Time to stream some Guilty Gear! Come through to hang out and get some personal training in. Newbies welcome!


learning why i was missing this combo involved learning more about how Guilty Gear reads inputs to get a jump cancel > IAD > jD, which was fun! learning it as "this is when you press the buttons" is not fun.

I know I have the best stream crew because last night they watched me practice Chipp's IAD jD combo for an hour.

I have a hard time practicing combos because I think it's boring, but when I change my mindset to "learn WHY you have to press these buttons at this time" it's fun.

Streaming some guilty gear, stop by and kick it! newbies welcome.


i love everything about the @SARVETS@twitter.com stream aesthetic go watch this man play gran turismo or something twitch.tv/sarvets

the audience is chanting each time eltnum reloads it's a good time twitch.tv/funkyp

hey everyone go watch UNIST @ climax of night let's get this past 3k twitch.tv/funkyp

god damn @RyuQuezacotl@twitter.com was 35 seconds away from beating the world record for diablo 2 any% hell hardcore amazon speedruns

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