Please don't forget to give credit and link to the original source if you post an artwork. It is so easy, very crucial and so helpful.

Keeping an eye out for ways to put a circle in a square, for (you'll have to browse the mastodon alternative for a wider variety of the crazy things math folk are doing with checkerboards lately)

darktable is now in feature-freeze state for version 3.4 planned for Christmas day. Translators can now take over (for supported languages, see - only German and French have 99% complete translations).

It has been a truly crazy month. So much work… Stay tuned for more news.

Community member Anna is organizing our very first virtual meetup with presentations from some awesome people! Save the date December 5 @ 1800UTC!

More details here:

Hopefully a regular occurrence!

There is one person trying to work full time on @darktable - @aurelienpierre - let's get his liberapay over $200/week!

We only need 17 people to pledge one euro/week to get there!

📣 prism v0.1.0

An RTMP stream re-caster / splitter:

Handles incoming RTMP streams (like from OBS) and re-casts them to multiple services, like Owncast, Twitch, or YouTube.

Packages and binaries for pretty much all platforms, here:

Okay, I got it.

+ Entangle to grab the video from the Canon m50 over USB.

+ OBS to capture the video from Entangle.

+ v4l2-sink / v4l2loopback to send video feed to Jitsi.

So assuming my country doesn't nuke itself tomorrow, Halloween lasts through November, right? I'm a little late getting this convex pumpkin patch together.

Trying to work with a particular software library at the moment. It can do a lot, but omg the learning curve and unfortunate documentation. Had to take a break to make this diagram for venting purposes.

Dear users, a glorious patch submitted in June to make the masking and blending fully scene-referred-compliant (and unbounded) is currently being reviewed for merging in 3.4.

We would like to take this opportunity to declutter and remove the output masking parameter, which nobody seems to use. Does anyone has a case to make against this ?

PR :

I'm pretty sure @kde saw how awesome the website that @patdavid and I ported to was, and said "wow these two are brilliant, we'd better follow suit for at large!"

JK... Maybe?!?

About a week ago it was the 10 year anniversary of -annex, a software for managing binary files in git. It is vital to my and there is no other quite like it.

I guess I was late to the party, my oldest repo is from 2013.

A million thanks to @joeyh for maintaining and authoring this software for the long haul. It is excellent. I'm not sure what I'd do without it.

The new filmic v4 highlight reconstruction in @darktable allowed the following photo to be salvaged, even though parts of the sky were completely blown out in the raw file.

The darktable user manual is largely outdated. Problem is it uses an esoteric kind of XML required by a brittle software stack (Saxon) to be compiled into HTML or PDF.
This complexity steers away many contributors.
But thanks to Chris Elston, @secretlifeofmatt and @paperdigits, it is being rewritten in Markdown with a better "tutorial" approach.
Contribute :

Pepper&Carrot self-published comics books in English version are now available!
Get your own copies on:

Another October "drawing" challenge, for "bulky".. Sculpted in , colored and animated in + , tweaked in , finished off in !

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