Sometimes I think to myself how lucky I am to be married to someone who also likes Naruto

Stream is live! Come through for some guilty gear + chill <3 new players welcome!

Read a really interesting study on teaching judo techniques to newbies which found that giving them more corrective feedback early on actually hurt their ability to recall the move the day after.

Talked a bit about it on stream in relation to FGs here:

Stream is live! Gonna talk about a really interesting study about learning technique in martial arts and how correcting beginners to show them the proper form can be bad for their learning. Obvious FG implications here ;)

come through <3

feel like most game designers i know with significant combat design experience are dudes. who are the women/nb combat designers i should be following on twitter? RTs appreciated!

Play Guilty Gear @ WNFxNorCal Online registration is live!

-9/23, 630PM reg cutoff, 730PM bracket start
-NorCal, PC, wired connections only
-free entry, double elim, $20 prize
-Guiltiest Gear

please RT <3

As always, thanks to my Patreon fam for their continued support <3 y'all keep the work flowing. Join the coolest crew on the internet here:

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"How do I develop my own personal playstyle?"

New Patreon essay! Had a great question come in about finding creativity in fighting games. It's not just about playing off meta, it's about how you grow and solve problems.

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playing gundam with @mammonmachine is fun bc we'll be talking through trying to cognitively process this game one moment and then we'll be interrupted by the other person blurting out some shit that sounds like Actual Gundam Dialogue like "what! how'd they move so fast?!"

Irene: I think we should watch Gundam 00

Me: isn't that the one with the guy who wants to become a Gundam?

Irene: look, once upon a time a child wanted to be a blitzball,

stream is live! gonna open up a GG lobby and just chill, come through and talk shit <3

Play Guilty Gear @ WNFxNorCal Online 9/16/20 results!

1. @pattheflip 💪
2. @CT_Warrior
3. @DaNDyKam

Also snatched the United WNF Championship from @imnotasandwichh! GGs y'all ❤ see you next week!!!

oh shit United WNF championships is a chipp mirror! come through for me and @imnotasandwichh ft3 !!!!!!

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