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Don't just deactivate Facebook, click here to see how to delete it


La semaine prochaine est fériée au Mexique. Les écoles ferment... Tout le monde est déjà dans la rue en train de faire la fête. Aller hop AFK. :)

Nice coverage of the Cambridge Analytica / Facebook fuck-up theguardian.com/news/2018/mar/ ... It's nice to have another excuse for not having a FB account "because they leak away data to Russian psyops". 🤣

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why do i always have to get some new thing. like a slack. or a discord. or something. its always a new thing. 5 years ago it was a whats app. i was like. whats app. whats app app. how do i app. what is app???? what the fuck is app

Un des pires aspects du , c'est de lire la notification officielle de disparition d'un-e ami-e. Statistiquement, ça arrive au moins une fois dans ta vie. 📈

*Pouf* machin n'existe plus. Qu'est-ce qui lui est arrivé, est-ce qu'on la tué-e, violé-e, decoupé-e en morceaux?

Tu ne le sauras jamais. Juste un grand vide.

Coucou du samedi soir, avec un grand vide de plus. 🕳

Le 🐶 sadique des beaux-parents qui gratte à la porte à 6h30, un samedi. 😪

TIL a is a speech impediment. Silly me only knew the programming language.


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Pareil avec les utilisateurs qui t'envoient des captures d'écran en .docx 🔫😎


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I've recently been pointed to this website as a potential source of reading material. Sharing the 📚


Il pleut (des cordes) et je n'ai pas de ☔ pour rentrer.

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Computer programming:

1%: I have melded with the machine and we are as one with one singular purpose.

99%: It's a wonder I can even move the mouse without the computer telling me to fuck off.

L'ennui quand on travaille avec des français avec 7h de décallage, c'est que presque tous les jours commencent par des réunions.

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The 4-5 hours of spare time you get on workdays is too short for anything productive. Over an hour of that is typically spent preparing and eating meals. At least another hour is spent on personal hygiene and grooming. The 2-3 hours that remain are your actual spare time, but since you've been busy all day and are tired, you end up wasting them on mindless entertainment, because you don't have the energy for anything else.

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So Google detests the AGPL license: opensource.google.com/docs/usi going as far as to demand this:

"Do not install AGPL-licensed programs on your workstation, Google-issued laptop, or Google-issued phone without explicit authorization from the Open Source Programs Office."

So to degooglify the internet everyone should choose AGPL for open source projects :)

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You start your ops journey and learn Ansible, and write tons of for playbooks and roles, etc... 💖

The next day, you learn about Kubernetes, and look, you still write tons of YAML but it takes care of handling the thousands of containers it created to handle your tiny cluster. 😒

Taking the next step, you decide to use Helm because it will generate all that YAML for you, if you could just write some more... YAML for Helm. 😭

You know YAML? I may need you. 🤕

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