The Particl Forum is Now Live!

The Particl discussion is now live and ready to use! This new platform will allow the entire community as well as Particl team members to communicate in a new, more organized way than on a chat platform.

Community Update #5

As usual, this update should keep you up to speed with all the latest developments and news surrounding the project!

How to Stake Your Stored on Ledger Nano S

On the 7th of August, we announced the groundbreaking news that the coin was now available to manage on the Nano S hardware device with enabled. Here's how to make it happen!

Decentralized Project Governance Update

As we’ve highlighted in our third Update, the team has begun working on the project mechanism. Simply put, this mechanism allows anyone to be able to vote or submit up for a vote a formal proposal to the Particl community.

Particl Introduces Hardware Cold Staking (featuring Ledger support)

We are very excited to finally announce that as of today, has officially added support for on their Ledger Live application and Nano S device. This means PART will now be available for cold storage on Nano S hardware wallets with cold capabilities enabled!

Status Report update

This new report contains a lot of information about the status of the project’s development as well as a pretty good presentation of the features that are most likely to be included in the Beta version of Particl .

Exchange PART with over 150 currencies on ChangeNOW

ChangeNOW exchange is described as a non-custodial service which is different than a lot of their direct competitors. Users don’t need to create an account so this bodes well for privacy rights and trusting a third party with your personal data.

Community Update #3

Missed our latest AMA/FAQ on YouTube? Don't worry, here's our written update of all the recent developments and news surrounding Particl Project!

Warning: a lot of exciting info included!

Particl Genesis Anniversary
A look back at our first year

On July 17th, 2017, one year ago today, Particl main network (mainnet) genesis block was generated, becoming one of the only pure Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies. Let's have a look at what we've acomplished in one year!

PART now available on Mycelium

iOS and Android users of the popular wallet can now swap BTC directly to PART and/or vice versa right within their app!

Particl welcomes 6 new team members!

We have been busy on-boarding talent from all over the globe and now is a good time to introduce our newest team members.

First Alpha Particl Marketplace products begin shipping!

We have some very cool official Particl tees coming to doorsteps around the globe and we’re beginning to see some of the first Marketplace Alpha products get delivered!

Particl Community Update #1

Have you missed our last ?

Don’t worry because as of today, we will start posting bi-weekly updates on our blog which will summarize our last AMA as well as all the news surrounding the project.

Particl listed on ChainRift exchange

PART is now available for exchange on , a user-friendly and functional targeting casual users as well as seasoned traders.

Particl meet-up in Prague, CZ
June 28 @ Paralelní Polis

Come and join us in Prague's Institute of Paralelní Polis for a chat (and optionally few beers). 10 of our team members will be there – perfect opportunity to talk anything and ! Will you join us?

If interested, please confirm yourself at:

Particl partners with Changelly

Today we are pleased to share that Particl is now available on Changelly! PART instantly for 100+ cryptos and buy with Visa/Mastercard. boosted

New intro to Marketplace just released – this video will explain the basics of our decentralized platform for the people:

PART listed on SimpleSwap

We are excited to announce that PART is now available for limitless with over 100 coins on, a simple and easy-to-use platform for exchanges that works without registration.

Week In Review: Official Particl Swag being purchased on Alpha Market Testnet

Last week the official Particl Marketplace Alpha builds were released and a lot of real world, person-to-person eCommerce has already begun to take shape… and on a testnet no less!

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