting my own toot which i am excessively proud of