Advice on cleaning reading glasses? e.g. after trying to poke your eyes forgetting there is glass before them and you just ate a bunch of cookies. Asking for a friend.

Was compiling Blender went I felt it went a bit *too* fast. Like something went wrong. Decided to time it.

Took slightly over 3 minutes to do a full build of Blender 2.81, on a laptop GoBOXX SLM 17 with a Core i9-9880H. Not bad, not bad.

Working on a loop animation, with Grease Pencil, on Blender 2.81.

🔥 Monday means LIVE! Another massive episode with improvements in Sculpt, Workbench, UI, Outliner and more. Set a reminder or tune in 90 minutes 💣

JOB: We are looking for a UX & Web Designer (HTML/CSS)

Join the Blender team in making free and open source projects that matter.

You are often asked to report all the bugs you may find, but writing a detailed report can be overwhelming. In this video, Pablo goes through the best practices to make reporting (and fixing) bugs a breeze.

Spoiler alert: That bug is already fixed 🐞

If you took a course at the Blender Institute in 2008, you'd have explaining you the Blender UI, Sacha (Big Buck Bunny director) teaching modeling, on lighting, Chris from on UV Unwrap, and myself on animation/rigging (lol)

The latest LIVE was probably the most feature-packed episode in a while. Blender 2.81 is a huge step forward in usability

Thank you devs,,,, and the list goes on ❤️

「やっと3Dツールが紙とペンのような存在になる」エヴァ制作のカラーがBlenderへの移行を進める理由とは?(西田宗千佳) - Engadget 日本版 @engadgetjp@twitter.comより

Taking the's 16 threads for a spin while compiling our boi Blender. *Smooth*

Also, first time ever trying for a fresh experience (happy birthday GNOME! 🎂)

We are literally trying to fix Blender Community as we travel. Apologies for the inconveniences. and

Look who visited today! and came to to talk about Blender, their new tools and their process in creating 'Spring', their latest open movie. Thanks a lot for coming, guys!

Thanks to the massive support from the community ❤️ Overwhelming, really. You're awesome! :'D

My face when I saw the specs:

No words to describe this. Our friends at heard about what happened and connected me with and they immediately helped out. An insane Intel i9, Quadro RTX, state of the art for computer graphics laptop 😱

Won't be making videos for the time being. Sorry.

So, my backpack got stolen with my laptop, camera, passport + a few other things :(

Been in Brazil, Venezuela, México, Argentina, all fine. Got stolen in the US, just bad luck. The most amazing thing was being inside of a real American police station in Skid Row, LA. Unreal.

What a journey. We will remember the development of Blender 2.80 forever as a true community effort.

Thanks to everyone involved, and buckle up! This will be quite a ride :D
Blender 2.80 is officially available for download! Thank you for making this possible.

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