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New article up on!

How to create camera noise profiles for darktable

Andreas Schneider walks through producing a noise profile for your camera to use in darktable (with their Profiled Denoise module). It's not as hard as you might think it is! :)

Candid of me, by my daughter

She was only 4 and wanted to play with dads camera. This is one of her shots.

disclaimer: I helped crop it a bit. :)

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In my madness for mean averaging videos a while back, I remembered that I had collected all of the James Bond opening sequences with the gun barrel view.

Here's what they all look like mean-averaged together. :)

I've also included what each of the individual films openings look like as well.

The @GIMP team has just announced GIMP 2.10.0 release candidate 2 is out with multi-threaded painting, rewritten UI themes, on-canvas panorama rotation in 3D, various improvements, and 40 bug fixes!

(Sorry - last post had the wrong URL)

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Want to learn how to edit video with Free Software?

The Kdenlive team will be holding their spring sprint in Paris next week, and two of the days will be open to the public. Then they are off to Seville, to the annual Libre Graphics Meeting.

Come make movies with us!

Mairi (Further)

A slightly cooler color grading, and a slightly more closed-off posture. Hoping to slightly enhance "vulnerability" and coldness... (basically the opposite of Mairi completely. :) ).

New for you to process and share your results (or see how others did it)!

Come see and share your approach to processing this Tulip (using your favorite Free Software, of course).

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The true failing of RSS is that you can't track people with it


I may have posted this long ago, but I like it so much it deserves a second time... :D

My wife and muse. Helping me test a new softlighter a few years back.

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Hey community, @sybren is here. He is a developer of , among other things.

He had an account on, but since that went down, he moved to this new one. You should all follow him (again).

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@garrett @patdavid @andabata

Technology: making our lives easier & harder since forever.

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@patdavid @garrett @andabata

These tools are so helpful! I probably wouldn't be in this mess had I appropriately managed my photo files for the past 10 years with a consistent FLOSS tool in a consistent way.

That said, I'm certainly enjoying working through the process, talking with all of you via the wonderful Mastodon, and fretting over a few corrupted CR2 files (still working on a best way to partially view -- gthumb & darktable crash).

Thanks to all who work on the tools!


As in, the Everglades. Home.
Full of sharp, pointy things.
A giant river of grass.

Hey @ryangorley or @ted did anyone happen to grab any images of the booth that I can use for a post on I'm pulling something together now.