Today's holy crap moment: 'gf' (goto file) to open a file path when editing, and Ctrl-o to go back. mind == blown. Works with Notes in so I can link to all my files easily.

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"I'm still not sure why the people of ancient Rome who invented vi decided to name their text editor after the number 6?"

This article is hilarious!

Another from community member Bastian of a birds-eye view of lower Manhattan from a helicopter(!). Grab the raw file and share how you would process this image!

Community member Kane Davis shares a ridiculously warm and beautiful barn scene near Lincoln, CA for everyone to practice processing with! Come grab the raw file and share how you'd process this gorgeous scene!

And I know none of this'll matter
In the long run
But I know a sound is still a sound
Around no-one

And while I'm in this body
I want somebody to want
And I want what I want
And I want

To love me

-Fiona Apple "I Want You to Love Me"

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Community supporter Massimo Bill shares a raw output from his negative scanner for a to practice processing. Come check out his post and share how you'd process the image!

"There Are No Underexposed Digital Pictures"

A quick look from @aurelienpierre on adjusting approaches to exposure for modern digital cameras.

Photographer Chris Harris shares a mesmerizing view of a mountain snow line and glacial melt water for you to practice processing with in this !

Come download the raw file and show us how you’d process it!

Obligatory "I made bread!" isolation post.

Actually glad I managed a half decent sandwich bread loaf.

Community member Morgin shares some amazing raw shots from Portland, OR, for everyone to practice processing with! Come download them and share how you'd approach editing these.

Lost RAWs of Cathedral Park

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@n8 @lgm @paperdigits @patdavid

#1 Done

#2 I'm in the Create ml. Will keep a closer eye for the future.

#3 A big part of the Kdenlive team will be at LGM this year. ;)

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@frd One thing you can do there is follow the conference social media itself; @socallinuxexpo on Twitter (not sure where else atm). We put the track together within their CFP and schedule; dates & announcements are their prerogative.

Thing #2 to do would be join the CREATE mailing list if you're not on it yet.

Lots of other confs out there to be aware of, including the biggie @lgm in Rennes FR this coming May....
CC @paperdigits @patdavid

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Darktable 3:RGB or Lab? Which Modules? Help!

A wonderful writeup to help understand some color information, the scene-referred color workflow, and related darktable modules from the developer of filmic, Aurélien Pierre!

Ever wanted to edit a raw image of Manhattan (as taken from a helicopter)?

Here's your chance in this from community member Bastian! Come download this incredible shot and show us how you'd process it!

I love this shot of the Guggenheim (NYC) by sguyader available as a image for anyone to download and share how they'd process the raw file!

Come show us how you'd approach developing it.

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