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L'authentification MFA de Gandi vient de me refuser un token qui expirait avec une belle erreur... mais un petit rafraîchissement de la page et hop, connecté.

2°C during the night⛄, 22°C in the day... 🕶️

Dear climate, please chose. I don't know how to dress. 😅

There... tooting from , like the old irc nerd I am. 🤓

An old Debian server exploded when I tried to upgrade it (from wheezy!). It was a legacy company server managed by hand from another age where sysadmins directly ssh-ed into servers for maintenance... 🦕

It took 10' to setup a replacement VM with ansible, and then 2 hours to migrate data. Damn you data! 😤

I changed how I support Mastodon... Good-bye Patreon, and hello @Liberapay

If I used Mastodon more, I'd probably give more... or maybe I could help with some code too. All in all, Liberapay looks like a nicer initiative, and they also use Mastodon. 🙂

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I kinda liked bulma.io before to avoid writing some CSS. It was minimal, and seemed pretty decent, then stuff like this appeared:

<section class="section">


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v0.15.10 and v0.16.6-unstable is out! It includes a new way to send encrypted messages, so ask your friends to update! It also includes updated translations, bug fixes and fallback to ROM's emojis if you don't like Android's O ones. Get it now on F-Droid or Play Store!

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http://qttr.at/20h9 #Catalunya Téléphone d'un haut-responsable saisis, avec conversations gouvernementales sur #Signal lu par #GuardiaCivil.
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hey what do you call a shrimps block list? a krillfile

has the best light (and tons of churches if that's your thing).


"I turned my Furby into an Amazon Echo using a Raspberry Pi Zero and Alexa Voice Service! I give you: Furlexa." Show more

Setup an Vault to share that Ansible repository with co-workers (future ex-co-workers in fact)...

Now I want to go encrypt all the things. 🤓

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#lobsters Show more

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Do you know any one/place who maintains a list of accessible, active, working public bittorrent trackers?

#AskingForaFriend #SharingIsCaring #BittorrentWillSurviveTheWeb

Des flics essaient d'emmèner des pots de fleurs et plantes qui décorent devant un bâtiment voisin depuis des années parce que bon ça gène (ou pas), vous comprenez ?

Et vive le béton !

Switched from pathogen to vim-plug today. Cleaned up 10+ years of accumulated cruft too.

's startup time improved a lot. 😊