also required: underlining in red every instance of "tweet" so I can change it to "toot".

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If Mastodon allowed to edit Toots, I'd probably switch for good. This is how it would work: Every toot that has subsequently been edited is labeled "edited"; Each toot is a new tweet, but marked as *a new revision* of the original toot; Clicking on "edited" in the UI reveals the history and allows users to read old versions. Toots older than, for example, 24 hours could be frozen permanently.

so i'm hearing mastodon is getting more popular?

solving a union of eight brushes; left: splitting until only one brush remains; right: split until two brushes remain (which is trivial to solve per-pixel).

I'd like to do more Mastodon and less Twitter, but followers are split up. Wonder how I might best migrate.

The federated timeline is moving at a pace that makes me think it's going to be abolished soon. :D

observation on dissatisfaction 

Wait. How do you even know that sweet dreams are made of tears? Did you break one and... oh i see

A monk asked Tozan:
"When you toot, are you tooting to your followers? Or are you tooting to the public timeline?"

Tozan said:

"our business is booming" said the microphone operators.

"Sir please describe the gaussian curvature of the criminal that struck you."

Existential Complaints 

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