Lunch is galettes filled with pasta, salmon, and cream.

And just for fun, a network with one line going through every station AND LOOPING in the most awful layout ever

Bought an entire bottle of pineapple gin for the work party and it's already a favourite

Three hours later, I'm still building the same SQL query. How's your saturday going?

and now it takes 250ms. I guess that's the true time of a uncached query?

Tip for a⁠nnoying copywriters​/​t­ypographer­s: pep⁠per a draft with random zero​-width spa⁠ces, word joiners​, and s­of­t hyph⁠ens e­verywher­e​, and w⁠atch them tear thei­r hair out.

One vote good, one vote bad. Tonight is bittersweet.

I'm apparently also blocking the entirety of London.

Best thing I ever found is a prefix call blocker. I added +6120 a few days ago, which, yes, does mean I'm blocking some large portion of an australian state, but ehh

So: go out. Keep on living. Keep on being awesome. Or not, look, you can have downtime too.

Donate and do good if you can. Light up your part of the world, because winter has come, and we don't want it to stay.

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