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"Elon Musk: I'm putting people on Mars!

Developers: Fantastic, more timezones to support."

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One of my favorite podcasts released this week an interview with @Gargron . Nice overview of Mastodon's technology, and informs the goals he has for the platform and its users.

香港其實本身就相對地少一 d 比較創新既 ideas 仲要係 female founder, 而選擇 target 返本地既就少之又少。所以好開心可以同中醫師 Cinci 合作整一隻中醫 app 令 CheckCheckCin 轉型可以更加全面! 😍

AI 5年前 VS 5年後。隨著AI程式庫的門檻降低,我們見證著有關 ML / AI 查詢倍數增長! stay tuned for english version!

Meet our team in Taipei (and happy birthday to our 1st employee in Taiwan!)

Who else is doing this when hanging out with friends? (and other things...)

Life is too short to not be able to work flexible hours from anywhere you want. Work with us: Calling for ! :blobaww:

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