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Le bon côté, comme souvent, c'est une syntaxe sympa, un gros écosystème de libs, et le dev. plus rapide... Bref, on échange la rapidité pour la robustesse (même s'il est possible d'écrire du Ruby robuste).

C'est un peu agaçant de refaire du Ruby pour plus qu'un petit script, parce que le seul moment où j'ai des erreurs c'est le runtime : pas de compilateur pour te dire "oula, mais c'est le bon type ça, enfin", ou "tsk tsk t'as fait une typo, c'est pas une méthode qui existe ça"... Juste un crash importun.

Je suis plutôt très content d'utiliser des trucs un peu plus robustes le reste du temps. 😌

Twitter's decentralization play 

Twitter just invented the fediverse "Twitter is funding a small independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers, and designers to develop an open and decentralized standard for social media. The goal is for Twitter to ultimately be a client of this standard. "

spam recrutements 🇫🇷 

My cat is snoring through my sprint meeting call... I wish I were my cat.

i get blocked by entire companies and conferences while people, who are in my opinion awful, get huge and growing influence. it's fascinating. in this political landscape, love to be hated, honestly.

pol, existential threat, rambling thread 

Alors ça, c’est un putain de gros mensonge (ou Qwant serait dans l’illégalité la plus totale…)

Rust for everything in the system is seriously going to be great…

Going to love having package-unmanageable gigantic blobs.

Voice coding apps are going to be such a pain for the music industry, once we work out how to vocode (dead) singers. 😏

A doubt I have with is sustained by the many people who write about how great it's going to be when new-feature is there ; sometimes this reminds me of C++.

me when I'm on dialup: Wow, I'd forgotten how quiet and mindful this is, every action considered before and appreciated after, like it's a tea ceremony or something. I should do this more often

me the other 363 days of the year: never wanna be on dialup again, why do I pay $20/month for that account?

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