BitBucket is dropping Mercurial support. Here is a script which will migrate your repos to Sourcehut:

Most common thing I say when coding #Rust:

"Oh, look! It worked!"

Le chien s'est endormi sous le bureau, la tête sur un de mes pieds...

Je sens bouger ses mâchoires, dans son rêve ; et j'ai peur pour mes orteils. 😂

"The entropy of Bluetooth session keys is negotiated in an unauthenticated protocol between the participants. The attacker can manipulate this to the lowest entropy allowed, 1 byte. The resulting session key can then easily be brute forced."

#security #bluetooth #infosec

I've been using a "4G router" for two weeks now, the pain is real.

Tails, a live operating system relying on Tor that helps you to use the internet anonymously and circumvent censorship almost anywhere you go and on any computer, turns 10 today.

Happy birthday, Tails 🎂…/tor-…/2

Do you use multiple workstations / laptops? Do you want some stuff synced between those devices?

I use syncthing for that. It is peer-to-peer, no 3rd parties involved. It is secure. it is fast. It is reliable.

Got laptops / workstations not always online all at the same time? Install syncthing in a VM or server.



"Today, after 4 years and 5 months of work, we are pleased to announce the release of the Xfce desktop 4.14, a new stable version that supersedes Xfce 4.12."

Oh, geeze, I haven't given you my sshd port take yet.

If you run sshd on port 22, you don't hate your users, you hate the planet. Failed login attempts, even with password auth disabled, still burn CPU crunching hashes, wasting precious electrons. The dinosaurs did not die for your laziness!

Every day is a new day to discover a new fucking privacy-washing organization.

Today, let's meet the "Futur of Privacy Forum", funded by :
- Facebook
- Google
- Microsoft
- Amazon
- Adobe
- Palantir
- Uber
- Verizon
- 23andMe
- Criteo

I don't know if I have to laugh, cry, or throw up!...

Thanks @aral for this discovery

Some people can't plan their shit.

Construction worker: “hey, you're going out? I'll need 4 bags of white cement”
Me: “oh yeah sure, when for?”
Construction worker: “well huh... today, like now would be good.”


Le chien est enfermé dehors, le chat est enfermé à l'intérieur.

I thought that I was on the "I know how to install WordPress" team, but people have moved me to the "God Level WordPress Developer" team, during the night. Please, kill me.

Habiter à la campagne c'est chouette. Vraiment trop la flemme d'aller en ville, 30 minutes de caisse, pouah!

scratchy lets you quickly bootstrap a Linux distro in a (non-Docker) container and interactively execute something in it:

Currently supports bootstrapping Arch, but it's super easy to add more scripts for other distros! Contributions always welcome!

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