Forgot my laptop has a middle finger emoji next to the keyboard, which was pretty awkward when the tech opened it up to run diagnostics.

What I really love about this pin is that the blades are chipped. Not perfect.

I'm not usually big into symbols but tonight I really wanted to have that on me.

This morning's idea: how viable would it be to make a bar code type thing that uses the six colours of the rainbow flag to encode information?

Or alternatively, varies the widths of the bands? Hmm.

No code or writing work until monday due to technical issues... I'd planned to do stuff but will have to wait

Can you estimate how long it will take to estimate the time remaining?

"where it is possible" is the critical flaw here. No one has any issue claiming it's just not possible. And with the burden of claim being on tenants, landlords getting fined four paltry grand pales compared to the threat of being out of a home in winter.

Every two weeks, the plane tickets I'm watching go up by two hundred dollars, stay there two days, and then go back down to the same they were before, and I'm still not sure what their game is.

Round two because I forgot to rewire/reseat the power button

Tonight will be biphasic, I say as I wake up from a 6-hour "nap"

The alignment is a sad story of compound error

Released this morning / yesterday: Notify v4.0.12, with two critical fixes: one for FreeBSD, and another for pre-1.32 rustc support, thanks to rabite0!

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