See y’all soon 👋. Really looking forward to this!


Today is Day 🥳

I’m really excited to watch’s and’s talks!

It’s a free online meetup starting at 5:45pm PST. If you haven’t already, you can RSVP here 😃


I was 3 replies into the scheme! A very bad time for delivery issues. Losing momentum means losing the mark.

RT Were you emailing someone about your $40,000 that’s held up in customs that you need a quick $359 payment to unlock and you’d be happy to share half the funds with them to say thank you?


That’s … weird. I've used Google's GSuite for a decade for my personal email hosting. Have DKIM and SPF set up correctly on my DNS for Google.

Was emailing with someone, and my latest reply went to their spam and they didn’t see it for 3 days. They have a gmail account. O.o

How much of a runway do you like to keep in your business?

Stop subtweeting me plz


I see people around me who have achieved much more than I have but still don’t think they’re doing enough, and I really wish I could pull them off the hamster wheel so they could enjoy life more, but that’s their journey, and I hope they get there.


For some reason “the ultimate ski tracking experience” just isn’t sitting well with me. But I also have a hard time bragging / strong positioning, so I’m not sure if it just that.

I’ve always struggled with the “Slopes elevator pitch.”

Some days the playlist just picks itself.

*starts the day with Homework*



Daft Punk: 1993-2021


Still undecided on if I’m in the “better graphics at locked 30fps” or the “60fps” camp.

Been trying Control at 60, and switching back to graphics mode at 30 was jarring though. Almost felt broken.

Sounds like Apple is indeed rejecting some apps for pricing scams. Very excited Apple is addressing the problem, but scared they’re making this kinda judgement call (so subjective).

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RT Got confirmation via DM from a fellow dev who got a very similar rejection letter from Apple, even including “rip-off”. Waiting for to repost the original so I can share (in abstract, they don’t want to be quoted) what happened


In Philly, years and years of “it snows, then is 60℉ the next day to melt it all” had left me an old man shaking his fist at the sky.

I keep standing by my window and exclaiming: “this is what winter is supposed to be!” We’ve had a light cover of snow on the ground for weeks.😍

Sorry sorry mis-spoke, we’re using a foreground service.

RT Maybe start using foreground services? I don't know if they are also being killed by certain oems


🤞We tracked down cause of an issue with Slopes on Android: some manufacturers aggressively kill apps and bg services, even when they ask for the right permissions.

Anyone with experience w/ long-running (4-8hrs) GPS on Android have a good workaround?

I am very thrown off by the use of the word “rip-off” here. Not saying this fake, but sounds more like a fanfic rejection letter than what I’d expect them to say. Weird.


Apple is rejecting apps with irrationally high prices for in-apps and subscriptions.
Hope someday calendars and wallpapers for $9.99/week will be gone.


I logged out of medium months ago and basically hit a “make an account to read!” blocker all the time (if I log in it is “you’ve had enough free articles”).

It has become habit to just hit the back button as soon as I see their header load.

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<rant>Medium won’t let me read any post on my iPhone if I’m not logged in. If I log in, it wants me to get the app. If I get the app, it launches the app, but doesn’t open the deep link. I’m done with this, I won’t read anything that’s published on Medium anymore.</rant>


Ok, finished killing lots of Nazis in the second Wolfenstein game, so time to give Control a whirl.

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