Taking a break from breaking the build to watch netflix

Y'know what? Use they/them for everyone unless a preference otherwise is learned. There. No more gendered pronouns without a damn reason.

- "Hi Félix…"
- "I haven't used your service in years"
- "…by the way, how was it…"
- "no, honestly, it's been six years"
- "…can use a $150 voucher…"
- "lemme just unsubscribe and close my account"
- "…best regards, Simon"
*puts "bye Simon" in "why are you leaving" field*

I am exhausted and dropping asleep at my keyboard. Goodnight you wonderful people

Pinned tweet: "hey if you're [long list of marginalised groups incl. immigrants and lgbtqia] I support you, talk to me, I'll be an ally! 🌈❤️"

Latest tweet: "yeah so [politician who has consistently voted/acted against lgbt, refugees, immigrants] is great! It was nice to meet!"

(This is a useful-procrastination exercise for me: figuring out how to present a project, or explain details, or pitch, etc... helps me focus and orient myself and boosts my confidence that I'm doing okay — or gets me to realise flaws. Readme-driven-dev really is My Thing.)

After about 50 drafts I finally wrote an announce post I'm happy with... of course, it would help if I actually had the project finished in the first place.

A few weeks without Inbox: I miss pinning, and bundling. But I can live without. However, I still haven't found a good solution for reminders. Having another app is clunky. Being in my inbox meant they were an integral part of routine — having them elsewhere means they fall aside

I'm also considering putting the PathBuf in the AnyMap directly, taking the size of Event down to 27 + padding = 32.

I'm still considering using an Option<Target> where Target would be an Enum of either a PathBuf or an Fd (or similar).

Continuing my review of the Notify Event struct, I changed the Vec<PathBuf> to an Option<PathBuf>, and introduced two ways to handle multi-paths events, with different (richer) semantics.

That got me no size improvement but targets the 90% of situations better.

Sudden darkness at Arthur's Emporium. No panic, people just pulled phones and kept on shopping. "what fun" was the prevailing sentiment, followed by "oh no EFTPOS is down"

E.g. "X has Y" is actually said "Y is Xs". "I have a pet" is really "A pet is mine". Given irish is VSO, that's "Tá peata agam". Simple now that I know the logic.

Kinda wish I had more irish grammar teachings, because I'm picking up things myself and would maybe have learned better with the rules in the first place.

This week has felt like an entire month, so boy am I glad it's a long weekend now.

Law of Carriage of Goods By Sea

- A body of law that governs the rights and duties of shippers
- A suit will lie against the shipper if any loss is suffered through insufficient labelling
- Since 1905 shipper duties are of 'reasonable care' only

"man why hasn't this happened yet it's been more than a week"

"...oh hell, it's been two days"

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