5 stages of grief:

* denial
* anger
* bargaining
* depression
* acceptance

2 step conservative plan for the :

* denial
* extinction

If we want to survive the crisis we can't wait for dinosaurs to go through the stages, but people who are already at the acceptance stage and ready to into our parliaments.

If you're looking for an alternative to , no need to ask @switchingsocial - I have the perfect tip for you.

It is harder, more complex, more fun, doesn't track you and you can play it on any device that has a camera: It's called .

Or if you don't have any such device try WildLifeDrawing instead, which the former is a fork of.

I'm already a Lv 2 catcher. Check out my collection @paulakreuzer

Gotta document them all!

I can't make it to the demo tomorrow, because I have to attend a funeral. Please everyone else be extra loud to make up for my absence. Thanks.

politicians all over the world have a genius plan to - I wonder why they don't reveal it?

Step 1: Do everything in their power to make sure the kills every last human on earth.

Step 2: Let the planet recover from humanitis.

activists get it wrong when they think something minor like a complete system change could be enough!

What's the German word for ?

I'm already getting used to saying ( ) instead of ( ) in everyday life, but what are we supposed to say instead on or Globale Erwärmung ( )?

Erdüberhitzung? Globale Überhitzung? Globale Aufheizung?

Does an like this exist?


100% and no tracking

100% stance against by strictly moderating and such.

100% stance against instances that don't pick a side, but pick sidelines, by blocking instances that like don't moderate nazis.

@greenfediverse @switchingsocial @brainblasted

I regularly rescue and other insects from drowning in our swimming pool, but much too often I am too late. Does anyone have a good idea on keeping animals from drowning there?

I was thinking of maybe something that floats on the water so the insects can swim there and then fly away (at least those that can). Like artificial water-lilies. It shouldn't be plastic though and it shouldn't get caught in the skimmer.

Any good ideas?

If you walk with your and another dog walker asks you if they are female or male the only viable answer is "I don't know".

Humans don't understand dog language so how would you know what they identify as?

Follow for Future!

My themed (no bots included)

💚 See if your fediverse instance runs on with @greenfediverse
It's admin @moagee is tooting a lot about FFF.

🥝 @VPG Propaganda - nothing more nothing less.

👣 @tuxom posts a lot of great articles on the in English and German.

⌛ Do you want to some more? Join @ExtinctionR@sunbeam.city

💰 Put your money where your mouth is with @glsbank the best I know.

To celebrate 10.000 views of Part 1 of my anti guide I rewrote the section on .

It now highlights / , and as very privacy friendly. Do you agree?


I also added a Contact post to my blog recently including my Matrix and addresses, all my active profiles and forums.


You can have different views on the . Both of these completely opposite views are legitimate.

Die kann man so oder so sehen. Komplett entgegengesetzte Ansichten, aber beide sind legitim.

credits: NASA + Hameltion

The only thing I'm sure of after the are my plans for each Friday in the next 5 years.

Was hinter den Plakaten steckt:

"Jetzt erst recht!" [Je öfter wir in Skandale geraten, desto mehr fühlen sich unsere Wähler bestätigt, dass alle Politiker schlecht sind und wir die einzigen sind die was dagegen tun können.]

"Versteh ich, wähl ich" [Wir trauen unseren Wählern ja selbst nicht zu komplexe Sachverhalte zu verstehen.]

"Konzern oder Mensch?" [Für wen wir Politik machen hängt von unseren etwaigen Koalitionspartnern ab.]

"Wer braucht schon Klimaschutz, du?" [!]

I just got mentioned in a post, so now I have to do one. That's how it works right?

🌱 @InvaderXan is the fediverse's official ambassador to the plant kingdom.

📷 @sophia takes awesome photos - mostly of birbs.

🌻 @GwenfarsGarden is a nice place to take a stroll when you need some time off.

🌍 @gretathunberg is the only bot in this list, but I'll meet her in person next week.

#Austrian #Politics #AutPol 

In celebration of the first stable release of for Android I updated the browser recommendations section in my anti (or ?) guide:


#Austrian #Politics #Autpol 

I use my real name on the Internet, but if politicians force us to do so () I'll change my family name to Onymous and I'll name all my future kids Anne - no matter the gender.

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