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time! I'm Oskar, and I spend most of my time online talking and writing about , including but not limited to and , , , , , and . I have a blog at and I produce screencasts at when there's time.

I also do , mostly acoustic nowadays, and only spare time.

See you around!

New, very small office is coming together. The size is compensated for by it being a separate building. Enough combining energetic kids and working from home.

Obviously I'd have to give up Signal, but sms and calls would be fine.

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I've been looking for a feature phone, not to fully replace a smartphone but maybe 80% of the time. Anyone tried the Nokia 225? With 4G and bluetooth it seems capable enough.

Just switched from RLS to rust-analyzer. Didn't know the former was deprecated. That was a good move!

Also tried the IntelliJ plugin. Really nice editing tooling but error reporting was not great.

Being able to bundle JSON and image files in an archive would remove the risk of partial uploads and file name mismatch, but I'm not sure about archive unpacking in the browser?

Other ideas?

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I looked at BSON a bit, which can be used from the browser. Images could be represented as Binary fields. Inspectability would suffer somewhat, having to use `bsondump` or something.

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So far I've tried JSON with b64-encoded images, which works OK and is easy to consume, but clumsy to inspect and rather slow in the browser (I haven't done proper measuring, just feels).

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I need to serialize structured data along with a bunch of images. A web app (SPA probably) should then open such serialized files to display the data and images.
The data and images could be split up, but then there's a bunch of inconsistency issues that can occur.

I'm on the bandwagon here, perhaps late, and prototyping in Rust. We'll see where it goes...

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Prototyping a new approach to the Quickstrom executor, now using the Chrome Debugger Protocol instead of Selenium/WebDriver. Very promising initial results!

Would be a relief to not use the Selenium Python package, but the main reason is to get some control of execution.

OK, whatever, here's a comment.

This feels like a WWI machine. Extremely simple and brute force.

It gets stuck on stumps though, so I'm paying for my sins of sloppy clearing last year. And the blackberry vines tangle up and make life difficult.

Other than that it's nice.

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Friends... How do you deal with (get rid of?) the endless agony of cookie, privacy, or whatever consent forms and modals on every fucking website on the internet? I'm not sure I can take it anymore.

Today is a good day. These ladies are staying with us over the summer to chew on the blackberries, but more importantly, just hang out.

Yet another garden project started. It would be great to also finish some ongoing ones.

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