Under the weather, woke up 04:00, tried to take off from work, decided to work half a day, left only after 5, trying to sleep since 21:00, yet still no sign of sleep at 23:40.

PSA: I'll happily accept gifts in the form of latest iPhones

I am sucker for beautiful animations. Though I found out late, I still give special shout-out to this - youtu.be/nyp_PczrqFE

Didn't realize today is my 10th year anniversary of joining GitHub.com

Old user of sourceforge, but not even once I felt like I missed it in last 10 years.


Laws are bent, based on color, whose in power, money.

If Hong Kong protests are any sign, we gave police/army/gov too much power.

Laws are never ther to protect avg. citizens.

Just me or everyone see xcode b7 download about window show as beta 6? Even though it build and run 13.1b1 device.

I love getsandbox.com. They added a feature I suggested in a day. Unfortunately I had added atleast 4 more in last 2 weeks.

Since I am all in on music tonight, listen to this awesome intro as well. I like all of his soundtrack for the series - youtube.com/watch?v=H_q57nJwt4

And I also thought it was Adele when You say played on radio.


You know I have a thing for great voice. Why none of you shared Lauren Daigle songs with me.

And I stupidly thought fight song was by Katy Perry

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