OH about Rust: This isn't Unix. Not everything is a type.

my career thoughts are generally torn between wanting to stop working in this industry or anything even remotely related forever, and it's-not-so-bad-ing in favour of still making outrageous amounts of cash that I can use to support myself, family, friends, and others with

Hi @tumblr@twitter.com, didnacha get bought by wordpress, whaddafack is that oath bullshit

Listening to a radio documentary on Woodstock and I am very not surprised that the detractors of the festival immediately went Full Racist, painting swastikas and calling in anti-semitic threats. They… haven't changed, have they

there is the weirdest kind of troll haunting the rust discord

"oh yeah, we just took FOURTEEN BOTTLES OF SAND as a souvenir"

Title and subtitle make it sound like someone brought back like a jar of sand

"I'm disappointed by how someone called a fascist a fascist" is always a good start, but "calling out fascism is a form of prejudice" is a strong continuation.

wasmtime: None of this is documented! It may change! Consider it unstable!
me: why is this hard to use

Hard some children speak three languages in the span of a minute and that's always pretty cool. English, Irish(!), and I believe malaysian, but I don't have a good ear for south-asian languages unfortunately

Earlier there was the PM supporting the next worldcon.

...I will say this: support ihumātao!
And may we all have a wonderful year

And we finish with some "100% pure NZ" promotional garbage

Come for the mud baths, stay for the lakes of sulfuric acid, says GRRM

attendees looking forward to CoNZealand should note it will be in fucken winter and therefore bloody freezing

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