so on the eve of the #tumblr shutdown, Tumblr IP-blocked the Internet Archive.

Just to be EXTRA dicks.

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Dystopian Swedish Countryside by Simon Stålenhag

Le discours d'Emmanuel Macron du 10 décembre mis en image par les Gilets Jaunes.

Une vidéo reprise de Cerveaux non disponibles

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Sortir de la maison avec 10% de batterie et se sentir libéré quand le mouchard GSM s'éteint. ✅

Fantastic to see (the French Secretary of State for Digital) pitching the importance of FOSS, decentralisation & data sovereignty at - and announcing the full production launch of Tchap (France's Matrix client) throughout the government!

J'ai oublié le black friday, le cyber monday, et (le petit dernier) le giving tuesday... Mais ce matin, j'ai renouvelé quelques dons via @Liberapay pour @Gargron et @joeyh

Merci pour votre travail. 🙏 😋

Thanks for your work. 😉

Je ne comprends rien aux histoires de gilets jaunes. Au départ, on nous parlait des tarifs & taxes sur l'essence/diesel, maintenant ce serait juste des gens qui galèrent et qui ne savent pas trop quoi faire... Les médias français sont toujours aussi tristes 💔

Hm... so I have a struct, and I want it converted to a multipart form. What package do I need?

... or should I write my own? 😲

There is a nice acronym I discovered recently ; HENRY: High Earning, Not Rich Yet.

That's how you call the cows that can rent your apartment, or coliving space, but can't buy a house.

Most people in the “new” coliving business often talk about the low income of millennials (another word for people), and how it's an opportunity to reinvent how we live and rent, because who wants to own a house, really. What would they do with a house, pffft!?

Let's not question low incomes. EVER.

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