artist: i draw inspiration from the hole in my soul

scientist: haha souls are not real

artist: ok how do i put this

artist: picture, at the center of my being, a supermassive singularity held in stasis by a counteracting gravitational field. because my imagination is not constrained by the laws of thermodynamics, the power differential produces gravitational friction that fuels the urge to communicate.

scientist: you draw inspiration from the hole in your soul, got it

"peer 2 peer"

- sounds like a 90's eurodance group
- smells like piracy and lawsuits

"the matrix"

+ mathy word
- oppressive vibe
- warner bros will sue you

"the lattice"

+ very rad mathy word
+ sounds super organized
+ slaps
+ arrest the murderers of breonna taylor

here's a good mastodon handle: "deep hug chopra"

Without teaching, its students grow uneasy in spring
Without uneasiness, the placid grow brave in summer
Without bravery, its followers negotiate in autumn
Without negotiation, the quarrelling teach in winter

-- attributed to Lao Tzu or Michel de Nostredame

most of us aren't really *anywhere* on the internet, we're in a google-amazon-twitter-facebook joint venture amusement park. if the outside of that park died down, who would notice?

corporations keep buying each other, so the number of players is shrinking all the time.

what to do?


Everyone! Welcome to 📯 .

1st rule of is you do not talk about .

2nd rule of is -- oh who am I kidding!

3rd rule of , someone yells unsubscribe, falls silent, blocks you, the fight is over.

4th rule: only two persons to a fight.

5th rule: one fight at a time, friends.

6th rule: no shirts no pants.

7th rule: fights will go on as long as they have to.

And the 8th and final rule: If this is your first month at , you HAVE to fight.

How do you gradually transition from Twitter to Mastodon?

asking for a friend

please, the scenario of blade runner is patently absurd. humans genetically engineered by corporations, living in slavery and doomed to a short life? hogwash! poppycock!

internet hackers who also write on mastodon: rootin' & tootin'

Hello it's me, paniq, speaking from the Mastodon afterlife. Do not adjust your computer screen! You are reading correctly! I have tooted again! And I will keep tooting! I will be tooting so hard, you will be thinking I swallowed a whole street organ!

also required: underlining in red every instance of "tweet" so I can change it to "toot".

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If Mastodon allowed to edit Toots, I'd probably switch for good. This is how it would work: Every toot that has subsequently been edited is labeled "edited"; Each toot is a new tweet, but marked as *a new revision* of the original toot; Clicking on "edited" in the UI reveals the history and allows users to read old versions. Toots older than, for example, 24 hours could be frozen permanently.

so i'm hearing mastodon is getting more popular?

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