Ultimate C64 KERNAL API Reference: A C64 operating system reference that shows eleven sources side-by-side. pagetable.com/?p=1401

Visualizing Commodore 1541 Disk Contents – Part 2: Errors
In order to understand the encoding and potential read errors, it is useful to visualize C64/1541 disks sector-by-sector.

Commodore “Video Supergame 64” Bundle
The “Video Supergame 64” is a Commodore 64 bundled with a joystick and three games on a cartridge, sold mainly in Germany in 1988/1989. Here are some pictures.

Dumping Commodore 64/1541 Disks with Errors
Many old Commodore 64/1541 disks have read errors, but this doesn’t mean the data isn’t recoverable – with the right nibtools settings and some cleaning.

Commodore “Magic Voice” Cartridge for C64
“Magic Voice” is an expansion cartridge for the Commodore 64 that can speak 235 predefined words. Here are some pictures.

Falk Rehwagen, TopDesk and GEOS
Here are some of Falk Rehwagen’s thoughts on his involvement with GEOS and TopDesk.

TopDesk 1.3 GEOS64/128 Original Source
Thanks to Falk Rehwagen and Jürgen Heinisch, the original source of the TopDesk file manager for the GEOS operating system of C64/C128 is available.

Tynemouth Minstrel ZX80 Clone Kit
I have previously shown an unassembled Sinclair ZX81 Kit that could be bought in the early 80s. Today, it is possible to buy a clone of the ZX80 from Tynemouth Software. Here are some pictures.

Converting a Commodore 1541 or 1570 Drive into a 1551
The 1551 is the weird outlier of Commodore drives: It is the only drive using the “TCBM” bus. And what’s even weirder? 1541 and 1570 drives converted into 1551s!

More Original Commodore Source Code
There have been a few new interesting additions to the Commodore Source Code repository, including: RAMDOS, 1570, 1571CR, 1551 and 1541

Commodore Peripheral Bus: Part 5: TCBM
The C16/C116/Plus4/1551 "TCBM" bus was supposed to be faster but as cheap as the C64 Serial Bus. It wasn't much faster, probably not cheaper, and had lots of design issues.

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