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Last night I drew what was in front of me. Very pleasant activity. Time for a good notebook to draw in.

We suffer more in imagination than in reality. — Seneca

Lekker hoog die verweerdere posters.
Wat starter veel aandacht en netjes werken, eindigt afgebladderd en aangetast.
Zoveel metaforen. Zo metaforisch.

Hoe koppel in nou mijn @pixelfed aan dit account? Zodat het automatisch doorgestuurd wordt of zo.

Dagstart met een potje tegen @patrickloonstra. We spelen op een kleiner 9x9 bord omdat we beiden nog met zijwieltjes spelen. Zie ook mijn blogpost over de eerste ervaringen met dit 3000-jaar oude spel.

Played Among Us this evening. What a lovely game. Especially with a bunch of friends.

It has been a while since I looked at Mastodon. And it is still alive an awesome. Even polls I see. Nice.

Did it all wrong. Made a new account on the instance of podcastindex.
But I could have follow all this via this account. That is thé cool thing off these networks.

Podcasting 2.0 Episode 4 with Adam & Dave discussing all things

The Good Monday! newsletter is ready to be send tomorrow morning at 9.00 sharp.

I made this in Nov 2018, Stories are finally shipped 😅

@adam On the link to is missing a : in the url.

Well, that is handy and nice.
When you exit Google Analytics and enter Matomo for your web stats, you can bring the data with you.


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