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time! I'm Oskar, and I spend most of my time online talking and writing about , including but not limited to and , , , , , and . I have a blog at and I produce screencasts at when there's time.

I also do , mostly acoustic nowadays, and only spare time.

See you around!

To expand a bit, currently we're all in EU timezones and prefer to keep it that way. But a larger TZ diff is not necessarily a showstopper.

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We're looking for a frontend developer for our team at [large unnamed furnishing company]. Emphasis on CSS and JS skills.

We build real-time data tools and custom visualizations. Many users, small team, all remote. DM me if you're interested!

To expand a bit, these are like basic constraints, "UX guidelines" even, and could apply to multiple unrelated systems. The idea is to catch some bugs with very little effort.

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Looking for a term for specs that are "not complete" or not-so-detailed, that just describe a specific aspect of a system. I've been using "weak" but I'm not sure if it's clashing or just confusing.

Example weak spec from Quickstrom: there's at most one modal dialog at any time

I'll give the talk "Quickstrom: Specifying and Testing Web Applications" at Code Mesh on Thursday.

And I'm very honored to join the amazing line-up of speakers this year!

I'll give the talk "Quickstrom: Specifying and Testing Web Applications" at Code Mesh on Thursday.

And I'm very honored to join the amazing line-up of speakers this year!

"Modern" web development today, using React and React Router, apparently includes reimplementing browsers' scroll behavior on page navigation. Or am I missing something?

Maybe I'm getting old and grumpy, but I find it really hard to view this as progress from the jQuery days.

Seasonal update: I still exist, just not that active online right now. Just moved out to a wonderful forest area and I'm almost in tears from living in this nature dream world. Computers can wait!

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🎙️ Talking about Quickstrom in the Swedish podcast "Kodsnack":

Quickstrom has stolen UNCHANGED from TLA+!

It's a regular function in the project-specific prelude, which was made possible by the new lazy evaluator. Let's see how far I can get abusing PureScript like this.

Anyone proficient in F* (or formal verification in general) that would like to lend me some expertise?

I've been dabbling in F* with proving properties of a linear temporal logic on finite traces. Would love some expert feedback before writing a blog post!

Switching Quickstrom's spec language evaluation to lazy, and eagerly awaiting the control flow festival. I don't know why one would `unfold` with `next`, but I'm sure it'll happen eventually.

Not trying to shame any maintainers, just to be clear! I'm curious and eager to get some feedback on the Quickstrom results.

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Is TodoMVC still alive? Are the SPA framework wars over? Seems like there's not a lot of activity in the code or the bug tracker.

I admit, I had hoped for some response on the problems that Quickstrom found. Like, some interest in fixing potential bugs.

Swing by the channel on the FP Slack ( if you want to discuss or ask questions.

I might set up some other forum later, like a Discourse or something. Or maybe if GitHub opens up their Discussions thing soon.

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