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Uh, @googledrive@twitter.com, are you doing okay? This file literally contains a single line with the number "1".

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找到个 Vite+TypeScript+Svelte+Tailwind 的 starter,待会试试把 src 丢进去

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一个 node 项目的前端和后端是分开放两个 repo 里好还是放一个 repo 里的不同目录比较好,还是把代码合并到一个程序里
前端打包后都是静态文件,没 SSR

😨是不是应该用 router 把这些软件访问局域网的请求都给 REJECT 掉

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日常拿 Object 当哈希表,结果没有正常运行,debug 发现原因是有条数据的键名是 "constructor" 😇

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MIUI 13, the latest version of Xiaomi's Android fork, added an "anti-fraud" app developed in collab with a Chinese gov agency. According to users on Weibo, this service seems to block some popular mods like GCam ports and YouTube Vanced, presumably using a package name blacklist.

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