Stream is live! UNIST and GG open netplay lobbies today <3 come through and chill!

(opening theme is: Captain America's Theme - MvC)

Play Guilty Gear @ is happening tomorrow! Come through and play some mfing Guilty Gear. Free entry, $20 prize for first place!



Stream is live! Come through for some UNIST and GG open netplay sessions. New players welcome!

please RT!

(today's opening theme is: MvC2 airship stage)

This is especially true when talking about FGs because experienced players are gonna make it look easy. Skills transfer over between games. Someone with 10 years FG exp is gonna be able to do more stuff quicker than someone with 10 minutes.

New FG players: it's ok if you can't do everything your character can do. It will come with time and practice, sometimes over months or even years. You gotta learn to be okay with that if you want to stick around. IRL XP takes longer to gain than RPG XP does.

went to two tournaments last weekend! always a fun saturday at, then on sunday i hit up's (Elk Grove anime local).

GGs to everyone who came through! Stream by

Just saw a balding fortysomething white dude on one of those rented motor scooters cut off an old lady and yell "eat my ass bitch"

Oakland what happened to you

Finished 4th in GG lost to and Feeling good about my decision making but holy shit my execution was not there today.

Catch the top 3 now!

Joe Biden the dude who makes it to the last 3 without firing a single shot and promptly gets exposed

Kamala Harris: where we droppin
Elizabeth Warren: I have a plan for that

If the Democratic Party was really invested in getting out the younger voters they would have used a Battle Royale format for the primary debates

Stream is live! Replay review and GG open netplay lobbies tonight. New players welcome!

(today's opening theme is Heavy Day)

Heads up to anyone who ever stops by my stream: do me a favor and don't shit on whatever it is I'm playing.

I don't care if you think it looks jank or whatever, I don't play games on stream to shit on them so don't come through with that attitude pls. Games are hard af to make.

Earlier this week I wrote about the importance of local scenes for FG players' motivation:

In response, someone wrote a nice story about the local scene they helped build. Show love to your local TOs, y'all <3

Messing around with early access build last night and found an infinite (i think). Thank goodness for burst :P Congrats on hitting early access!!

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