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What would you like to know about the #ClimateJusticeMovement?

Hey everybody,
I'm thinking of writing a book about @FridaysForFuture and the @climatejustice movement in general.

I'd like to make it an inside look into the movement with lots of very personal accounts. I'll interview people I know irl, but also anyone here can participate if they want to.

What I'd like to know from you guys right now is what you'd like to read in the book. Obviously I already have some ideas, but I'm sure you can tell me some things I didn't think about. You can tell me suggestions for interview questions, facts that should be included, matters I shouldn't leave out or even ideas for whole chapters.

I'll first write it in German and I'll probably release the whole thing on #WriteFreely under a #CreativeCommons license. An Enlish version will follow and help with the translation will be appreciated. Because of the license anyone can translate it into other languages too.

Thanks for every answer and #boost.

#FridaysForFuture #FFF #ClimateJustice #KlimaGerechtigkeitsBewegung #book #literature #DebutAuthor

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Today is a good day.

I hope this is true for ya'll too. :)

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depression diary pt. XI, psychiatric history 

I'm switching to English, will from now on mention the @depression group in my diary entries and I'm starting from the beginning today:

When I was around 5 my parents split up and I got an abusive, psychotic stepdad. At some point I developed a great #FearOfLoss and regularly woke up crying from nightmares in which my father died.
For a while the whole family rebelled against my stepdad, but one by one my siblings and mom found their peaces with him and I was left all alone.

When I was around 18yo I fell in love with a classmate at first sight. She became my best friend for a while, but when she found out I loved her the friendship was doomed. It took a while until we really broke it off though and this ambivalent period sealed my fate and I got my first diagnosed #depression. It went away after a few years, but a winter depression stayed.

A few years ago I came out as trans and with the hormones I finally became myself: An #asexual #enby.


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Watching gather nectar; listening to them hum and smelling the flowers they are visiting can have a very calming effect.


I love my backpack. I can reach almost every compartment without taking it off.

Sorry. This one probably doesn't apply to a lot of people, but it's the most positive thing I could think of today. How often can you say you love something?


"You're not on rock bottom yet."

This one might not seem so positive to some people, but it's exactly the mindset I need right now. "It can only get better from here" on the other hand is a dangerous mindset that advertises false hope.


If you lower your expectations enough even getting out of bed can be a great achievement.

@PaulaForFuture Day 2 and I'm already struggling to find a positive thought today. :(

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Walking barefoot in public leads to interesting exchanges with strangers.

Someone gave me a great tip today on how to manage my : I should set myself some very minimal goals and achieve them every day and do so mindfully.

So one thing I'll try to do every day now for the foreseeable future is formulate one positive thought every day.
I'll use this account to post that thought and keep posting my negative thoughts at @PaulaForFuture.
I'm usually posting in German there, but I can switch if someone eants to read that stuff in English.

So far only 9% don't think it's weird. So I guess I won't ask her then. :D

I gave up on speech therapy a long time ago anyway.

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How weird would it be for you if a stranger came up to you on the streets and asked to record your voice, because they were , loved your voice and wanted to play back the recording to their speech therapist as an example of how they wanted to sound like?

Asking for an enemy...

Don't you just love when someone mansplains to you why you shouldn't fight for equal gender representation in language, because there are more important issues, like the gender pay gap?

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Hi there! My name is Zoé, I'm new to Mastodon and also don't have any contacts using this 😭 (hope to lure them here at some point, though). Do you have any recommendations for instances I could join about permaculture, artists on sustainability, zero waste, veganism, zine makers? Thanks a lot!! 😍

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Orange tip (Anthocharis cardamines) vs. Millie

Image descriptions: white #butterfly with orange wing-tips sitting on a #flower, then being chased away by an approaching #cat that is apparently interested in the flower, because I held the camera so close to it.
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