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I use my real name on the Internet, but if politicians force us to do so () I'll change my family name to Onymous and I'll name all my future kids Anne - no matter the gender.

Does anybody know if it is possible to opt out of your toots being cross-posted to Twitter if an account with a bridge boosts them?

If I wanted to reach people on antisocial media I wouldn't be on the .

Why I no longer recommend using

1) The website hosted on cloudflare and contains some Google trackers.
2) It let's you filter for , but doesn't explain the value of it.
3) It mislabels Free Software as "open source" and proprietary freemiums as "free".

Instead I recommend:
@BurungHantu @switchingsocial @Framasoft 's degooglisons-internet.org/ and my blog at @paulakreuzer

is a disease and measures and are the .

If most people used free software and cared for their privacy we'd have and nobody could collect about society.

But if you use any ( ) anti-services you are exposing everybody in your contacts list. You're basically an .

So if you have or anything like that please remove me from your contacts.

Very simple rule of thumb for the :

for a party that marches with you on the demos, not one that you march against.

Das Problem das ich mit und habe ist, dass ich fast mit jeder Begründung von und Co zustimme auch wenn die Antworten gegensätzlich sind.

Die einen stimmen halt bei der einen oder anderen Frage eher pragmatisch mit der Antwort ab die kurzfristig nötig sein wird (wie Flüchtlinge proportional verteilen) während die anderen mehr ideologisch/utopisch abstimmen (wie Flüchtlinge sollen sich Land aussuchen dürfen).

I filtered from my timelines for 24 hours - hope that is enough.

For some reason none of my firefox and derived browsers are affected of the bug, but even if I was I wouldn't want to read thousands of toots all saying the same thing.

@Bubu @RoboePi @IzzyOnDroid

Okay so since none of the choices got a clear majority anyway I just went with what meanwhile has become my favorite option: Drop the emojis again and just highlight special choices with bold text.

I think the result looks good, but further feedback is appreciated:


Or how about just the icons with more info if you hover over it (on desktop)?

I added icons to highlight some choices that are especially good for 🙂 beginners, 👼 , 👀 and the 🌍 in my anti guide, but now I think it might be overloaded on icons.

I'll post a screenshot of an alternative look below.

What should I do?

Just binged 4 episodes of and they were all about and . If only real politics would be concerned this much with real issues.

Let's make it so with the !

Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day.
Teach a woman to fish, she'll eat for a while.
Teach human kind not to fish, they'll have enough food forever.

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