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Pat David

Mary Front

If you can't find a window - what about a garage door? Or in this case, an abandoned building with a creepy cellar, but awesome light?

Exploring with Mary.

The G'MIC team has a shiny new 2.2 release out! Come see what's new in this awesome project! (lots of neat stuff thanks to input from the one and only @davidrevoy

Pippin x4

Four views of the nutjob who is creating GEGL, the back-end used in @GIMP

Help fund his work on his Patreon page, btw!

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I don't understand why some people have this incredible urge to pay money for semi-good #software. Example: I know someone who paid 90 EUR for Adobe Lightroom - But #RawTherapee, #digikam or #darktable would totally suffice for the features used by the person. #freesoftware #gnu #freeasinfreedom #freeasinbeer #photography

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I like that "how to exit vim" is a meme when exiting emacs is

wait I remember something about ^X
*unplugs computer*

That last toot of mine with Niki was actually part of a larger tutorial I had written a while back on "Skin Retouching with Wavelet Decompose" in @GIMP

I've attached before/after from the tutorial below

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Very happy to announce the release of Fork Awesome 1.0. A fork of the iconic font and CSS toolkit known as Font Awesome.

With the release of this fork, you'll now find icons for open source projects such as , , , , etc.

We've hopefully also made the process of contributing a lot more easier.

Thx to @KnowPresent & @n8 for the support.

In which I entreat you to consider becoming a Patron for Libre Graphics World by supporting @prokoudine and his work there!

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Sarah (smile!)

Pushing in closer with the softlighter from the previous shots. Love how soft this thing is in general! Single strobe firing at full power (it's a big modifier to fill with a single speedlight).

(From old lighting tests of mine with this modifier, a Photek Softlighter.)

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Holy mackerel! Just under 48 hours since it launched and the @BlenderArtists Discourse migration Kickstarter campaign has already hit its first funding goal! The Blender community never ceases to be incredible. Let's see if we can hit the next one!

#b3d #artwithopensource #linuxartists

Sarah (Glance)

Same softlighter as the previous image, just pulled back for a wider view. The falloff and quality is soft and wonderful from these. This is only a single light...

(From old lighting tests of mine with this modifier, a Photek Softlighter.)

From community member Vato, a neat script for prepping images for various sizes + captions/watermarks.

Script for preparing images for the Internet, etc.

[Play Raw] Processing a very high-contrast raw Thanks @isagalaev for sharing!

What began as a question turned into quite a few nice examples of approaches! (example from David LaCivita)

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Looking to put this account on the title slide of a presentation, but not sure what to put.

Not sure if it is a "Mastodon" or an "ActivityPub" account. Or exactly how to show either of those. Here's a mockup of both, with Twitter for comparison. Which is right?

Meet Sarah

From some lighting tests a while back. I had just gotten a big softlighter (60") and wanted to get a feel for what it contributed when used reallllly up close.