Wait I was looking for @FrostyFaustings@twitter.com how did i end up here

The only thing that will convince me to play MK11 is if Chinese Ninja Warrior is a playable track

I tweet a lot more when I'm not near Irene because she gracefully absorbs most of my dumb ideas before I can get to my phone

Even the certificate revocation server is furloughed. Computers are not putting up with this govt shutdown shit

LRT: getting bodied 3-0 online and fabricating sexual harassment is some real wack shit lmfao

y'all need that grown ass adult anti-salt tech (tm) medium.com/@pattheflip/grown-a

Streaming Guilty Gear! Frosty Faustings prep + open PC lobby. Come by and say hi!


whoops, the new slack logo accidentally created a swastika in negative space. (second pic edited to show it more clearly)

this is like the opposite of that really clever FedEx logo arrow

those three dots form a line aimed straight at my heart

i choose to believe that Hanebado's Ayano and SSSS.Gridman's Akane were just preparing me for Kaguya-sama: Love is War

The other day someone had a great question about learning to see your own self-improvement, so I wrote about it.

(One perk of supporting me on Patreon: you get access to a supporter-only email address you can use to ask me questions!)



Streaming fighting games! Mystery Tournament prep, then open Guilty Gear netplay lobbies. Come through and say hi!


thanks to @Azmodius@twitter.com i learned that you can reserve bathrooms for meeting venues

Streaming fighting games! Starting with Mystery Game review, then Guilty Gear open PC lobbies!


Best Smash party mode is Salty Bet.

everyone makes a Mii Fighter

run all those Mii Fighters through a level 9 CPU tournament bracket

bet on each match

thanks to this I owe @hnnhhhn@twitter.com $2

The best thing I've done for my Guilty Gear game in the last month was spend a week playing Smash Ultimate instead. Read my essay on cross-training to break plateaus in fighting games! Shoutouts to my Patreon supporters for making this happen!



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