Want a revenue-making SaaS idea? There are a ton of web-based services that are crutial for web SaaSs, but have nothing like it on mobile. Make those.

Got a good suggestion from @emcro@twitter.com: use the hidden "automatically sign them in" when screen first shows to detect a no-account failure. Then when they press sign in intercept and prompt for terms acceptance *before* triggering the create account w/ Apple flow.

This. A million times this.

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@parrots@twitter.com I think they are just used to the fact that they don’t need to register and just get demo accounts in ITC.

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🤦‍♂️ metadata rejected because the reviewer tried to use Sign In with Apple on the sign in screen, without having used Sign In with Apple to register first.

Sorry, but it is a *sign in* screen. I need to capture the agree to terms acknowledgement on the registration screen first.

Ah so this is where the normal massive year over year speed gains went: they made huge improvements on power consumption vs just upping raw power. 💯

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iPhone 11’s A13 is 20% faster with:

30% lower power CPU Perf Cores
40% lower power CPU Efficiency Cores
40% lower power GPU
15% lower power Neural Engine

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Me, walking out of Hustlers: “I enjoyed that. I like a movie that gives itself time to breath.”

@PaolaNotPaolo@twitter.com - “You seem to say that every time it is a woman director.”

Me: “Oh, it was? Cool, more of those please.”

I was being ordered by @acolangelo@twitter.com to take two weeks off, but instead I took the day to play Borderlands 3 all day.

Close enough.

Let’s not mess with tradition, I’m still going back to bed. (Space grey)

“I’m going to design Camera Bump Mountain” - @acolangelo@twitter.com, not talking about rejected Mario level names.

I've been told I lost this bet.

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$100 says they manually whitelist versions so we don't see pre-release ones, and someone forgot to add 12.4 to said list.

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We're baaaack!

WEATHER LINE 2 is coming on Oct 2nd with an all-new design, unmatched new features, and a change to subscription pricing. Read more: weatherlineapp.com/blog

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So, uh, where is 12.4 in this? (no, it is not in the list below either) App analytics seems to not realize 12.4 exists.

See, this is what we get for not just giving them third-party cookies. It's _our_ fault they had to abuse fonts like this.


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Turns out custom fonts can be abused for tracking users. twitter.com/crashlytics/status

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Finally have a date for when Sign in with Apple is required for existing apps: April 2020. developer.apple.com/news/?id=0

Seriously, this More tab is almost unnecessary at this point (🥳). Settings, Help, and the Merch section are the ones that matter (what's new, terms, etc can all go under help/support) and don't have a logical home yet.

Then again, with Catalina in October, that gives @Mapbox@twitter.com an extra month to announce their Metal plans / SDK and let me support Catalyst for launch.

I guess I might wipe and install Mojave again tonight? I didn't get to play with catalyst as much as I wanted given I'm blocked by no metal support in Mapbox (yet, sounds like soon though?). Gotta submit some binaries over the next month.

I mean, obviously the Apple Tags, AirPods are getting U1 chips too right?

The U1 chip with airdrop prioritization seems cool.

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