Stumbled upon this note from @joeyh and it is another good reason to avoid .

It comforts me in my decision to cancel Prime a few months ago. is not getting my money either, just my traffic because you can't run your VMs elsewhere, or can you? 😞

This is so painfully true:

2000: Write 100s of lines of XML to "declaratively" configure your servlets and EJBs
2018: Write 100s of lines of YAML to "declaratively" configure your microservices At least XML had schemas...

Via: :birdsite:

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“I need to change some of my
behavior, and I want to apologize to the people that my personal
behavior hurt and possibly drove away from kernel development

I did not expect to see this kind of introspection from Linus Torvalds

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En fait, si ~200 personnes font un don mensuel de 5€ ( 🍷 ) ou ~500 personnes font un don mensuel de 2€ ( 🍺 ), L'asso Nos Oignons couvre ses frais de fonctionnement.
Et on pourrait arrêter de relayer la campagne

Soutenez le réseau Tor, soutenez Nos Oignons 🖖 👍 😘

Retour au « bureau fixe »

Le hub USB de mon écran externe ne fonctionne plus. J'aurais du garder des snapshots des packages qui fonctionnaient, car c''était bien pratique de brancher un câble avec l'adaptateur usb-c/hdmi et de récupérer écran externe, souris et clavier.

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Someone finally forked to add features and maintaint it...

Hopefully this initiative will last! ❤️

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Hier, les forces de l'ordre ont gazé trois députés, et cela n'a pas l'air d'émouvoir la presse, à part Reporterre...

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Liberty without socialism is privilege and injustice; socialism without liberty is slavery and brutality.
-- Mikhail Bakunin

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BAME is an acronym for: Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic. 😐

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Première fois que j'ai besoin d'utiliser git-worktree... Comment je faisais avant ? 😱

Instead of waiting for a new package on , I updated the existing one for go 1.11.

Use at your own risks, it's a Github gist, not signed or anything. 🧐

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someone posted a photo of John Carmack as a child when he used to help teach programming at his school

i can't tell if "Jondi" was an accidental corruption of "John D" or if he actually used to go by that at some point but either way it's kinda cute

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