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Okay, so GIMP 2.9.8 is finally out. On-canvas gradients editing, faster color space conversions, slightly improved PSD support, bugfixes etc.

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@patdavid @GIMP I really wish we had Flatpaks for all the tools, including the development versions.

It's a bit ironic that it's much easier to install a lot of the FOSS graohics tools and the dev versions of all on Windows and macOS than it is on Linux. 😐

Hopefully that will change soon.

(I wonder if we should start a thread on the forum about it and ask people to help out?)

A new 2.9.8 release of @GIMP is now available (windows and macOS builds to follow)!

Have a look at some of the great new features (on-canvas gradient editing, clip warning, wayland support, paste in place, and more)!


One of my favorite portraits from LGM2014 was of @ryanlerch

The beard, hair, expression and everything came together very nicely I thought.

Noticed a bunch of new followers, so: Welcome aboard!

A little bit about me, in case you didn't know...

I'm Pat David, a member of the @GIMP team, occasional photographer, DIY hacker, artist, and the founder of Free Software Photography site,

You can find out more about me at or visit the forums for pixls at

Some of my photography can be found here:

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New tutorial - Simple Exposure Mapping in GIMP

Blending multiple exposures into a single image (and the masks required to do it).

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My illustration in three panels of the Dream Quest of Unkown Kadath, by HPL.(This was him at his most Dunsany, which i like) HPL is a problem. Hopeless, Maine can be said to be part of his legacy, in part, but we reject his racism vehemently.

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LuminanceHDR (Free Software HDR creation and tonemapping) macOS build with speedups for 4 tone mappers is available for test

New [PlayRaw] Eating cicchetti with ghosts in Venezia

Thank you Sebastien Guyader for sharing this wondeful view for anyone to process and share their results! Come share how you'd approach processing this raw file!


Moar @GIMP folks! This time it's Ville! I personally love this and his portrait from LGM 2016 (coming later).


@GIMP guru, hacker, photographer and an all-around super dude, Simon! Yet another LGM 2014 portrait.

Just imagine all the cool folks you could meet at this years LGM in Seville!!
Also, don't forget the Call for Participation is now live for this year.

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Here's a #Pathfinder #RPG sighting. on

It's Lini, the druid iconic. I guess she's been drawn with Krita.


Continuing the posts of portraits from LGM 2014, heeeere's pippin!
Pippin is writing GEGL, the back-end graphics library for @GIMP

He's also running a Patreon campaign to support his work - so if you like GIMP and want to help, consider supporting pippin! (

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Art Software Endorsements Show more

The 2018 Libre Graphics meeting Call for Participation is live! The meeting will take place at the end of April in Seville, Spain.

Consider attending to meet with fellow Libre Graphics artists and developers! There will probably even be some neat @GIMP folks in attendance! :)