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the photoshoppings have begun

Bernie Sanders, band merch table person (via twitter user Dan_Case)

Don't change your project license, because you will make Andrew angry. Bad bad Elastic "spitting in our faces". 🙄

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Now seriously considering as a DISEASE.

Symptoms include:

* addiction to constant immediacy
* inability to formulate dispassionate, benevolent, open-minded speech
* frustration, anger
* disproportionate exposure to US politics and views

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Maybe someone can help with this:

Pleroma does not have a Wikipedia article at the moment. There was a draft, but it was rejected, see here. It seems that the main issue was that there was no reliable third party source in that article. Pleroma was featured in issue 9/2018 of Nikkei Linux, so that could probably be added, see

If anyone knows how wikipedia works and wants to help get this article in, this would be much appreciated!

"President Trump is preparing to issue dozens of pardons before President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in at noon on Wednesday, with the big question being whether Trump will preemptively pardon himself before he leaves office."

On the 20th ...

_ And now I will pardon myself.
_ Sir, did you mean "excuse myself"?
_ No no, you heard right.

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"Coût du travail"

Si vous utilisez cet élément de langage et ne faites pas partie des #winners de la #StartupNation, vous avez déjà perdu.

Mise au point de Pierre-Edouard Magnan.


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~Open Source Security Tool of the Day~


Wireguard Manager

Self-hosted Wireguard Manager. Installs and configures a ready-to-use WireGuard Interface.

“The NRA said in a statement Friday that it is in its "strongest financial condition in years" and that it filed for bankruptcy protection to escape "a corrupt political and regulatory environment in New York."”

“A lot of my friends are furries and we use telegram exclusively because it supports stickers. It’s impossible to understate how important stickers are for us.”

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Pour compenser le couvre-feu à 18 heures, le gouvernement propose de réduire la journée de travail.
(Non, z'êtes naïfs, ils s'en battent les steaks que t'ais plus de vie privée)

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