Another gorgeous from our friend Jonas Wagner
of a ridiculously charmed view from the Alps and the setting sun. Come get the and show us how you'd process this incredible view!

Experimenting with making a centerline bitmap tracer that finds the centerline AND the line width, outputs to svg powerstroked paths that Inkscape understands. Definitely room for improvement, but pleased with a couple days work!

Hi folks! 9 years ago (to the day), the late Aaron Swartz made the first commit to SecureDrop, which was then called DeadDrop. Today the project is used by >70 media orgs around the world.

It's an open source whistleblower submission platform that uses the Tor network to protect source anonymity. We're also working on a next-generation integrated workstation for journalists based on Qubes OS:

We're happy to be here! #introductions

Only $3,000 for the corona virus vaccine here in the U.S.A. so I only need two more stimulus checks to cover it.

Gotta say, it's kind of soothing to fix something that's been broken and/or missing in my Laidout software since around 2007, namely being able to fill paths with gradients comfortably. Gradients also now import well from svg.

open source e-reader in a world full of amazon-controlled e-readers seems like a good move

If you have been wandering around your own neighborhood for exercise, why not grab #Street­Complete and make sure the info for your 'hood is up-to-date? 

We've been asked if we could quickly implement new features in #Liberapay so that it could replace #Bountysource, which has been doing shady things. We can't and we don't want to. Encouraging people to pay for a specific issue to be solved is problematic, it creates bad incentives instead of providing stable funding for the proper maintenance and development of a project. If you still think bounties are a good idea, then you can try to revive

And we've got a new feature release! Krita 4.3.0 is out for Linux, Windows, MacOS and as a beta still, for Android:

: has changed their terms and conditions so that (1) bounties have an expiration date and (2) when the bounty expires they keep the money from the bounty.

John Oliver succinctly explains why facial recognition software is so insidious, and why combined with widespread surveillance is so dangerous, even if you "have nothing to hide"


Hey, Inkscape community! Here's an interesting update from #GSOC contributor Link Mauve about adding GPU acceleration to Inkscape:

I've spent the past week getting to know myself better and doing some self care.

I am proud to come out as a gay man.

I never thought I'd have the courage to do this and I really want to thank the fediverse for helping me be comfortable with who I really am.

I love you guys ❤️

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