Exiv2 is readying ISOBMFF support which will help with CR3 support.

They're looking for help with downloading test images (so the test images don't have to be stored in the git repo).

If you can help, please reach out!

Calling all Entrants of the Inkscape 1.1 About Screen Contest! 📣

It is almost Deadline Day!

If you have entered already, check to see if you have a BIG "OK" badge stamped next to your submission.

If not, you have some edits to make... Please check the comments below your entry for the requested changes.

Submission closes at 23:59 (UTC) on 21st February.

« 4 reasons to choose #Linux for #art and #design » 🐧🎨

Some good points among :
- High availability means high "productivity" (please read first)
- Open access is better for diversity
- Resolute format support is more inclusive
- Linux artists (#LibreArts)

/> opensource.com/article/21/2/li

Mixxx faces big challenges moving to Qt6. Maybe someone skilled with graphics programming and Qt can give us some advice? forum.qt.io/topic/121746/deter

is 20 years old today and is still the best media... Everything. Thanks Video Lan team!

To keep up with the current development pace, we have decided to keep releasing 2 major versions of per year :
* one for summer solstice
* the usual one for winter solstice.

Those 2 major releases will ship new features, while the dot releases (like 3.4.1, which will be frozen next week) will only ship bug fixes.

We still need a lot of translating help for Asian and Arabic languages, the dev team being EN/FR/DE/ES.

Different view on RAW development for the Open Source digital photographer. Simpler and faster probably covers more of my use cases for RAW files.

Hello fediverse!

I would like to introduce Jejune -- a work in progress (primarily) personal AP server that is ultimately meant to feel a little bit like Tumblr, which has been a somewhat "secret" project in collaboration with some other lovely fediverse developers (such as @dansup ) for the past year design-wise.

That aspect will become more obvious in the coming days as we develop a frontend plugin for the engine.

Jejune has some support for Mastodon clients (though this is meant as a temporary measure) as well, so you can do basic posting and replying while away from the computer.

Jejune is also planned to act as a SOLID hub in the near future, and is internally built entirely on Linked Data, RDF and other related concepts. We live, eat and breathe linked data and SOLID internally inside Jejune already, from the first commit!

To build a scalable and secure fediverse, we must step back and take a look at the design decision made in the past.

To address security, Jejune is built on a foundation of consent-based interaction. Jejune is explicitly designed to fail safe -- if it cannot determine the appropriate audience for a message, it will drop the message instead of publishing it.

To address scalability, Jejune does not use an SQL database, but instead uses a graph-based object store which is heavily inspired by RDF and Git called JejuneFS.

JejuneFS can optionally be replicated into distributed filesystems such as IPFS, allowing for the creation of a resilient infrastructure for your personal (and, optionally, collaborators') data.

At present, Jejune is pre-alpha software, but is already functionally federating. We call it pre-alpha because we have not hit all of our key requirements for an alpha release yet, notably, we do not have a good moderation toolkit yet.

This is a high priority item for us, and will come immediately after the core engine has been proven out, but until that is implemented, we cannot recommend production use of Jejune.

Well, I have already said a lot already. If you want to find out more, why not stop by our Matrix room at #jejune:ariadne.space?

Courtesy of Amelia Bellamy-Royds over on Twitter:

Hey Web Graphics Nerds,

If you're interested in getting better support for high-quality colour displays (wide gamut / HDR) into web standards & browsers, consider participating in this W3C Workshop: w3.org/Graphics/Color/Workshop

Speaker proposals due Jan 30.
Questions to @svgeesus. [Chris Lilley]


After reading this review of MyPillow stating it felt like sleeping on a pile of rocks:


I was curious what the "patented fill technology" is:


And that pretty much describes why.


A breach was detected on forum.openwrt.org/ on 16 January 2021. All passwords have been reset and all API keys have been flushed.

Source: forum.openwrt.org/t/openwrt-wi

There is one person trying to work full time on @darktable - @aurelienpierre - let's get his liberapay over $200/week!

We only need 17 people to pledge one euro/week to get there!


RIP Flash player, you were so proprietary and horrific, but had so much cool content.

In so many ways, nothing has changed.

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