I'll be in London in just a couple of weeks!

Talking about Spring open movie, Blender 2.80, and how to unlock 2.81 with a crack.
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"Blender Day London" - 22nd June .
Pablo Vazquez @PabloVazquez_ will be one of the great .
More info and tickets blenderlondon.org
@b3d_london @ble…

Our shortfilm Spring is part of @mundosdigitales@twitter.com Animation Festival! Next to Hors Piste, Wild Love and La Noria. Congrats everyone! See you in July! 🇪🇸
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Ya tenemos finalistas del Festiv@mundosdigitales@twitter.com de Cortometrajes de Animación . Enhorabuena y mucha suerte!!! bit.ly/2QScBIh


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Blender is Free Software. It's free to use for everyone. Free to use for any purpose, also commercially. Blender is free to share with others, free to study its sources and free make new versions.

Blender is free, forever.

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David Bowie's Advice to Artists, 1997.

Caminandes spotted in Brazil! @VivaCaminandes@twitter.com
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@PabloVazquez_ @VivaCaminandes@twitter.com

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I will take a “good” show with a happy crew over a “perfect” show where the crew’s lives are ruined. Life is too short and there are far more important things in life. twitter.com/soboru_song/status

If you're testing ever-changing software every day and you suddenly find a thing you like: talk about it. Share it. Show enthusiasm. It takes a couple of "meh" and the feature might be gone if there's not enough support (esp if controversial).

If you like something, support it.

Now that we're talking about license/paid add-ons.

is an insane add-on that's shared for free by @JacquesLucke@twitter.com. I believe sharing it freely is what makes people contribute to it (adding sound or Grease Pencil support). This is what makes open source thrive.
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I have added Grease Pencil Nodes to animation nodes (AN), thus grease pencil data into AN and AN data to grease pen@…

Daniel did it again. Such a simple demo but so good that it makes you doubt this is . Amazing.

Props to the Grease Pencil team for leading the next generation of
2D+3D animation pipeline!
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Awesome Grease Pencil Textured Brushes demo by @_pepeland_ youtube.com/watch?v=kpY-WVQUxY Brushes available f…

These 4 shots were my first to light/FX in Spring. The trickiest one was definitely the icicles, getting the bubbles just right, the dripping, the background (which was… instagram.com/pablovazquez.art

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Bob Esponja cumple 20 años 🎂🍍
Esta es la historia de cómo un biólogo marino creó uno de los personajes más queridos 💛

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Congratulations to the Spring team for 1M views on YouTube! Here is a showreel featuring some of the amazing behind-the-scenes work that was done on the short.


¡Ya están disponibles las entradas para la Blender Conference! El primer mes con €100 de descuento, después suben.

¿Sale otra reunión de @BlenderHoy@twitter.com? store.blender.org/product/blen

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Here's the summary of the Blender 2.80 Homestretch! A one-week gathering of developers at the Blender HQ in Amsterdam youtube.com/watch?v=08L-JOzw7T

To make it properly the code for stats has to be split between geometry and memory/version (I commented out the version in info_stats.c), and refresh on changes.

Playing with geometry stats at the footer of the 3D View. Realized they are only needed for specific tasks/workflows, I'd probably keep them collapsed most of the time even. Still a better fit than in the status bar.

Here's the diff developer.blender.org/P953

"Bringing the Unity Editor for Linux [...] into Preview means that we are now on a path to a fully supported version by the end of the year." Well done @unity3d@twitter.com! blogs.unity3d.com/2019/04/16/i Together with @UnrealEngine@twitter.com + @godotengine@twitter.com . Gamedev on Linux is getting there!

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¡Tenemos invitados! 🔥 Animador Pablo Fournier nos visita en Blender Hoy para contar cómo pasar de Maya a Blender 2.80 y sobrevivir en el intento.

Preguntas: blender.community/c/hoy/Rbcbbc

En Directo: youtube.com/watch?v=BxEVF-0ICl

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Wonder how the open movie Spring was made? Ask the director/writer/editor/lighting/vfx/younameit @artificial3d@twitter.com anything here: blender.community/c/today/dPcb

LIVE in a few hours:

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Still hyped about Spring? Still wondering if it's Cycles, EEVEE, Internal or stop-motion? Director @artificial3d@twitter.com will answer that and more this Monday! youtube.com/watch?v=9LqH8g_yY9

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