Stream is live! Let's play Guilty Gear. Open PC netplay lobby, everyone welcome <3 come through!

Jopping sounds like the lonely island wrote and produced a kpop song

When you're playing a stronger player and don't know what you should work on:

if you're spending most of your time getting hit, you need to work on your defense

if you're blocking a lot, work on your neutral

if you're getting counter hit, stop mashing

then work on combos

Stream is live! Come play Guilty Gear in our open PC netplay lobby. New players welcome, questions encouraged.

(don't ask me about work tho)

i haven't been tweeting about bc i don't like talking about work stuff here but i am incredibly proud of my teammate Megg for her baron steal + resulting popoff

Streamed some Summit Chipp review from SEAM top 4 last night! Check it out here.

Stream is live! Doing some Summit Chipp replay reviews from SEAM Top 4, then going into open netplay PC lobbies. Come through and play Guilty Gear!


Reminder: No GG @ WNFOakland this week! We'll be back there next week (10/23).

Instead, come through and play Guilty Gear @ Gamecenter casuals on Friday 10/18! Opens at 730PM.

Poll results said Friday works for ~75% of y'all so bring your setups and grind!

And since some folks have asked: No, I don't monetize my Medium essays. I don't do anything that puts my work behind a paywall. The only thing Patreon supporters get that I don't is my gratitude (and an email address they can use to ask my stuff).

Thanks to my wonderful Patreon supporters for their continued encouragement!

This work doesn't happen without the support of FGC folks, whether that's giving RTs, shares, $, etc. So please help spread the word!

"Teaching yourself to fish"

New Patreon essay!

Learning to play a fighting game isn't that's learning how to learn to play a fighting game that's the hard part. But if you stick with it, you'll have the tools to learn anything.

Pls RT <3

Losing from pressing the start button in BBTag took longer than playing a game of BBTag

IMO the real test of esports politics stuff is whether someone would get penalized for yelling pro-China things

why yes, i am in fact an expert on subject matter

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