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time! I'm Oskar, and I spend most of my time online talking and writing about , including but not limited to and , , , , , and . I have a blog at and I produce screencasts at when there's time.

I also do , mostly acoustic nowadays, and only spare time.

See you around!

Nix, Cachix and GitHub Actions. I just switched to this setup and it's looking very good.

Thanks !

I'm using to test some utilities built by the Swedish tax agency. Tax calculators and such.

I do wonder why they are loading shaders...

I guess it's a matter of familiarity, but the 2-column layout of most CS papers drives me crazy. It's like my brain is unable to focus on such texts. That other column is always distracting my eyes. The PDF medium in itself is problematic, but it's the layout that gets me.

Jumped on the bandwagon and made a custom profile page. Simple and nice feature!

People interested in WebCheck! What kind of systems would you like to test with it? I'd be very grateful for some examples that I can write small versions of. Thx!

In WebCheck's case, it's to verify that DOM queries do not depend on the results of other DOM queries. You may branch on the results of queries, but the queries themselves need to be statically known.

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They could very well be represented explicitly, as WebCheck uses and extended PureScript language, but I don't want to add the extra noise for users. It's only used for a single construct.

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Turns out WebCheck needs selective applicative functors. But they'll be built in and checked in a static analysis pass, rather than explicitly represented. Any other examples of DSLs or similar where they show up that I can borrow inspiration and wisdom from? cc

Our lovely baby is of course the best companion. 😍 Weirdly enough, he keeps me more focused overall. 🤔

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GHC was a good companion before. Now, with a 3 month old baby grabbing my attention every 10 seconds, it is essential.

Is there a VSCode extension that restores Emacs keybindings in the integrated terminal? C-p, C-e, C-k, etc. I know I can mess with `commandsToSkipShell` but I was thinking maybe someone had bundled that up as an extension?

The TodoMVC showdown featuring is soon landing on the blog. Very much looking forward to share my results. Teaser: I've found both state management bugs and race conditions.

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WebCheck might need a name change. Sigh, this always happens...

Unique, descriptive, memorable. Pick two?

Maybe you could hit all three. Ideas?

The TodoMVC specification party with continues. It's not looking good for the Vanilla JS or DUEL implementations this time.

Summer office decorations! I think this is hops?

My dream goal for that it becomes "the for webapps"

Really looking forward to building in nemeses, such as intercepting requests, slowing them down or cutting the connection, messing about with clearing the browser-stored state, cookies, etc.

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