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The application is described as “privacy-first by design”. Without a legal framework for personal data protection like GDPR in Europe, there is no mechanism through which a citizen can upload data to a centralized server and be assured that the data will be handled as explained by the developers.

#AarogyaSetu #Privacy #India #FSCI #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

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Microsoft vuole sostituire diversi giornalisti del suo portale con delle AI, intelligenze artificiali.

Oltre a rappresentare un'ulteriore tipologia di lavoro distrutta dalle tecnologie informatiche, ciò apre a molteplici problemi riguardanti la rimozione dell'ultimo filtro tra pubblico e dirigenza, la possibilità di targhetizzazione di articoli redatti automaticamente in modo da esser più adatti ad esser recepiti in base al 'social sentiment' del momento o personalizzati sul singolo utente. Le 'veline' insomma diverranno automaticamente articoli senza che vi sia nulla a porre un freno critico

“The peculiarity of this cult is that the Church does not officially recognize Sarah as a Saint, even if it is considered such by the Gypsy community all over the world”

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Hey @Gina!
I just read a translation of this :

Is this really how Netherlands believe France and the other "southern" countries are ? 🤔
I'm kind of surprised and disappointed.

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Space X: "We can't launch due to bad weather" Soyouz:

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Donc je disais :

Stop au StopCovid : l’application qui crashe

> Il aurait fallu un débat sur les moyens mis en place par l’Etat pour limiter la casse sanitaire, sociale et économique. Le gouvernement actuel n’est pas exempt de reproches dans ce domaine. Mais il faudra aussi ne pas avoir de problème de mémoire. Certaines conséquences sont le résultat de politiques publiques qui remontent à 30 ans.

@Tris bravo pour tout l'article (j'ai bon là ?) :D

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Rahul Matthan who worked on the project claimed that.

"It is only if you are unwell with the virus and at risk of infecting others that your GPS location history as well as the details of everyone you came in contact with are sent to the cloud."

Later people found that location data is being shared on registration as well.

This code you can find -

@paolog @anivar

Cartabellotta: «La curva del contagio non è adeguatamente sotto controllo»

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@paolog Ah, I should've clarified that in my post.

Web NFC is an open specification, but so far it is only supported on Chrome for Android behind a feature flag, meaning you'll have to enable experimental web platform features in chrome://flags. It's also available as an origin trial since Chrome v81.

“Renault, Nissan and junior partner Mitsubishi, which joined the alliance in 2016, have clashed previously due to differences in corporate cultures and opposing views over structures.

Renault owns 43% of Nissan while it has 15% of the French carmaker but no voting rights. Nissan has resisted proposals for a full-blown merger as executives felt Renault was not paying its fair share for the engineering work it did in Japan.”

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Banche e armi, il boom dei “conti armati”

Sfiora i 9,5 miliardi di euro il valore delle operazioni segnalate dagli istituti di credito. Al vertice, il Gruppo Unicredit con 5,5 miliardi di euro. Da solo copre il 58% del mercato. Sorprendente la crescita della “piccola” Popolare di Sondrio. Lo stato, con la Sace, fa sempre più affari. I paesi del Medioriente i principali pagatori (58%). In Africa sono l’Egitto, l’Algeria, la Nigeria e il Kenya.

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@praveen does India's contact tracing Aarogya Setu mobile app use the Apple and Google Exposure Notification framework ?

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@piratesin is drafting a statement about release of Aarogya Setu Android client app. FSCI and FSF India will probably have separate statements too. Please go through the draft and suggest changes. #AarogyaSetu #Privacy #FreeSoftware

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Il sito @gutenberg_org, che raccoglie centinaia di opere in #pubblicodominio accessibili a tutti, è sotto sequestro preventivo della Guardia di Finanza su richiesta dell’autorità giudiziaria italiana.Speriamo sia una svista e venga corretta al più presto👉

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