Have you seen this great breakdown of the advantages offered by 's Open that was posted by @CryptonomyCo earlier last month? 🔥🔥

- Cheaper 💵
- Private 👤
- Safe 🔐

Read more by clicking the link below!


Particl is going to the San Francisco Blockchain Week as a GOLD SPONSOR and will be giving a 30 minutes talk about its !

Come meet the team at the Particl booth and of one of best event of the year! 🥇


Are you in or around Prague during the next few days? Then you should definitely make a stop at HCPP 2019!

Particl has 3 members from its team attending the event. If you're going to be there, make sure to get in touch!


Weeks ago, a tutorial on how stakers could signal lower listing fees to the network was published on Particl's blog.

Since that time, fees have been reduced by a whopping ~24%!

See how you can signal lower fees by clicking the link below 👇


Particl was mentioned in a hackernoon article earlier this month!

How focused and decentralized marketplaces can help fight against the tracking of financial activities of protesters in conflicted countries?


Do you know how Particl's coin & gives you the you need? 👤

Read this in-depth review of all the protocols used by Particl and get to know exactly how they are protecting your data at every step of the way! 🔐


What has been your experience with the Open so far?


We want to hear from you! If you have any idea, comment, or suggestion regarding your experience using Particl’s Open Marketplace, let us know in the comment section of this post or directly on Discord (discord.me/particl)!

Let's not ignore the fact that our webcams DO spy on us...but that doesn't mean we should let it happen 👀

Protect your and do it with style by getting your own Particl webcam cover on the Particl Open 🔐👤

What if migrating over to Particl's Open Marketplace was made easier for sellers? 🤔

This is exactly what the "Product Imports" tool on Particl Desktop 2.1.0 is all about! You can now import all of your products in just a few clicks using @WooCommerce or .csv files 💡

Woohoo! With today's Particl Desktop 2.1.0 mainnet release, Particl introduces two new features: Q&A and Product Imports 😍

To get all the details and know what other improvements have been made with this release, follow the link below.

👉 particl.news/particl-desktop-2

Particl is now available on the BISQ decentralized exchange.

You can now trade $PART in a decentralized fashion without any geographical restriction or KYC requirement 🎉

Follow the link below for a step-by-step guide on how to get started 📝

👉 particl.news/particl-now-liste

Private arrives on Particl! 👤

It allows you to automatically anonymize your staking rewards 🔐

Start safely and anonymously staking on Particl by following the link below.

👉 particl.news/private-cold-stak

The "Public Comments" feature is now ready for testing and will be included in the next testnet release of the Open 🎉

It allows anyone to ask questions about products before purchasing them and get answered directly by the seller or anyone else 💬

Thanks to your feedback, we've added new categories to the Open Marketplace to facilitate the trading of cards and collectibles 💪

Is there a category you think is missing from the ? Let us know in the comment section or tell us on Discord so that we can add it!

Join us on Discord 💬
👉 discord.me/particl

The team is in the final stage of testing two new Open Marketplace features: Product Imports and Questions and Answers. 🎉

These two features will be included in the next Particl Desktop testnet build which should be available in a couple of days. The current target to release the testnet build is mid to end of this week, but is, as always, subject to change.

Follow the link below for the full development update!

👉 reddit.com/r/Particl/comments/

Did you know that you can easily anonymize your IP address by running and the Open through the network? 👤

The setup process will only take you under 5 minutes and is easy enough so that anyone can do it.

👉 particl.news/how-to-run-partic


Particl Desktop 2.0.2 was released earlier today ✅

It fixes issues reported since the release of the Open Marketplace as well as various improvements to the code and its user interface.

Follow the link below for all the details 📝

👉 particl.news/particl-desktop-2

Particl in Singapore - Invest: Asia 🇸🇬

is going to the TechXLR8 Asia Week in Singapore from the 8th of September to the 14th 📆

Check out the latest blog post to know what makes Particl's presence in Singapore so interesting and what events the team is going to attend.

👉 particl.news/particl-in-singap

It's now been 3 weeks since the launch of Particl's Open Marketplace and it's been growing nicely. But...what's next?

Get all the latest info in this new dev update/roadmap on 's blog 📝

Spoiler alert: it's getting VERY exciting! 🤩

👉 particl.news/the-open-marketpl

Did you know that the Open Marketplace can already be used to buy and sell digital items? 👤

Walk through the complete process of buying and selling digital items by checking out how Paul Schmitzer purchased a wallpaper without leaving a trace, thanks to a combination of the Particl, Tor, and OnionShare technologies! 🛒

👉 particl.news/achievement-unloc

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