Don't miss Monday's onboarding talk with Zcoin's Project Steward Reuben Yap and Particl ambassador Dr. Kap at 3:00 PM UTC.

Tune in as they chat about privacy, eCommerce, Zcoin's upcoming groundbreaking Lelantus protocol, market liquidity and much, much more. This one is a must-see! 👀

The talk will be published on Particl's Youtube channel. Be sure to head over there and subscribe to the channel to get notified as soon as it's out!


is about to get radically better, faster, and stronger 🤖

🔥 Tons of new features
🔥 Big performance boost
🔥 Entirely new desktop client
🔥 Fees reduced to near-zero

Check out exactly how Particl V3 is going to change the game!


New coins are coming to very soon! 🚀

Buy anything online, in full and without restrictions, using your favorite crypto! 🛍️


Type in the comment section what coin you'd like to use the most on the !

Stepping Things Up Again With Particl Desktop 3.0

A breakthrough for privacy and eCommerce is just around the corner! 🔥

Check out how Particl Desktop 3.0 will radically change the way we do commerce and take decentralized marketplaces to the next level! 🛒

Follow this link to learn everything you need to know about Particl's coming massive upgrade!


Have you seen the latest sneak peek preview screenshots from the last development update? 👀

This coming update, the biggest Particl update EVER, is going to be 🔥🔥🔥

Coming soon, hang tight!

A new Development Update as well as a few sneak peek screenshots have just been published on 's blog! 🗒️

Click the link below to get up to speed with all the latest development!


A big update that improves Particl's Private Cold Staking app has just been pushed on Github! ❄️

Make sure to update it to benefit from all the new stuff or install it if you haven't already done it ✅

Cold staking...without any security or privacy sacrifice! 🔐


A new version of Particl Desktop has just been released 🎉

Particl Desktop 2.3.3 includes necessary improvements to 's in-app swap bot as well as a fix to a minor bug recently introduced by Particl Core 0.19.x

Check out all the details and get your client up-to-date by following the link below.


There's a new Project Update available on 's blog!

Check it out to learn about everything that's been cooking up as of late!

✔️Development update
✔️More frequent updates
✔️Particl Academy
✔️Vendor Onboarding Program
✔️New website
✔️New coins (swap)

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Are you $PART of the revolution yet?

✅ No commission or sales fees
✅ No personal info/data generated, collected, or leaked
✅ Unstoppable, uncensorable
✅ No sign up, no login
✅ 100% user owned, no central authority and point of control
✅ Multi-currency support

Get started with today and unlock the full potential of global online commerce! 🚀


Particl has just been added as an asset on the mobile version of the privacy and security focused Flare Wallet. You can now store, send, receive, and swap PART for any of the other available assets within Flare Wallet’s ecosystem.

Flare Wallet is a non-custodial light wallet, meaning that their team doesn’t have access to your private keys at all, and is available on both mobile and desktop platforms.


There's a new development status available on 's website! Check it out to track progress on these items:

👉 Full Desktop client re-write
👉 Management (Infinite Markets)
👉 Ledger
👉 Trezor
👉 Copay


An open development bounty for the Flare Wallet team has been opened up! 📥

Help making atomic swaps possible on Particl Desktop by supporting their team in the integration of into their and focused non-custodial wallet and swap services.

Find out all of the details about the proposal by clicking on the link that follows!


Ambassador Dr. Kap was featured in an interview for the Swiss Entrepreneurs Magazine, available in kiosks, airports, and stores all across Switzerland! 🇨🇭

Read the interview in the images linked to this tweet, congrats for the appearance Kap! 👏

Infinite Markets, Market Management...and a full re-write of the Particl Desktop client? 🤯

Check out 's latest dev update to get all the details on what's coming up and get a better approximation of WHEN it'll be ready on testnet! 🔜 ™️


How do marketplaces cannibalize on their merchants, extract value out of the market, and stiffle innovations?

Find out about it and learn how helps fix that issue by watching the latest episode of the Part-Time Show! 📺


Do you know all about Particl's double deposit MAD escrow system?

✅ 100% private/anonymous
✅ 100% free of use
✅ 100% autonomous
❌ NO 3rd-party involved
❌ NO information required

Get to know it all by reading this new Particl Explained article and remember, don't forget to clap the Medium post and share it far and wide!


It doesn't get easier to swap $BTC for $PART, even in the US 🇺🇸

Open up the Desktop client and start swapping right from the app 🔁

⛔ No account needed
⛔ No collected personal data
⛔ No complicated trading interface
✅ Just scan & swap!
✅ Americans accepted!

A new episode of the Part-Time Show is up! 📺

Tune in as Ambassador Dr. Kap discusses the paradox of healthcare 🏥

A lifetime of free health and social care or give it up at the age of 30 for the gift of a lump sum of cash equal to its cost?


Can't watch the video?

Then take on this thought experiment by simply tuning in to the audio version of the podcast on Buzzsprout, Spotify, or Google Podcast!



A new Market Management progress update has been published today as its development/integration is entering its final phase ✅

Check the link below to get all the latest news on the most massive Particl update to date, INCLUDING listing fee reduction!


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