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A: You are the luckiest person alive!
B: Why?
A: You'll never know what it's like to live a life without you in it.

#love #LoveStory

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People should not be considered armed and dangerous because of the color of their skin.
It's racists who are dangerous, using their words as weapons against their fellow humans.
Racism has no place in the 21st century, not that it ever should have.



Watching gather nectar; listening to them hum and smelling the flowers they are visiting can have a very calming effect.


I love my backpack. I can reach almost every compartment without taking it off.

Sorry. This one probably doesn't apply to a lot of people, but it's the most positive thing I could think of today. How often can you say you love something?


"You're not on rock bottom yet."

This one might not seem so positive to some people, but it's exactly the mindset I need right now. "It can only get better from here" on the other hand is a dangerous mindset that advertises false hope.


If you lower your expectations enough even getting out of bed can be a great achievement.

@PaulaForFuture Day 2 and I'm already struggling to find a positive thought today. :(

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Walking barefoot in public leads to interesting exchanges with strangers.

Someone gave me a great tip today on how to manage my : I should set myself some very minimal goals and achieve them every day and do so mindfully.

So one thing I'll try to do every day now for the foreseeable future is formulate one positive thought every day.
I'll use this account to post that thought and keep posting my negative thoughts at @PaulaForFuture.
I'm usually posting in German there, but I can switch if someone eants to read that stuff in English.

So far only 9% don't think it's weird. So I guess I won't ask her then. :D

I gave up on speech therapy a long time ago anyway.

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How weird would it be for you if a stranger came up to you on the streets and asked to record your voice, because they were , loved your voice and wanted to play back the recording to their speech therapist as an example of how they wanted to sound like?

Asking for an enemy...

Don't you just love when someone mansplains to you why you shouldn't fight for equal gender representation in language, because there are more important issues, like the gender pay gap?

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I just made a 1000€ to .

They offer solutions without for just about everything.

Since the started I made two videocalls with their instance and that saved me from feeling completely isolated. Unfortunately free telecommunication services are completely overloaded atm, but that's why it's so important to projects, especially right now.

Thanks @Framasoft ❤️

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